Ladies Special 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu Meets Kangana

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Ladies Special 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar after meeting his girlfriend Kangana and spending some time with her says he will go now as Bindu is waiting for her in car. Kangana insists to introduce her to Bindu. He takes her to Bindu. Bindu says she is very beautiful and asks what happened to her. Amar says she got low BP. Bindu says she should eat a pinch of sugar to stabilize BP as it is very dangerous, she knows about it as her husband is a doctor…She stops seeing Kangana. Amar says let us go and gets her into car. Kangana tries to hug him, but stops. He leaves.

Meghna sits next to her FIL’s hospital bed and feels drowsy. Her neighbor and friend Jyoti enters and asks her to go rest, she will be with bapuji. Meghna thanks him. Jyoti says she is doing this for her partner. Meghna says she may not start

business and her dream cannot be fulfilled. Bapuji calls her, gives his savings’ pass book and says she should start business as nobody in his 7 generations did business and worked for only others, after years of hard work, his boss incremented 500 rs, he saved some money in his youth for his hey days, but he wants her to fulfill her dreams. She gets emotional. He blesses her. After returning home, Mandar asks her howmuch money Baba had saved. Meghna says 30,000 rs. He says they need 4-5 laksh to start business. She says those 30,000 rs are worth 30 lakhs to her, let us try our best. She with Jyoti takes locality women’s suggestions and thinks if her idea works, her business may start. She returns home and sees Mandar’s colleague informing him that boss wants him back and increased 2000 rs salary, he should forget what happened and return back to work. Mandar agrees. Meghna stands sadly.

Prarthana sees her assistant Viraj at her home and scolds what is he doing here. Punith says Viraj wants a rented house in locality, so he is helping him as real estate agent. Viraj asks not to charge high fees from him, walks out and speaking to his assistant orders to finalize flat deal for 40 lakhs and get papers signed. After some time, he returns and pays consultancy fees to Punith saying he got that house on rent. Punith says even they have to change house as house owner Sawanth wants to marry Prarthana. Prarthana scolds him not to reveal their problems to strangers. Viraj goes aside, calls his assistant and asks to find out Sawanth’s details

Meghna returns to hospital in the morning. Nurse informs that Dr. Amar wrote for her FIL’s discharge. Meghna walks to Amar’s cabin to thank him and stands shocked seeing him romancing Kangana. She walks away reminiscing Bindu praising Amar’s loyalty. Bindu passes by and seeing her tensed asks if her FIL is fine. Meghna says yes. Bindu says her grandma says god protects everyone and starts her blabbering.

Precap: Amar’s mota pappa walks into his cabin and stands shocked. Viraj holds Prarthana’s hand consoles her that everything will be alright. She slaps him. Mandar informs Meghna that he is returning to work. She shouts to go then.

Update Credit to: MA

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