Ladies Special 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna and Prarthana Allege Each Other

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Bindu serves Gujrati food to Amar’s friend Mani. Mani says it is very tasty, will she teach him preparing Gujrati food. She says why not, knowledge increases with sharing, he will teach her preparing Punjabi food. Amar walks to them and asks Bindu to prepare coffee for him as he has severe headache. Mani asks why did he drink so much that he got hangover. Amar says Mini himself forced him. Mani says he used to finish 4 bottles at once in college. Bindu says she has solution for his hangover and walks into kitchen. Mani asks if he remembers problem for his solution which he told last night. Amar asks what solution. Mani says not to be a sandwich, potato between 2 breads which does not know its destiny, but to be a topping on pizza, meaning to select one partner and not ride on 2 boats. Bindu brings her Faiba’s taught herbal tea for Amar. Amar asks how does her Faiba know about this being in Gujrath. Bindu says there is restriction for alcohol in Gujrath, not for knowledge. Mani says she is right and asks Amar to think about his solution.

Prarthana meets Punith who informs that Shirke’s men physically assaulted him and said Shirke gave 5 lakhs Rs and to return 2 lakhs, but he gave whole packet to Meghna without checking it. Prarthana says Meghna must have stolen 2 lakhs then, she will go and confront Meghna. She walks out of hospital. Viraj’s driver sees her coming and wakes up Viraj who is sleeping in car. Viraj walks to Prarthana. Prarthana asks what is he doing here. He says he slept on foothpath whole night as promised. At Meghna’s house, Meghna informs Mandar about threatening calls and says Punith must have taken money. Mandar says she should check with Prarthana once. Prarthana enters and says Punith gave 5 lakhs to her, so she should return 2 lakhs. Meghna says she does not have 2 lakhs, Shirke’s brother made a threatening call to kidnap her family if she does not return 2 lakhs, if she had she would have returned, Punit must have stolen money. Prarthana says her brother is already assaulted by Shirke’s men. Their argument continues. Meghna says let us meet Punith and ask him. Prarthana agrees and they travel in local train alleging each other. They then get into separate autos. Mandar says Meghna she should not have alleged her friend without knowing facts. Meghna says Prarthana is protecting her brother, she will not calm down until Prarthana apologizes.

Amar goes on rounds in hospital and seeing Punith identifies her as Bindu’s friend Prarthana’s brother and asks what happened to him. Punith says just some weakness doctor checked him already. Amar checks his reports and concerned calls Bindu. Bindu is busy teaching Gujrathi recipe to Mani. Mota pappa brings phone to her. Mani takes phone and pulls Amar’s legs. Amar asks to give phone to his wife. Kangana hears that and gets jealous. Bindu takes phone, and Amar informs about Punith’s internal injures with physical assault, but Punith lying of weakness. Bindu says she will come to hospital and will inform Bindu on the way. She calls Bindu who says Meghna is alleging her brother wrongly and she will not calm down until Meghna apologizes.

Punith sends Viraj out to get water and silently escapes from hospital. Meghna, Bindu, and Prarthana reach hospital. Meghna says he escaped fearing of being caught so he is culprit. Prarthana shouts her brother does not lie. Bindu says he must have hidden fearing them both. Viraj says she is right. Prarthana says her brother does not hide. Her and Meghna’s argument continues.

Precap: Mota mamma suggests Bindu to convince Meghna and Prarthana to apologize each other and reconcile. Bindu says they will not. Mani says if she considers them as friends, she should sacrifice. Bindu calls Meghna and Bindu.

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