Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa,Aly Gony-Jasmin SS Part 3

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 3


Kabir got a phone call.He attended the call.

It was Kavya.

She was sobbing.

Kabir:Kavya…what happened?

Kavya:Kabir…Vyom met with an accident.His condition is serious.

He was shocked.

He could hear Kavya crying.

Kabir:Kavya…don’t cry.Nothing will happen to our Vyom.

Kavya was crying.



Kabir and Kavya were sitting near Vyom who was badly bruised.

Kabir:Vyom…don’t worry.You will be alright.You have gained consciousness which is a good sign.

Vyom smiled tearfully.

Vyom:Don’t give me wrong hope Kabir.I know that the doctor has given no hope.I can feel that it’s time for me to leave.

Kabir tried hard to control his tears.Kavya burst into tears.

Vyom:I have a last wish.Will both of you fulfill my last wish?

Kabir:What a question Vyom?Of course..we will fulfill your wish.

Kavya:You just have to tell us.We will do whatever you say Vyom.

Vyom smiled painfully.

Vyom:Kabir…promise me that you will look after Kavya and Arush.

Kabir said tearfully:I promise Vyom.

Vyom:Then in front of me fill Kavya’s hair partition with vermilion.

Kabir and Kavya were shocked.


Kabir:What are you saying Vyom?

Vyom:I took this decision after thinking a lot Kabir.Please fill her hair partition with vermilion before me.Only then I can die peacefully.

Kavya:No Vyom.I can’t.

Vyom:You promised me that you will fulfilled my last wish.Won’t you keep up your promise?Don’t you want me to die happily?

Kavya could not bear anything.

Kavya:Enough Vyom.

Kavya kept crying.

Vyom:Kabir…please do it fast.Kavya,take the vermilion box from your hand bag and give him.

Kavya took out the vermilion box from the hand bag.

Kabir thought:Oh no..Vyom does’nt know about my engagement with Pranati.I need to tell him that.

Kabir:Vyom…I am…

Suddenly Vyom started breathing heavily.

Kavya cried:Vyom!….rrrr…do it.

Seeing Vyom’s condition worsening Kabir took a pinch of vermilion and filled Kavya’s hair partition.


Vyom smiled.

Kabir held his hand.

Kabir:What did you make us do Vyom?

Vyom smiled:Thank you so much Kabir.Now I am very happy.Now I can leave peacefully.

Suddenly his eyes stopped rolling.Kabir and Kavya realized that Vyom has disappeared from this world.

Kavya screamed:Vyommmmmmmmmmmmmm…get up Vyom..get up.Don’t leave me and Arush.

Kabir also cried seeing it.




Vyom’s cremation was done by Kabir and Kavya.

Vyom’s father Dhanush:You brought bad luck to my son’s life.

Vyom’s mother Sharika:Even before cremation you married my son’s friend.Characterless woman.Kabir…never expected his from you.

Before Kabir could reply,Kavya stopped him.

Kavya:Don’t fight with Vyom’s parents in this condition Kabir.They are right in their place.If you argue with them,Vyom’s soul won’t get peace of mind.

Kabir nodded.

Vyom’s parents left giving an angry glare at them.

Kavya:They did not even look at Arush even when Vyom left us.I miss you Vyom.

Kavya could not control crying. have to be strong for Arush.He is small.

Arush:What’s happening here?Why papa’s body was burnt mumma?Where has papa gone?

Kavya cried.

Kabir tried to suppress his tears.

Kabir:Your papa has been called by God to heaven.

Arush:Why did God call him?

Kabir:Because God loves your papa very much.

Arush:When will papa come back?


Kavya:Kabir…don’t give hope to Arush.Arush…your papa won’t return.Now we have only Kabir.

Arush became upset:Papa won’t come back?

Kavya:No..he won’t.


Kavya:Let Arush learn to know the harsh truth of life now itself.

Arush was crying.Kavya hugged him and cried.Tears rolled down from Kabir’s eyes.




Kabir’s parents PK and Suman were doing puja.

Suddenly they got shocked when Kabir entered the house with Kavya and Arush.

Kabir:We got married.

PK and Suman were shocked.

PK:What nonsense are you saying?What about Vyom?

Kabir:Vyom is no more.

They were shocked.Kabir explained how and why he married Kavya.

PK and Suman were shocked.

PK:Now what explanation will I give Vivek?Poor Pranati.We gave her unnecessary dreams.

Suman:Your broke Pranati’s dreams.

Kabir felt guilty.Kavya stared at Kabir.

