Laal Ishq5..Red love..VaNi, AvNeil RiKara, AdiYa,Aly Gony-Jasmin SS Part1

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 1

“Let us break up”.

Reyansh’s words pierced Pranati’s heart.

Pranati:What are you saying Reyansh?We love each other.Then why?

Reyansh:Because we are not meant for each other.You will not be happy with me if I marry you.

Pranati:But my happiness is being with you Reyansh.



Reyansh:But after marriage your pain will be being with me.

Pranati:But I love you Reyansh.

Reyansh:Don’t love me Pranati.Stop loving me.It’s all over.

Pranati was in tears:Please Reyansh…don’t tell like that.

Reyansh:I have to say that Pranati.Because that’s the truth.So good bye.

Reyansh walked away.Pranati burst into tears.



A couple was having food in the dining room.

They were Prem and Stella.

Stella:You also come with me Prem.

Prem:No Stella.I can’t join you even if I want to.I have important work in the office.

You enjoy your cousin’s wedding.

Stella became dull:Ok.

Stella packed her luggage to leave.

Prem:Will miss you Stella.

Stella:I will miss you too.

She pecked his cheek sweetly.

He smiled and pecked her palm sweetly.



After some time,Prem got a shocking and sad news.

The train in which Stella travelled met with an accident.All the passengers died.

He was shattered.

Prem cried loudly:Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He rushed to the place where he was shocked to see the burnt bodies of the passengers.

The bodies were so disfigured that he could not even identify Stella’s body.

He cried pathetically.



A couple got married in a temple.They were Vyom and Kavya.

Their best friend Kabir only helped them to make all the arrangements.

Kabir:Wish you both a happy married life.

Kavya was sad.

Kavya:But Vyom’s parents have not accepted me yet as I am an orphan.

Vyom:Kavya,don’t think about that.

Kabir:Right.Think about honeymoon and be happy.One day your inlaws will accept you.

Kavya smiled.


After 7 years….


A boy is frustrated and his girl friend is trying to calm him down.

“Romi…please calm down”.

Romi:Naintara,I struggled hard to make my parents agree for our marriage.But when they are fine with our relationship your dad is delaying our wedding.My papaji and mummy are very angry.

Naintara became upset.

Naintara:What to do Romi?Dad is adamant.

Romi:Try to convince your dad.Otherwise things will go out of control.My parents may even ask me to leave you and marry someone else.

Naintara became upset.

Naintara:I will talk to my dad.But don’t leave me Romi.

Romi looked at her emotionally.

Romi:I will never leave you Naintara.It’s just that I released my frustration on you.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Oberoi Mansion….


Sahil Oberoi,his wife Meera,their daughter Naintara,Sahil’s late sister Anika’s daughter Shivani were having dinner.

Naintara:Papa…I had met Romi.There is pressure from his family to get us married soon.

Sahil:How many times did I tell you that before Shivani gets married,don’t think of marrying Romi?

Naintara became upset.

Naintara:But papa…Romi…

Sahil:If he really loves you,he will wait for you.

Naintara:He loves me papa.But his parents are pressurizing him.

Sahil:Whatever they do,before Shivani gets married I will not conduct your wedding.I had promised my Anika di and Shivay jeeju that I will look after their daughter Shivani very well.You know…after the accident when Shivay jeeju and Anika di were struggling to breathe,they were ore upset about Shivani.Only because I promised them to look after Shivani they left this world peacefully.

Sahil and Shivani became very emotional.



Naintara was very upset.She was in her room.Shivani went near her.

Shivani:Naintara,i know that you are very upset.Because of me,your marriage is getting delayed.

I am a cursed Manglik.So no one is willing to marry me.

Naintara:Di,in today’s generation who believes in such stupid superstition?I am sure that there are many young guys who does’nt believe in such stuffs.One among them will be willing to marry you.But still papa will object if there is no horoscope match.Please di..atleast you find someone and get married.

Shivani:But how?

