Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa SS Part 8

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 8

Reyaansh went to Oberoi office for an interview.

Reyaansh:May I come in Sir?

Sahil who was in the cabin said:Come in.

Reyaansh got inside the cabin.

Sahil was shocked to see him.

He remembered his childhood moments with his sister Gauri and brother in law Omkara.

Sahil became emotional.

Sahil:Omkara jeeju!

Reyaansh was confused.

Reyaansh:My name is Reyaansh.

Sahil:Omkara jeeju…

Reyaansh thought:Why is this middle aged man calling me jeeju?

Reyaansh:I am not Omkara.I am Reyaansh.Why are you calling me Omkara?

Sahil:My Omkara jeeju looked like you.

He showed the picture of Omkara and Gauri.

Reyaansh was shocked.


Sahil:Who is Pranati?This is my sister Gauri di.

Reyaansh was shocked.

Reyaansh:My wife Pranati looks exactly like this.

Sahil was shocked:What?



Sahil informed Meera about this.After that Meera joined Sahil and Reyaansh to go to his house.

Seeing Pranati,Sahil became emotional.

Sahil:Gauri di!

Pranati:Gauri?I am Pranati.

Sahil:I know.But seeing you,I was reminded of my Gauri di.

Pranati:What’s happening?I can’t understand anything.

Reyaansh:Actually what happened was…

Reyaansh told her everything and Sahil showed her the photograph also.

Pranati was shocked.

Pranati:I can’t believe this.How did this happen?

Meera:It’s reincarnation.You both are Omkara jeeju and Gauri di’s reincarnation.

They were surprised.

Sahil:Yes.I had 2 sisters.Anika di and Gauri di.They and their husbands passed away in an accident.After that incident,the panditji had predicted that Gauri di and Omkara jeeju will be reborn.I waited for that to happen.A son was born for me and Meera.He was like Omkara jeeju’s replica.Everyone guessed that he is Omkara jeeju’s reincarnation.

Reyaansh was surprised:Then where is he?

Sahil and Meera became upset.

Meera shed tears:Somebody kidnapped our son.We searched for him.But we could not find him.We are unfortunate parents.The most unluckiest parents.

All became sad.

Vivek:What if your lost son is Reyaansh?

All were stunned.

Vishaka:It’s possible as Reyaansh’s foster father got him from beggars.

Sahil-Meera were shocked:What?

Meera:Reyaansh is our lost son?

Reyaansh became emotional.

Sahil was numb.

Pranati:I think DNA test should be done immediately.

Vishaka:Pranati is right.



They did the DNA test.


Shivani was walking outside.Sahil also came her way.

Shivani became emotional seeing him.

Sahil:I heard that your engagement with someone did’nt happen.It was natural.Who will marry the girl who stays with another man?You wanted two men at the same time.Where did my upbringing go wrong?If Anika di and Shivay jeeju were alive they would have been ashamed of you.

Shivani could not bear anything.Shivani ran fast to her flat and cried.Veeranshu was shocked to see her cry.He went near her.

Veer:What happened Shivani?

Shivani:I don’t want to live.Everyone hates me.I am a cursed person.My own people hate me.I want to die.

Veeranshu felt upset seeing her tears.

He cupped her face in his hands and said:Don’t say like that Shivani.You need to live.

Shivani:For whom I have to live?No one wants me.No one loves me.I am a burden for everyone.

Veer:You are not a burden for me.

Shivani:But in future I will be a burden for you when you will find your soulmate.

Veer:No one will take your place in my life Shivani.

Shivani was only crying.Veeranshu started sucking her tears with his lips.

Shivani did not react.

Meri bechainiyo ko chain mill jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

His lips moved closer to her lips.She did not oppose it.

Mere diwanepan ko sabra mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

His lips gave her relief from pain.She felt a special happiness.Both were not in their senses.

