Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa,JasLy SS Part 11(Last part)

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 11

David and Gracy were worried.

David:First of all I did’nt want Stella to marry Prem.But it happened.I was happy to see my daughter happy.But Prem was a jinx in her life.That’s why Stella met with a serious accident.

Gracy:Right.But luckily we got back our Stella.Though we were sad that her face got disfigured she got a nice face because of which Prem did not identify her.So Prem stayed away from her.

David:That became a blessing for us.So we made others believe us Heer is my late friend’s daughter who lost memory after an accident.We made Stella believe our fake story.It;s good that Prem did not have any doubt.That’s why all these years Heer was safe.But when Heer started spending more time with Prem,again she met with an accident.

Gracy:It’s our bad luck that Heer remembered her past.

David:But it’s ok as Prem has not believed it.We will make Heer believe that she is imagining it as it’s the after effect of her accident.

Gracy smiled with relief.

Suddenly they saw Prem at the door.Prem was shocked and shattered.

His eyes were full of tears.

Prem:That means I was wrong.Heer was saying the truth.But I did not believe her and shouted at her.Poor Heer!

David and Gracy did not know what to do.

Prem:That means Heer was right.But I misunderstood her.Without believing her,I talked so rudely to her.What did I do?Why did you do this?Where is Heer?I want to see her.

David:You better leave.

Prem:No,I won’t leave without seeing Heer.

Prem got inside the room and called out loudly:Heer!

Heer who was in her room was stunned.

Heer:Prem’s voice..Prem is here.Prem…

Heer ran out of the room looking for Prem.Prem and Heer collided with each other.

Heer and Prem became emottional.



Prem:You were right.You are Stella.

Stella was surprised:Prem…you believe me now?

Prem:Yes.I believe you 100 percent.

She smiled emotionally.

Prem:It’s your parents who fooled us.

Stella was confused:What?

Prem told her everything leaving her in shock.

David and Gracy came there with a tensed face.

Stella stared at them:Is Prem saying the truth?

They were silent.

Heer became upset.

Heer:I loved both of you the most.But you both even changed my identity.Even after I regained my memory you both tried to make me understand that I was imagining myself as Stella.Why are you both so cruel?

Gracy:We did to to keep you safe.Whenever he is in your life,you get hurt.When you were Stella and when you were Heer you met with accident.

Heer:That was just a coincidence.It was my destiny.Why are you blaming Prem?

David:You are a fool Stella.He can only give you pain.

Heer:If Prem’s presence in my life gives me physical pain,I am willing to bear it.Because it’s with Prem that I am the most happiest person.

Prem looked at Heer emotionally.

Prem:You love me so much.But I misunderstood you.I could never imagine hurting my Stella.Still I gave you pain.I am sorry.Will you please forgive me?

Heer was sad and silent.

He took a red rose from the flower vase.

Prem:Sorry,I could not get your favourite Orchid for you.But I promise you that I will get you orchid flowers once we reach our home.Please accept this flower and forgive me.

Heer:I will accept it.But call me Stella as I am your Stella.

He smiled:Stella….

She took the rose from him and smiled.

Heer:Don’t you know that your Stella can’t stay angry with you for a long time?

He smiled.She embraced him.He became very happy.David-Gracy were numb.






Reyaansh,Pranati and Jugnu visited Vivek and Vishaka.They were having fun at the pool side.

Suddenly Prem arrived there with Stella.

All were stunned.


Prem:Not Heer mom.She is our Stella.So now onwards she will be with us in this house.

All were confused.


He told them everything.All were shocked.

Vivek:Such a big betrayal!

Vishaka:We did’nt recognize our Stella.

Vishaka caressed Stella’s face.

Pranati:I also feel ashamed of not recognizing Stella Bhabhi.I am sorry bhabhi.

Stella:Wy are you all apologizing for not recognizing me when I myself did not recognize myself?

They did not know what to say.

Reyaansh:I think instead of blaming yourself for not recognizing Stella Bhabhi,we all should party as this family got the jewel which was thought to be lost.

Pranati:Yes.We will cook and party.



Jugnu:Oh are so boring.Who wants home made food for the party?We want KFC,pizza,burger for the party.

Reyaansh:Right.Sometimes your mumma is boring.

Reyaansh and Jugnu did high five.

Pranati glared at them.

Prem:A Party is fun only with fast food.What say Stella?

Stella:Right.Even I think so.

Vishaka:Pranati…let us fulfill Jugnu’s wish. too?

Vishaka:We should run along with the time Pranati.

Reyaansh:Don’t be an oldie Pranati.

Everyone laughed.

Vivek:Now Stella has a new identity in public.So I think Prem and Stella should get married again.What say Prem and Stella?

Prem:I am willing to marry Stella/Heer as many times as I can.

Stella smiled:Me too.

Everyone smiled.

