Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa,Aly Gony-Jasmin SS Part 2


Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 2

Prem was walking.Suddenly he bumped with a girl.The girl was about to fall down.Suddenly Prem caught her.They looked at each other.

Prem:Are you alright Heer?

Heer:Yes Prem.Thank you.

Prem released her from his hands.

Heer:How are you?

Prem:For name sake,I am alright.Ever since Stells left me,my life is a big zero.

Heer became upset.

Heer:I also lost my family in an accident.But I have Stella’s family to support me.They are my family now.You also have a family Prem.Be happy for them as your happiness matters the most for them.

Prem nodded slowly.

Prem:How about you?Are you fine?

Heer:When Stella’s parents are there with me,I am very happy.I can’t even believe that I am not their daughter.Even though I am only their family friend’s daughter,they treat me as their own daughter.After I lost my parents they are my guardians…everything.

Prem:After they lost Stella,you are the one who gave them hope to live.

Heer smiled.

Stella’s parents David and Gracy watched them with a dull face.

Baljeet Khurana is a rich arrogant lady.She is Reyaansh’s grand mother too.

Baljeet is adamant that Reyaansh has to marry the girl of his choice;Mallika.

Reyaansh:I am sorry dadi.I can’t obey you when it comes to marriage.I can’t marry Mallika.

Baljeet was angry.

Baljeet:Mallika is the best girl you can get.Then why can’t you marry her?

Reyaansh:You are wrong dadi.Mallika is not the best girl I can get,but the best bahu you can get for your financial benefit.You want me to marry Mallika,so that your illegal business partnership with Mallika’s father can be strengthened.

Baljeet slapped him in anger.

Reyaansh felt upset.

Baljeet:This is the problem when a street orphan like you is brought to a rich family.Your foster father who is my son Abhishek saved you from a kidnapper who kidnapped you for begging.He pitied you and brought you to this house.He gave you identity as his own son.Even though Abhishek is not alive,I looked after you.But you are not grateful at all.

Reyaansh’s heart pained.

Reyaansh:I am grateful to you for giving me shelter.That’s why I did’nt inform the police about your illegal business.

Baljeet’s anger was rising up.Reyaansh walked away.

Baljeet:I did not expect this kitten to talk to me like this.But I am sure that he won’t inform anyone else about my illegal business.He does’nt have the courage to do that as he loves Abhishek.

Reyaansh reached his room.He burst into tears.

Reyaansh:I did a good thing by leaving you Pranati.I am treated like a dirt here.IfΒ  I had brought you here as my wife,everyday you would have suffered.You escaped from the never ending suffering.






Kabir,Pranati and Jugnu played a lot.

Jugnu did funny mimicry by imitating animals.

Kabir and Pranati laughed.

After Jugnu went,Pranati looked at Kabir.

Pranati:Kabir,still there is time.My daughter and I may become a burden for you in future.If you want,you can back out.

Kabir:Pranati…why are you talking like this?Did’nt you see how much I enjoyed Jugnu’s company?You are my best friend.That’s why seeing our friendship,when your parents suggested this alliance,I agreed to marry you.As you know,my parents too love you a lot.After all your father and my father are best buddies.So don’t think like this.Ok?

Pranati smiled emotionally.

Suddenly Vyom rang up Kabir.Kabir attended the call happily.

Vyom:We are back Kabir.

Kabir:Hey was your foreign trip?

Vyom:We really enjoyed 2 months foreign trip.

Kabir:I am glad to know that you guys enjoyed the trip a lot.That’s why you did not call me for 2 months.

Vyom:Sorry yaar.Due to network issues only it was not possible.

Kabir:I know that.Even I did’nt want to spoil your family trip by calling you.

Vyom:I will give the phone to Kavya.

Kavya took the phone from Vyom.

Kavya:Hi Kabir…

Kabir:Hi Kavya.How was the trip?

Kavya:It was full of fun.Arush is the one who enjoyed the most.

Kabir:Kids enjoy such trips the most.


Vyom took the phone from her.

Vyom:Anyways we will meet soon.

Kabir:Ok.Now you guys take rest.We will meet soon.



Kabir said in his mind:When we meet,I will surprise you guys by revealing my engagement with Pranati.






Shivani was coming back from the office.Suddenly by mistake she bumped into someone.

That person shouted at her:Don’t you have eyes?

Shivani:You also have eyes.You also could have been careful.

He:You did mistake and you are blaming me.Say ‘sorry’.