Naintara:There may be handsome men in your office.Make one among fall for you.

Shivani was shocked.

Shivani:Are you asking me to woo a man?You know that I am not that type.

Naintara:Please di…please try.Otherwise I may even lose Romi.Please…

Shivani became upset.

She wiped Naintara’s tears.

Shivani:Ok.I promise you that in one month I will find a guy for myself.

Naintara was relieved.

Shivani thought:I promised Naintara:But how will I do it?




An engagement ceremony was happening.It was the engagement ceremony of Kabir and Pranati.

They exchanged rings.As Kabir put ring on her finger,Pranati looked at the ring painfully.



Pranati looked at Kabir painfully:Kabir…I…

Kabir cupped her face in his palms and said:Pranati….I understand your feelings.So relax.



Pranati was silent.

Pranati’s brother  Prem who watched the ring exchange was reminded of his wedding with Stella.

His eyes became wet.

Suddenly a small girl ran towards Pranati. look very pretty.Kabir uncle is also looking handsome.

Kabir pulled her cheek cutely:Thank you Jugnu…

Pranati caressed Jugnu and said:You are also looking pretty Jugnu.

Jugnu:How can I be not pretty?After all I am your daughter.

Pranati smiled and hugged Jugnu.

Pranati and Prem’s parents Vivek and Vishaka smiled.

Vivek:I am glad that finally our Pranati got someone who accepted her as she is.Kabir is her best friend too.So he understands her very well.

Vishaka:Yes.I wish a girl enters Prem’s life also.I hope Prem will meet a girl who can ring him out of the  pain caused by Stella’s demise.

Prem was walking.Suddenly he bumped with a girl.The girl was about to fall down.Suddenly Prem caught her.They looked at each other.

  1. Shesha485

    Amazing start. Surprised to see Shivani as Shivika’s daughter, Sahil-Meera as Nayantara’s parents and Shivani’s maternal uncle. Vivek and Vishaka as Pranati and Prem’s parents was nice. The story is complicated than before. Surprising that Vyom and Kavya got married with the help of Kabir so soon. Sad that Vyom’s parents not yet accepted Kavya. Pranati breaking up with Reyaansh was sad. Seems like it is similar to original version. Prem and Stella scenes are cute. Sad that Stella died in a train accident. It was painful to see Prem’s breakout. Romi and Nayantara convo was nice. Shivani trying to woo someone was going to be interesting.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.I showed Vyom Kavya wedding in the first episode itself as in ebss also they were already married n vyom died soon.Also I have to focus on yabir.Prayansh track will be similar to PB as I wrote in the introduction. This story will have only a few twists.

  2. Awesome episode ☺️.sad that reyaansh broke up with pranati🥺.is jugnu reyaansh daughter??.vyom and kavya marriage and Kabir helping them was nice 😊.but iam waiting for Kabir and kavya to unite 😊.prem and Stella’s kiss was romantic😊.sad that Stella died..hope romi parents accepts naintara even if naintara parents dely her marriage😑.Kabir pranati engagement was nice 😊.prem’s situation is really emotional🥺.hope prem moves on with heer soon 😊. amazing 😊.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Yes,Jugnu is reyaansh’s daughter.

  3. Tina03

    Awesome start . Awesome episode . (I am a short commenter 😅). Update soon . Eager to read .

  4. Aldy

    Nice…. actually I am reading your lal ishq for the first time…and it is amazing….I love every jodi…sad that reyansh broke up with pranati why did he do that…and also shivani being shivikas daughter is fabulous…but how can Nayantara tell shivani to find a guy for her in months… wedding is not a joke…prem and Stella’s scenes were nice…but sad that she died….andkabir accepting pranati with the child was nice…is the child reyaansh’s….what will happen to vyom and kavya…will Kabir and kavya get together… waiting for next…

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  5. Nice episode I didn’t find it on namakaran page why it’s not showing there waiting for next episode

  6. Zuha

    When will you upload next episode?😊.

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