Ladies Special 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Heart Revives With Bindu’s Hope

Ladies Special 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kangana informs Amar’s family that Amar’s heart failed. Bindu asks if Amar is fine. Kanganna crying nods no. Mota pappa is shocied to hear that and cries loudly. Moti mamma panics. Bindu says doctors are still in. Cardiologist tells Dr. Shroff that 3 minutes passed and if they don’t review Amar in 40 seconds, we may lose him. Dr. Shroff performs electrical cardioversion again. Cardiologist asks him to give adrenaline right into Amar’s heart. Bindu tells Amar cannot go like this as her heart says he will get well soon, she tells her mother’s story that in chilhood when her uncle told to meet her mother as she will pass away soon, she told not today as her heart told her mom will not go today, but the day her mother went, doctor told her mother is recovering soon,

but she felt in her heart that her mother is going and she left. She feels today Amar will be fine soon. Kangana says medical science does not believe her logic. Bindu says maybe, but she knows Amar will be alright. Doctor lose hope seeing Amar not responding. Amar’s lips tremble and vital signs monitor starts again. Doctors rejoice seeing that. Dr. Shroff says Amar is getting them heart transplant center, how can they let him go.

Meghna makes Sachin apologize Jyoti’s son for being arrogant to him and says she will get him same cycle like Sachin’s. Jyoti says apology is fine, but she cannot afford cycle. Bindu says she will gift it. Jyoti says she will not give anything to her son which she cannot afford.

Doctor comes out and tells Amar’s family that they can meet him one by one for 2 minutes each. Mota pappa asks if Amar is awake. Doctor says in sedated state, but will wake up soon. Mota pappa walks into Amar’s room and sees him murmuring Faiba told dirty water settles down after sometime and will clear, but stagnant water is always dirty.. He tries to speak, but doctor orders nurse to take him away.

Viraj tells Prarthana that she can book a 2 BHK flat by making downpayment with her saving. She says she cannot with only 75000 rs. He says 275000 rs. She says she cannot take his 2 lakhs. He says he will take it from Puneeth. She says Puneeth is her brother and she will pay. He says she should let Puneeth grow and learn from his mistakes, she cannot hold his hands forever. Prarthana agrees. Puneeth hears their conversation hiding. Back home, Prarthana asks father what does he feel about Viraaj. Father says he is lively and continues praising. Puneeth also praises Viraaj. Prarthana then asks Rachna’s opinion. Rachna says he is very irritating. Prarthana says she is writing down his recommendation letter as he finished 6 month’s internship and will join another company. Rachna rejoices.

Meghna sees Mandar cutting oninions shedding tears and asks Sachin to give helmet to his Pappa. Seeing, Jyoti and Baba coming, she acts as speaking to Mandar directly. Baba asks if they fought again, they should postpone for 1 day as they need to celebrate holi and their family has responsibility of celebrating society’s holi and they have to collect money from all neighbors. Mandar walks away with Jyoti to collect money from neighbor. Meghna fumes in anger.

Mota pappa comes out of Amar’s room and lets Moti mamma go next. Bindu asks how is Amar now. Mota pappa says Amar is murmuring her Faiba’s stories heard by her.

Precap: Everyone celebrates holi. Amar opens eyes and looks at Bindu.

Update Credit to: MA

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