Ladies Special 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar Gets Dizzy; Meghna’s Problems Increase

Ladies Special 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu asks Mota pappa why did not he sleep last night, his BP and sugar are normal, then what problem he has. Mota pappa says he is worried about her as he loves her like his daughter and cannot see her in trouble. Amar hears that and feels severe headache again and gets dizzy. Bindu and Mota pappa rush to him and call doctor. Bindu picks phone hearing Amar’s phone ringing and sees Kangana’s name. Amar signals not to pick call.

Prarthana opens door hearing door bell and sees Sawant standing. She tells him that she already told that she will vacate his house in a month. He says those people, he does not need any trouble, she can stay in his house till she wants. Family joins Prarthana. Sawant apologizes Prarthana for his mistake in his daughter’s wedding and requests

them not to leave house flat as his business is flourishing and his daughter got married in a good family, they are very lucky to him, he will manage if they pay rent late. Family requests Prarthana to forgive Sawant.

Meghna tells Mandar that shopkeeper gave a list of licenses to start business, she will take agent’s help. Mandar says agents just make fake promise and grab money, we will go legal route and check in each govt office. Meghna asks to take his colleague’s help. Mandar says all are same, he does not want his boss’ favor and feel burdened, they will do something.

After doctor checkup, Mota pappa forces Amar to rest and says he cannot use mobile for 3-4 days as per doctor’s advice. Amar says he will get patient’s calls. Mota pappa says he is not the only doctor in his hospital. Bindu says Mota pappa is right, doctor advised him to rest for 3-4 days and not take any tension. Kangana tries Amar’s number and finds it switched off. She calls Bindu’s number and says she is Kangana. Bindu seeing Mota pappa around acts as speaking to her friend. Kangana asks where is Amar, his phone is switched off. Bindu says her husband felt dizzy, so doctor has advised him rest. Mota pappa leaves home telling Bindu he is going to medical shop. Bindu gives phone to Amar. Kangana says she is waiting for him outside his building complex. He panics and says Mota pappa is coming down. Bindu asks her to get into her car soon, else she may not be able to meet Amar again. Kangana gets into car and speeds away brushing away Mota pappa. Mota pappa shouts how arrogant people area. Amar praises Bindu’s intelligence and asks her to teach it to Kangana also. Bindu asks Amar to call Kangna as she is worried for her and loves him a lot. He calls Kangana. She stops car, picks call and asks him why did he switch off his phone, she was worried for him.

Meghna with Mandar returns home at night from government offices and says license process is very tedious and confusing. They see a man searching their house for sewing machine delivery and asks why did he come so early instead after 6 days. He says godown is nearby and they paid cash, so he brought machines today itself. Meghna says she did not get GST number and other licenses yet and needs 6 days time. Man leaves yelling if they did not want to receive consignment, why did they order. Neighbors see machines returning and say this is not done. Jyoti informs Meghna that all neighbors are discussing what Meghna did with their money, she has to do something before they lose trust.

Precap: Meghna starts her company orders. Kangana comes to meet Amar.
Mota pappa sees them together. Bindu gets tensed. Viraj is shown as super rich man.

Update Credit to: MA

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