Ladies Special 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu’s Plan To Reconcile Meghna and Prarthana

Ladies Special 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna hires ladies to stitch clothes and requests to stay in her house till 50 sample dresses are complete. Ladies say what about food. Meghna says she will provide lunch and convinces Mandar to cook for them. Mandar nervously agrees. At Bindu’ house, she serves food to her family and says she cannot find idea to clear misunderstanding between Meghna and Prarthana. Mota pappa says whenever he faced problem in business, he used to speak to client directly and solve his problem. Amar says he can solve any heart problem, but cannot solve her problem. Mani says if she has to solve her friend’s problem, she has to sacrifice. Bindu says she can do anything to clear her friends’ differences. Mani says she has to lie. Mota pappa and mamma laugh and say Bindu is a born lier. Mani says Amar’s family is unique, in-laws are praising bahu for lying. Mota pappa says Bindu is expert in bluff game, but she has not lied in life and is the best girl he knows. Mani says he is right. Amar smiles hearing that. Mani says Bindu has to lie and call her friends here, once they come in front of each other, their differences will clear after confrontation.

Bindu calls Prarthana and invites her for party at her home tonight saying Amar’s Punjabi friend has come from China, so she also thought of inviting her friends and partying, she should come with her family and even her weird assistant Viraj. Prarthana says Viraj stole office money and ran away, he will be caught by police soon. Puneeth hears that. Bindu assures that she did not invite Meghna. Prarthana agrees. Bindu then calls Meghna and says Amar’s Punjabi friend Mani learnt Gujrati recipes from her and wants to learn Maharastrian recipes, so if she can come for 2 hours tonight and teach him. Meghna says she is busy, so she will send some Maharastrian dish names whose recipes Bindu can find online. Mani signals Bindu to tell he needs personal touch. Bindu says just like Meghna does dress cutting herself for personal touch, it would be good if she can show recipes herself with personal touch. Meghna informs Jyoti who asks her to go. Bindu says she did not invite Prarthana. Meghna agrees.

Viraj meets Das and requests him for help. Das says he stole company’s money without informing, why he took so much risk. Viraj says he loves Prarthana. Das says he should have taken his help. Viraj says he called him, but he did want to listen. He emotionally blackmails Das. Das agrees and asks driver to lend money to Viraj and recover in 6 months.

Prarthana with her family travels towards Bindu’s house in Puneeth’s car and angrily shouts that Viraj stole company money and will be jailed soon, he did not think about his career. Puneeth feels guilty. Meghna with family reaches Bindu’s house first. Bindu and family with Mani greet them in. She takes them to another room saying Mani will learn recipe in another room. Prarthana with family enters next. Bindu with her talk tries to convince her that it is not Meghna’s mistake. Prarthana says if she wants her to reconcile with Meghna, she is going from here. Both Meghna and Prarthana’s families storm towards door and stop seeing each other.

Precap: Meghna asks Bindu if she just wants to befriend Amar or loves him or not. Meghna says Bindu helps everyone, now she will unite her with Amar. Prarthana says let us send Amar and Bindu on a romantic dinner. Kanganga gets jealous knowing about it.

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