Kavya:What are they saying Kabir?

Kabir:I got engaged to Pranati.

Kavya was shocked.

Kavya:Then why did’nt you tell Vyom about it?He would not have forced you to marry me if he knew it.

Kabir:I could’nt tell Vyom about it though I tried.

Kavya:Don’t worry Kabir.We are not officially married.Arush and I will leave.You go back to Pranati.You love her.Right?

Kabir:No Kavya.There was no love between me and Pranati.We were close friends and so for the families we decided to take our relationship forward.Now I consider you as my wife.I will not break the promise I gave Vyom who is above everything for me.

Kavya became emotional.

PK:What about the promise given to Pranati?

Kabir:Pranati is my best friend.She will understand my situation.



PK and Kabir visited Pranati’s house.They welcomed them happily.

PK was not able to face Vivek.

PK folded his hands before Vivek:Please forgive me Vivek.Things were not in my hands.

Vivek:What happened PK?

PK replied without looking at his face:I don’t have the courage to even look at your face.

Kabir was very upset.

Pranati:What is the matter uncle?

Kabir:Please forgive me Pranati.I married Kavya.

All were shocked.

Kabir explained everything.

Kabir:Please Pranati…please don’t curse me and Kavya.

Pranati:Kabir…how can I curse you?You did not do anything wrong.You did right.

Kabir was relieved.

Kabir:Thank you so much Pranati for understanding me Pranati.

Pranati:How can I not understand my friend?

Kabir looked at her emotionally.

Vishaka:But what about Pranati’s life?

Pranati:Please don’t say anything Maa.I was never in love with Kabir.Kabir also did’nt lie that he loves me.We just obeyed you all for the sake of friendship.

Vivek-Vishaka could not say anything.

PK:I feel guilty.I am really angry with what Kabir did.But…Please forgive me Pranati.

Pranati:Please don’t be angry uncle.Kabir is not wrong here.Trust me.I am not sad.Please accept Kabir,Kavya and Arush.Please Uncle….

Vivek:Yes PK.Pranati is right.Don’t be angry with Kabir.Accept the reality.

PK said emotionally:Ok.

Kabir looked at Pranati:Thank you Pranati.

Pranati:How many times will you thank me Kabir?

They smiled emotionally.



Reyaansh reached a place and remembered Pranati.

Reyaansh:This was our meeting point.This was the place we always met each other.Now also when I am upset I come here.This place gives me relief and peace of mind.

Pranati reached there.

Pranati:Reyaansh may not be even remembering this place as our love was just a joke for him.But I can never forget this place.This place gives me happiness now also.I don’t know why.Though i hate you,why those days remain special for me?Why I am not able to forget the days I spent with you?

Both Reyaansh and Pranati walked slowly thinking of each other.

They bumped into each other.

They saw each other.

They could not believe their eyes.



After many years when he saw her he felt so happy that he embraced her.

Pranati was stunned.

Reyaansh:How are you Pranati?

Pranati pushed him angrily.

Pranati:Years back you broke me by ditching me.Still you are asking me ;how are you’ as if nothing happened between us.Are you not ashamed?And how dare you hug me?I am not your girl friend.You had thrown me out of your life long ago.Did you forget that?

Reyaansh became upset.

Pranati:You are the one I never want to see in my life.

Pranati walked away angrily.

Reyaansh shed tears:I deserve your hatred.You hate me.But I still love you.You never wanted to see my face.But I always longed to see you.

Pranati was crying while walking away.

Pranati:Why did you come in front of me Reyaansh?Why are you not allowing me to forget our past?



Prem was on the beach.He remembered enjoying with Stella on the beach and shed tears.

Dil Mein Hai Tu Mere
Kismaton Mein Nahi
Hum Juda Bhi Nahi
Hum Mile Bhi Nahi





Rubaru Jo Khuda
Mujhse Hoga Kabhi
Toh Puchunga Tune
Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya



Aye Khuda Tune Ye Kya
Gunaah Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya

Wakt Ki Saazishein
Beraham Thi Sabhi
Humko Milne Se Pehle
Juda Kar Gayi

Jin Hawaon Se Aati
Thi Khushbu Teri
Wo Hawayein Hum Hi Se
Daga Kar Gayi

Rubaru Jo Khuda
Mujhse Hoga Kabhi
Toh Puchunga Tune
Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya

Aye Khuda Tune Ye Kya
Gunaah Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya

Jism Ke Faasle
Hai Dilon Ke Nahi
Jo Main Tera Nahi
Toh Kisi Ka Nahi

Toot Kar Waa Khuda
Main Bikhar Jaunga
Woh Mila Na Mujhe
Toh Main Mar Jaunga

Rubaru Jo Khuda
Mujhse Hoga Kabhi
Toh Puchunga Tune
Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya



Aye Khuda Tune Ye Kya
Gunaah Kar Diya
Mere Mehboob Se
Kyun Juda Kar Diya(Juda Kar Diya-Music video).