Shivani:Why should I apologize when we both are at fault?

He:To hell with you.

He walked away angrily.

Shivani noticed him entering the building next to their Mansion.Naintara went towards her.

Naintara:You met him?I saw you talking to him.

Shivani:Who is he?

Naintara:He is the famous stylist Veeranshu Singhania.He is a stylist of many famous celebrities.I heard that he is newly shifted to the next building.By the way, when you both were talking it was good to see both of you together.What about wooing him di?

Shivani:Are you mad?He is so arrogant.I can’t imagine going close to him even in my dreams.

Naintara giggled.






Naintara and Shivani went for the Navratri event.

Naintara and Romi danced together.

Shivani was alone as she had no partner.She simply walked watching others dance.Suddenly he collided with someone.She was stunned as it was Veeranshu.

Veer:Oh …so this is your usual job.Bumping into handsome boys.

Shivani:You shut up.I am not that kind of a girl.

Veer:I did’nt say that you are that kind of a girl.But maybe after seeing me you felt like bumping into me.Because I am handsome.It’s not your fault as most of the girls try to befriend me as no girl can resist my charm.

Shivani:But I,Shivani Oberoi is not one among them Mr.Veeranshu Singhania.

Veer:So you know my name.You enquired about me so much just after a meeting?

Shivani:I have no time to waste on you.I just came to know your name as you are famous.That’s it.

Veer:Ok fine.Anyways I heard your name Shivani.By the way even if you are attracted towards me,spare me.Because I belong to someone else.She is the most stylish girl in the world who matches a stylist like me perfectly.

Shivani:Whatever!I am not interested in you or your personal life.

She just walked away while he smirked.

Shivani:Boys like only stylish girls?Won’t there be any boy who likes ordinary girls like me?





Kabir got a phone call.He attended the call.He was shocked.


  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode but surprisingly it was small unlike the other episodes. It is more surprising that Heer and Reyaansh are adopted. Heer staying with Gracy and David after Heer’s parents death was good. Sad to see Reyaansh condition. So the reason was not like PB and he has a genuine reason. Baljeet is so rude and arrogant. Glad that she won’t oust Reyaansh despite his defensive nature towards her. Kabir assuring Pranati was nice. Vyom and Kavya talking to Kabir was nice. Oho! Veer is a Stylist… Interesting… Glad that Nayan is good to Shivani unlike original. Veer bumping into Shivani and again berating Shivani and Shivani getting defensive was interesting. Excited to see Mallika and Veer’s girlfriend.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Yes,in PB Reyaansh left Pranati bcz women are ill treated in his family.I did not feel like showing the sister grey in this ss.So I made Naintara positive.Do you want to see Mallika or should I ignore her?

    2. Shesha485

      Better ignore her.

  2. Nice episode oh so prem and heer knows each other Stella’s parents brought up heer it means she is like sister to her heer advise was right actually we should happy for our parents because of us they affected most so now I understand why reyaansh leave pranti because of her grandmother he didn’t want prantu to suffer like him kabir kavya and jugnu’s chemistry was cute yes he is doing everything for her friends I think he will marry kavya for sake of his friendship with kavya and vyom shivani and veer fight was cute I think it’s his technique to woo Shivani
    And sorry for not commenting in detail for piroya episode actually I was really very sleepy that time and loved the chapter waiting for next episode

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much.Happy that you commented in detail.

  3. Zuha

    Amazing episode 😍. So heer and prem know each other?.hope they fall in love soon 😊.reyaansh grandmother is very bad and hope she gets exposed soon 😊. reyaansh and pranati should reconcile soon 😊.shivani and veeranshu meeting was nice 😊.veer’s dialogues were awesome 😊.Kabir supporting pranati was nice 😊.is arush kavya and vyom’s son??.I think Kabir is shocked about vyom’s death in future πŸ€”πŸ€”. awesome episode ☺️.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Heer was adopted by Stella’s parents after her parents’ death.So prem knows heer.Arush is vyom and kavya’s son.Thanks a lot.

  4. Aldy

    Nice update…so prem knows heer..heer is the adopted daughter of Stella’s parents…hate reyaansh’s grandmother…hope soon pranati find out about her…and they reconcile…nice to see Kabir supporting pranati….shivani and veeranshu scenes were amazing…. waiting for next

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  5. Eesha1

    Amazing and interesting😘.also short and sweet FF. iam waiting for your next part!!.

  6. When will you upload next episode?

    1. Jasminerahul

      posted the new part

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