They ordered fast food and partied at home.

Reyaansh-Pranati and Prem-Stella fed food to each other.





In the TV news they showed Baljeet getting arrested by the police for her illegal activities.

Tears flowed down from Reyaansh’s eyes.

Pranati:Reyaansh…you knew about dadi.Right?

Reyaansh:I was aware of Dadi’s illegal activities like smuggling.But I closed my eyes as she was my dadi.

Pranati:You should not have kept your mouth shut Reyaansh as dadi was wrong and she did’nt deserve to be called as your dadi.She got the punishment which she deserved.So don’t be upset.

She wiped his tears and he embraced her.




Prem-Stella got married again.

David-Gracy came there shocking them.

David:Please forgive us.We promise that we won’t repeat it.

Stella:What if you fool us again?

Gracy:Please believe us.We realized that you both are made for each other.Otherwise destiny would not have reunited you both even after our efforts to keep you guys separate. please forgive us.

Prem:Stella,we both united.Now what’s the need of keeping hatred in your mind?After all they are your parents.

Stella:Ok.I forgive you both.But if you both repeat it,I will never forgive you.

David-Gracy:Thank you beta.We won’t repeat it.

Vivek:Then bless both of them from the bottom of your heart.

David-Gracy blessed Prem-Stella:Wish you both a happy married life.

Prem-Stella smiled.





Shivani’s treatment was going on in full swing.Her head became bald due to treatment.

Shivani looked at the mirror and touched her bald head.She was upset.Suddenly Veeranshu entered the room with a wig and fixed it on her head.


Veer:I know hair styling very well.Today I am more happy because for the first time I could do something really good for you.Because now you need it the most than the other ladies who wear wig for fashion.

Shivani:I don’t need it Veeranshu.I prefer the natural look.You hate my head without hair.That’s why you made me wear this wig.Right?

He became dull.

Veer:No Shivani.I love you the way you are.But I know how upset you are feeling seeing your bald head.But this wig will make you look better and more confident.My intention is only to give you more confidence.I don’t want you to shed tears because of it when you are alone.

Veeranshu and Shivani looked at each other emotionally.

Veeranshu’s family consisting of his himself,his father Balwant,brother Tapish and sister in law Mahima came to Oberoi Mansion to officially ask for Shivani’s hand.



Sahil:Hope you all know about Shivani’s condition.

Balwant:Yes.But my son’s happiness is more important for me and without your daughter,my son cannot be happy.

They all smiled.

Meera brought Shivani.Mahima and Shivani saw each other and got surprised.

Mahima:Shivani!I never thought that you are the same Shivani.

Shivani:Even I did’nt think that you are the same person when Veeranshu told me about his Mahima bhabhi.

Mahima and Shivani hugged each other.

Tapish:You both know each other?

Mahima:Yes Tapish.She was my junior in school.After many years we are seeing each other.

Balwant:So my both daughters in law are friends.That’s great.

Everyone smiled.

Romi:There is one more connection.Mahima di is my Ishita bhabhi’s cousin.

Oberos were surprised.

Naintara:Wah wah!What a surprise!

Shivani touched Balwant’s feet.

Balwant:May God bless you with a long life Shivani.

It pricked her heart.Veeranshu blinked his eyes at Shivani seeing her upset.

Balwant:Anyways let us conduct their engagement function soon.What do you say Mr.Sahil Oberoi?

Sahil:I want the engagement function soon.

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Veeranshu and Shivani smiled.



Shivani took Mahima to her room.

Mahima:I am very happy that we both will live together in the same house.I can’t wait for it.

Shivani said painfully:Don’t dream too much Mahima.What if that day will never come?My life has no guarantee.

Mahima became upset:Shivani!

Shivani burst into tears and hugged her.



Mahima:No Shivani.Nothing will happen to you.Be confident and strong.You will be automatically fine.Not only your family and Veeranshu,but I also won’t let Yamraj take you to heaven.Understand?

Shivani smiled tearfully.




Veeranshu-Shivani’s engagement took place.

Sahil and Meera clapped hands.

Sahil:I was wrong in judging them.They are made for each other.

Meera:I am glad that you realized your mistake.They are perfect for each other.

They smiled.

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Veeranshu:Now I can’t wait for the wedding.

Shivani:Veeranshu,I want the wedding only after my treatment.

Veer:But it will take time Shivani.


Shivani:I know.But please wait.What if I die?I don’t want to marry you and die making you a widower.I want you to be a bachelor if I die.

Veeranshu became dull.

Veer:Because bachelors get more marriage proposals than a widower.Right?Ridiculous.But I prefer to live alone than marrying someone else.I am only yours till eternity Shivani.

Shivani’s eyes became wet:Veeranshu,don’t be foolish.You have a long life.Don’t waste it.

Veer:My life won’t be wasted as I will be living for you…I will be living with you.I a not going to let you surrender to death.