Suddenly he heard a voice from behind.


He turned back.

It was Heer.


Heer:Yes.I am surprised to see you here.

Prem:Me too.You like beach?

Heer:I love it.Do you come here very often?

Prem:Yes.I used to come here with Stella every weekend.When I come here I feel that Stella is around me.To feel her presence I do come here very often.

Heer smiled.

Heer:You are such a loving husband.

Prem’s face became dull.

Prem:I may not have been a good husband.That’s why Stella left me.

Heer felt sad seeing his pain.

Heer held his hand and said:Don’t say like that.Your Stella with you.She has not left you.

He looked at her eyes.

Heer:Her soul is still near you.

Prem became emotional.

Slowly he removed his hands off her.

Heer:I don’t remember seeing Stella.I have seen only her photographs.She was beautiful.

Prem:Yes.My Stella was very beautiful.

She smiled.

Shivani was in her office.She observes her colleague Purab.

A smile appears on her face.

Shivani thought:He is a decent guy in our office.Not at all proud like others.I think he should be the one for me.

Shivani shared this with Naintara.

Naintara:Wow!Go ahead di.But I think you need a make over.For that you need a stylist.Better you approach Veeranshu Singhania.

Shivani:Are you mad?I can never beg that arrogant guy.

Naintara:It’s for your need di.Only he can help you now.It’s difficult to search for another stylist.He is our neighbour.May be God sent him here for helping you.

Shivani became dull.



Though hesitant Shivani went to Veeranshu’s flat.

Veer said in a sarcastic tone:You visited my house?I am surprised.

Shivani:Actually I need your help.

Veer:My help?

Shivani:Yes.Can you please give me a make over?

Veer:I give make over only to the girls who have class and sense.You lack both.So don’t expect me to groom you.Just leave.

Shivani became upset.

Shivani:Please don’t say like that.Please help me.It’s a request.

Veer:When I say no,it’s a big no.So get out.

He held her hand and said:Get out.

He put her out of his flat and locked the door.She became upset.



Stella’s mother Gracy lay closer to her husband David.

David:What happened?

She looked at him and told David:Heer met Prem today.She told me.

David:They should not keep meeting each other.It’s dangerous.First we lost Stella.Now Heer too…no.It should not happen.We should not let them come closer.We should not allow it.

She nodded.


  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Prem remembers Stella and cherishing the moments are amazing. Heer’s conversation with Prem was nice. Sad that Gracy and David don’t want Heer to spend time with Prem. Is it because they feel they lost Stella because of Prem? Who are the actors playing Gracy-David? One is Geetanjali Tikekar I think. Shocking that Vyom met up with an accident and is at critical condition. Due to his request, sadly Kabir and Kavya got married. Sad that Dhanush and Sarika character shamed Kavya. Glad that at least PK and Suman understood Kabir. Sad for Pranati as her last hopes of getting married was tarnished. Pranati lashing out at Reyaansh was sad. Reyaansh’s monologues are emotional. Both are meeting at the first meet point was amazing. Shivani has finally chosen the groom. Sadly Shivani was insulted by Veeranshu though she pleaded her.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u so much.David-Gracy are Geetanjali and her real husband Sikandar.

  2. Nice episode so because of vyom kabir kavya got married felt bad for kavya how her in-laws were taunting her but she didn’t say anything and sains no to kabir too poor arush in this young age he knows the bitter truth now I think pk and suman support kavya and arush because prantu cleared that she doesn’t love kabir it just a friendship reyansh was to emotional to seen pranti after years heer assures prem was nice why her parents don’t want her to meet with prem

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  3. Aldy

    Nice episode…poor Vyom, died…due to that Kabir has to marry Kavya and arush…vyoms parents didn’t understand her situation….pranati is so good. She forgive Kabir, because it was not his fault….her family is also nice….sad for arush.. sad for reyaansh and pranati…please remove all the misunderstanding between them…hopes veer helps Shivani and they get into love with each other. Waiting for next chapter

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      Thank you very much.

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