Ladies Special 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Umedh Wants To Marry Bindu?

Ladies Special 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu reminisces Umedh agreeing to act as her boyfriend till Amar and Kangana’s marriage and prays god to help her hide her drama from Mota Pappa/MP. On the other side, Umedh’s father asks him if Meghna rejected him. He says she told she does not want any commitment, but wants him to act as her boyfriend till Amar and Kangana’s wedding. Father says it is a good chance and who knows she may fall in his love during this acting. Umedh excitedly agrees.

At night, goon throws leaves in Meghna’s workshop on his boss’ order. In the morning, Meghna is busy preparing tea and chatting with Baba when her manager Santosh calls and informs there is a problem in factory. She rushes to factory. Mandar returns home and asks what Baba about Meghna. Baba says she went to factory as there is some problem there. Meghna reaches factory and sees rats cutting all her dress consignment, tensely says they have to deliver order in a week and client is coming to check samples tonight. Santosh asks Khadar bhai to ruff the patches soon before client comes. Meghna says Meghna garments does not cheat their customers. Customer comes and checking sample dresses praises it and reminds Meghna that she has to deliver order in 7 days and they don’t like any delay. Meghna informs about rat infiltration. Customer gets angry and asks if she knows anything about pest control. Khadar bhai requests to give their madam a chance and they will finish work on time, asks other employees if they are ready to work for 18 hours instead of 8. Lady employee says no.. they will work for 20 hours and complete order on time even if they have to miss their children’s school. Client agrees and asks what if they don’t complete order in 7 days. Meghna promises to compensate his losses.

Kangana gives Amar 3 songs for their sangeet ceremony and asks to select two. The both select 2 songs same. Kangana excitedly says they can select one now. Amar says yes and walks out of his cabin. Kangana sees Amar’s laptop and reminisces Punith telling password must be bindu for sure. At Amar’s house, Bindu tells MP that a special guest will come today. Umedh comes. Bindu says Umedh wants to say something. Umedh nervously speaks about cricket match and then finally says he wants to talk about wedding. Bindu sits shocked.

Precap: Pandit checks wedding muhurath and fixes Amar and Kangana’s wedding date as 16th August and Bindu and Umedh’s 10th August. Bindu gets more tensed. Meghna sees her burnt factory and shatters.

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