Ladies Special 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu/Umedh and Kanga/Amar’s Wedding Dates

Ladies Special 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandar while enjoying tea with Meghna at a tea stall says he is proud of her. Meghna asks tea vendor what did he mix in tea. Mandar says he is happy to see her telling truth to client and following the principles they are teaching to their children and proud to see her employees supporting her in need, so she is a better boss; soon she will continue working hard and shift to an apartment, but will she remember chawl after shifting. She asks why is he telling like this, won’t he shift with her. He says no, he does not have so much courage. Mandar’s evil manager informs boss that Meghna did not shatter even after such big loss and wants to fight again. Boss says he is excited to fight with a tough woman.

Umedh starts chatting with Mota Pappa/MP and Moti Mamma/MM and nervously says he wants to talk about his village goats’ wedding. MP asks why. Umedh continues talking rubbish nervously and finally agrees that he loves Bindu and wants to marry her. MP angrily asks him to get up and then changing his tone smilingly asks him to touch his feet and take blessings. Umedh comes out with Bindu and asks how was his acting. Bindu says he was overacting. Amar returns from hospital. Umedh

Meghna goes to her factory and guides workers. Mandar walks in and helps her and says how will dance practice for children’s parent-teacher meeting if she works and gets tired. Meghna gets happy hearing that. They reach home. Meghna insists to practice at her home while Mandar insists to practice at his room and takes her along. They dance. Meghna taunts he did not want children to laugh seeing his dance, so he brought her here. He says he did not want to disturb children’s studies. Their nok jhok continues.

MP calls pandit to fix Kangana/Amar and Bindu/Umedh’s wedding. Pandit finds Amar and Kanga’s wedding muhurath on 16th August and Bindu and Umedh’s on 10th August. MP congratulates them both. Bindu scolds Umedh for fixing their wedding date before Amar’s. Umedh calls pandit and bribes him to reshuffle wedding dates. Pandit congratulates Amar and Kanga addressing them as Umedh and Bindu. MP says they are Amar and Kangana. Pandit says he made a mistake, Amar and Kangana’s wedding date is on 10th August and Bindu and Umedh’s on 16th. Amar stands tensed. MP then feeds sweets to pandit and MM. Umedh requests if he can feed sweets to Bindu. MP wholeheartedly permits. Drama continues..

Precap: Amar scolds Kangana for spreading news in hospital about their wedding date.

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