Shivani:Veeranshu,be practical.

Veer:Just close your mouth.You are talking like a stupid pessimist which I don’t want to hear.

Shivani became dull.




After 2 years….

Veeranshu was sitting on the mandap.A bride whose face was veiled was sitting next to him.He tied mangalsuthra around her neck and filled her hairline with vermilion.Then he removed her veil.She was Shivani.

Veeranshu smiled:See…I told you that you will be cured and we will get married.My words came true.

Shivani smiled.

Kabir and Kavya realized that they love each other,but they did not confess their love to each other.

Kabir,Kavya and Arush went for picnic.

They walked on the hilly area.Kavya slipped and Kabir got scared.

Suddenly Kabir ran towards her and caught her.

They got lost in each other.

Kabir:What is this Kavya?Could you not be more careful?I got scared.What will I do if you get injured?

Kavya:Why my wounds give you pain Kabir?

Kabir:Because you….

He stammered.

Kavya:Don’t say that it’s because I am your friend.I can understand everything Kabir.

Kabir was stunned.

Suddenly Kavya knelt down before him.

Kavya:Kabir..I thought that I can never love anyone other than Vyom.But my life proved it wrong.I realized that love can happen again and I have fallen in love with you again.Will you be mine Kabir?

Kabir was stunned.

He became emotional:I also love you Kavya.

Kavya smiled:I know that Kabir.I have seen it in your eyes.

He was surprised.

He shared a romantic eye lock.

Arush who was playing came near Kabir and Kavya.They were seen embracing each other.

Arush:Papa…mumma…no hug for me?

They broke their embrace and looked at him.They smiled and kissed Arush’s cheeks together.

Then the trio hugged each other.


The End.

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  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Kavya proposing Kabir and Kabir realizing his love was amazing. Their hug and Arush joining there was emotional. Prem reconcile with Stella was emotional. Glad that Stella came to know about David and Gracy’s lie. Happy to see Vivek Vishaka with Prem and Stella. Pranati and Stella’s conversation was nice. Everyone asking for the party was nice. Reyaansh asking Pranati not to be old-fashioned was hilarious. Veeranshu introducing Shivani to his family was nice. Surprising to see Mahima as well and nice that Shivani and Mahima knew each other. Mahima giving hopes for Shivani was emotional. Shivani asking Veeranshu to wait for wedding was emotional. Veeranshu’s reply as well. Finally after years, Shivani becomes fine and they got married. Amazing end.

  2. Shesha485

    Favorite Scene – Reyaansh begging Pranati for forgiveness and Pranati forgiving him, Veeranshu and Shivani’s most of the scenes post Purab-Shivani’s relationship gets called off, Kavya’s fasting for Kabir and their Kitchen scene, Heer and Prem’s initial friendship
    Favorite Character – Veeranshu Singhania since he is stronger and motivating just like the one in STK.
    Favorite Couple – Prem-Heer and Prem-Stella

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.

  3. Nice episode finally prem Stella reunited and her parents realise their mistake and yes party to banti hai after all now the whole family together so shivani is fine and they got married too so kabir confess trio hug was nice

    Favorite scene – veer supporting shivani in her vad times prem heer scene , sahil apolozing to shivani , reyansh prantu reunion and many more

    Favorite character – veeranshu because he is strong and supportive he gives her hopes for her life
    Heer for her simpleness and kind behaviour

    Favorite couple -prem and heer

  4. Wonderful ff. I loved the prem – Stella ff. All the bestπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’.. Plss try to give another ff…

  5. This FF was really amazing 😊.the end was so so so superb..I can’t express through words πŸ’–πŸ‘πŸ‘. Heer and prem reuniting and their marriage was awesome 😊. Prem’s parents getting emotional seeing Stella was so emotional πŸ₯Ί. Finally David and Gracy realised their mistake ☺️. Veeranshu giving hope to shivani was nice 😊. Mahima and shivan’s bond was awesome 😊.shivani and veeranshu marriage and engagement was hilarious πŸ€—.romi and nayantara’s small part was cute πŸ’–.reyaansh pranati jugnu moment was nice and funny 🀣. Reyaansh calling pranati as oldie was really funny 🀣. Reyaansh pranati and Stella prem feeding each other was lovely πŸ’–. Kabir kavya realising their love was nice ☺️.their hug and family hug was so nice ☺️. really amazing end!!!. Waiting for your next FF.

    My fav couple- shivani and veeranshu(I like it because veeranshu’s support for shivani was really amazing 😊)

    My fav. Scene- reyaansh and pranati reuniting scene (I like it because when someone unites after long it will be like they got heaven so I liked this part)

    My fav.character- Kabir ( he is ver good as he accepted kavya with child and also he was caring)
    Amazing end!!β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘.

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      Thanks a lot.VaNi edit is not mine.

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