Zikra tumhara jab-jab hota hai
Dekho na aakhon se
Bhiga bhiga pyar beh jata hai
Meri tanhaiyo ko noor mil jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

They came more to each other.

They broke all the barriers between them.

Main raat din yeh dua karoon
Tere liye main jiyoon maroon
Chaaro pehar tujhe dekha karoon
Mera jahan yeh tujhpe fana karoon

Zikra tumhara jab-jab hota hai
Dekho na hotho pe tera ehsas reh jata hai
Mere har raste ko manzil mill jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye

Berang hawayein mujhe na jane
De gayi sada kyun abhi abhi
Hai sarfaroshi yeh ashiqui bhi
Jayegi jaan meri ismein kabhi

Meri har ik tadap ko sukun mil jaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye(Sanam Teri Kasam).
In the morning….

Shivani woke up.She saw Veeranshu close to her.She realized what happened between them.

She started weeping.Veeranshu woke up hearing it.

Suddenly he also remembered their intimate moment.

Veeranshu thought:Oh no…what did I do?Shivani must be really hurt.

Veer:I am sorry Shivani.I don’t know how it happened.

Shivani:It’s my fault too.I don’t know how I could’nt control myself.Till now Mamu was only misunderstanding me.But now it became true.I really broke his trust.

She burst into tears.Veeranshu became upset.



The doctor informed that Heer is out of danger.All were relieved.

Prem sat near Heer.

David:Go away from Heer.

Gracy:Your bad luck will harm her health.

Prem became upset:Please don’t say like that.Please allow me to spend a second with Heer.

David:For that Heer is not your wife or girl friend.

His words pricked Prem’s heart.He remembered seeing Stella turning into Heer in his dream.

Prem:Even though Heer is not my wife or girl friend I have relationship with her.

David-Gracy were irritated.

Prem looked at the unconscious Heer emotionally.

Prem:Heer…if I am a jinx for you,I will go away from your life forever.But before that I want to see you conscious.

Slowly Heer opened her eyes.Prem and others became happy.


Prem:Heer,Are you alright?

Heer:Yes.But why did you call me Heer?

David-Gracy got tensed.

Prem:Your name is Heer.So I will be calling you Heer.Right?What a question!

Heer remembered her moments with Prem.

Heer:Yes,I am Heer for you.But I am Stella.

Prem was confused:What?

Heer:I am Stella.I had lost memory.So I did not recognize you and I did not even know that I am Stella.

Prem was shocked while David-Gracy were worried. are not in your senses now.That’s why you are blabbering.You need proper sleep.

Heer:Why are you talking like this dad?I know what I am saying.Why did you hide from me and everyone else that I am Stella?

David-Gracy became upset.

Prem lost his temper:Stop it.How could you lie shamelessly that you are Stella?

Heer became upset.

Heer:Do you think that I can lie?

Prem:May be you are not a liar.But are you hallucinating?Have you seen your face?You are not at all looking like Stella.

Heer:I don’t know why my face is different.But believe me Prem.I am Stella.I remember every moment we both spent together.I was dreaming of our moments.But I did not know why i was dreaming of our moments.But now I got my memory back and I realized that I was dreaming of my past.

Prem:Stop bluffing Heer.What are you going to gain out of it?

Heer shed tears:Please Prem…please believe me.

Prem:Please Heer…stop this.I am happy that you are physically fine.But you are not mentally fine.I hope right treatment will give you good mental health.

Heer was shattered.Prem walked out.

Heer looked at David and Gracy tearfully.

Heer:Why did you lie that I am your late friend’s daughter who lost memory after the accident?Why did’nt you atleast tell me and Prem that i am Stella?I lost Prem because of you both.

Heer cried bitterly.

David-Gracy were in tears.


She tried to touch her.

Heer:Don’t touch me.

Heer kept crying.David-Gracy wept.


Kavya woke up from the sleep.

She was surprised to see PK,Suman,Arush and Kabir singing ‘Happy birthday’.

PK:Our bahu’s first birthday.

Suman:That’s special.We are celebrating it.

Kavya was surprised.

Kavya:But there is no need of that.

Suman:It’s needed.

PK:PK Mittal’s daughter in law’s birthday can’t be ignored.

Suman gave her a party wear and said:Wear this for the celebration.

Kavya:Thank you Maa.

Suman caressed her.

PK and Suman went out.

Kavya looked at Kabir:It’s not my real birthday.It’s the day when the orphanage people got me.

Kabir:So what?This is your real birthday..the day you became Kavya.

She smiled.

Kabir cupped her face and said:Always be happy.

She smiled:I am happy when I have my friend with me.

He smiled.

Kabir:I have a birthday gift for you.

He gave her a box.

She took it from him

and opened it.She was surprised to see a ring there.

Arush:Mumma,did you like it?Papa and I selected it together.

Kavya smiled:It is beautiful.

Kabir put the ring on her finger.Unknowingly she blushed.



The Mittals decorated the house for Kavya’s birthday celebration.

Kavya cut the cake and fed it to Arush,PK,Suman and Kabir.Arush fed her the cake.

Kabir took a piece of cake and fed it to her.

She became very happy.

Unknowingly her eyes were following Kabir.


Sahil-Meera received the DNA test result.

Reyaansh and Pranati were tensed.

  1. It was so so amazing 😊. Shocked that pranati and reyaansh are reincarnation of omkara and gauri.. I think reyaansh is son of sahil and meera only🤔. Shocked that heer is Stella but happy that Stella is alive..sad to see prem not accepting heer as Stella. So David and Gracy knows that heer is Stella but they did big mistake by separating two lovers😑.loved kavya’s birthday bash!. I think kavya somewhat started to fall for kabir.hope they fall in love soon..iam also eagerly waiting for DNA result. Sad for shivani.. atleast veeranshu is there for her orelse she would been orphan. I think they have hidden feelings for each other🤔. It’s like Sanam Teri Kasam right? Like that will purab come again like in movie???.. really enjoyed this Episode.. amazing 😊. Waiting for next episode

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Yes its inspired from Sanam teri kasam.But I have not seen it.So I have no idea about purab’s character returning in the movie.

  2. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Glad that Heer got conscious. David and Gracy were so harsh towards Prem. Sad for him. Shocking that Heer is telling that she was Stella. In fact, Heer is Stella. Didn’t even expect such twist. Poor Stella lost her Prem due to David and Gracy’s lie. I thought Reyaansh to be Omkara’s son but shocking that Gauri was Pranati’s lookalike and they were reincarnated as Prayansh. Surprising that Sahil and Meera’s son was Reyaansh. Hope the DNA tests confirm that. It means Shivani, Nayan and Rey are siblings… Sahil meeting Shivani and expressing his outburst was sad. Shivani again got demotivated. Veeranshu pacifying her was nice. Loved how he said he would never consider her as burden. Loved how they intimate. Poor Shivani again felt guilty of intimacy. Kabir and Kavya’s birthday celebration scenes are nice.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

  3. So reyansh is not rikara’s son but sahil- meera’s son and he and pranti are reincarnation od rikara poor shivani sahil aways humiliate her both are in love but didn’t recognized their feelings I hope they will so I was right heer is Stella I am glad that her memory is back and why this prem is not believing in her kavya was really happy for her birthday I think this is the first time for her that someone celebrate her birthday like parents do waiting for next chapter

  4. Jasminerahul

    Thanks a lot.Its hard for prem to believe that Heer is Stella as Heer does not look like Stella.

  5. Adhu

    This episode was full revelations . My guess was right. So Rey and Pranati are reincarnation of Om and Gauri. Poor Shivani got scoldings from Sahil . It’s really bad, David and Gracy did plan to separate Prem and Stella. Kabir and Kavya is coming together.
    keep going . 😊👍🏻

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