Laal Ishq5..Red Love..VaNi, AvNeil, RiKara, AdiYa SS Part 7

Laal Ishq5..Red love..Part 7

Purab-Shivani’s engagement function….

Veeranshu,Shivani and Purab clicked pictures together.


Purab and Shivani got ready to exchange rings.

Purab’s finger shivered as he remembered his past and became upset.He controlled his emotions and tried to put ring on Shivani’s finger.

Suddenly they heard a voice.

“Stop it.This engagement should not take place”.


All were shocked.

Purab and Shivani looked at that person.

Purab’s lips shivered:Bulbul!

All were shocked.

Bulbul:Yes.Your Bulbul.Please don’t exchange ring with her.Only my finger deserve your ring.Right Purab?

Purab’s eyes became wet.

Veeranshu:Purab,who is she?

Purab who was emotionally weak pointed his finger at Bulbul and said:That is Bulbul.


Purab:She is Bulbul  whom I loved more than my life..


Veeranshu-Shivani were shocked.

Bulbul:I know can love only me.You are getting engaged to her because your parents forced you.Right?

Purab was upset.He was silent.Shivani was shattered.

Chanchal:You had left our son and went.Then why are you back now?

Niranjan:Do you know how much depressed he was?

Purab said tearfully:I loved you unconditionally.By just sending me a letter you disappeared.

You could have had a better break up with me. 

Bulbul was in tears.

Bulbul:I did’nt write that letter purposefully.I was made to write that letter forcefully by Alia.

Purab was shocked:What?

Bulbul:Since you rejected Alia’s proposal and loved me,she kidnapped me.To make you hate me,she made me write in that letter that you were just a time pass for me,I never loved you,so I am leaving you and don’t enquire about me.

Purab was shocked.

Bulbul:Somehow I escaped from Alia.But i met with an accident and I was in coma.A few days only I recovered from coma.Then I came to know that after I escaped from Alia,she got exposed before my Pragya di and Abhi jeeju and they got her arrested.Otherwise because of obsession,she would have harmed Shivani also.

Purab got another shock.

Bulbul:Today only Pragya di told me about your engagement.That’s why I came here.

Pragya and Abhi came.

Abhi:Whatever Bulbul said was right.My sister Alia is the culprit.

Purab:Then why did’nt you tell me about it?I was thinking that Bulbul cheated on me.

Pragya:Because we came to know that you are dating Shivani.That’s why we hid it from you.But finally I had to tell the truth to Bulbul as she was longing to meet you.We tried to stop her from coming here.But she did not listen to us.

Pragya looked at Bulbul.

Pragya:Bulbul,let us go from here.Now Purab does’nt belong to you.If you try to stop their engagement there won’t be any difference between you and Alia.

Bulbul burst into tears.

Bulbul:You are right Pragya di.It’s too late now.I am leaving Purab.

Purab was in tears.

Shivani:Bulbul…though Purab was with me,he was never mine.He tried to hate you,but only you were there in his heart.Purab still belongs to you.

All were stunned.

Veeranshu:Shivani!Are you in your senses?

Shivani:I can’t be selfish Veeranshu.

Veeranshu could not say anything.



Purab looked at Shivani.

Shivani:Purab,your heart is longing to go back to Bulbul.Right?


Purab was not able to face her.

Purab:I am sorry Shivani.You will never be happy with me as my heart beats only for Bulbul.

Shivani said painfully:It’s ok Purab.I understand.Go back to your Bulbul.She needs you.She faced a tough phase of her life.She needs your comfort.Only you can comfort her.

Purab:Thank you Shivani.You are great.

If it was somebody else in your position,she would have cursed me.Your uncle failed to see your big heart.

Shivani became emotional.Purab moved towards Bulbul.They embraced each other emotionally.

Purab:Don’t worry Bulbul.I am with you.I will not let anyone harm you.

She smiled emotionally.

Shivani went out of the hall.


Shivani:I am alright Veeranshu.I was not madly in love with Purab.

Veer:But any girl will feel sad when her engagement gets broken unexpectedly.How are you suppressing your pain Shivani?

She burst into tears and embraced him.He caressed her.



Shivani was having a sleepless night.She was not able to sleep.Veeranshu went near her.

Veer:I knew that you are restless and it’s difficult for you to sleep.

Shivani was silent.

Veer:It’s ok..if you can’t sleep,even I am not able to sleep.But don’t spend the night by thinking of the sad incident of your life.

Veeranshu lay close to her.

Veer:Let us chat about the happiest things in our life and pass the night.



Shivani:Stop it Veeranshu.You go and sleep.

Veeranshu got up and looked at her emotionally.

Veer:I know that if you are alone here,you will think of unnecessary things and hurt your own heart.I won’t allow that.So I will stay near you.

Shivani looked at him emotionally.

Shivani:You are the only person who cares for me.Why do you care for me so much?

Veer:I have no answer Shivani.I don’t even know how to name our relationship.All I know is I can’t see you upset.

Shivani’s eyes got filled up with tears.

He pulled her closer and wiped her tears.



She closed her eyes.



Veer:Promise me that you will forget Purab’s chapter.

Shivani:I will try Veeranshu.But wen you are near me,I don’t remember Purab at all.

He smiled.

They shared an emotional eye lock.




Prem saw a glow in the darkness.The glow turned out to be Stella.He became emotional.


Stella:I am here Prem.

Prem pecked her forehead happily.

Prem:But how come you are here.You are…

Stella:I am not dead Prem.I am alive.I am alive near you.

Prem was surprised.

Prem:That means Heer was right.You are alive.

She smiled giving him a nod.He tried to touch her face.But she disappeared.

Prem became upset.

Prem:That means it was my illusion.Stella is not alive.I simply started hoping for impossible things.

He shed tears.

Suddenly he heard a voice:I am still near you Prem.I am not your illusion.

Prem turned back.He saw Stella there.He smiled.

Shockingly she turned into Heer.


Unknowingly he smiled seeing Heer there.

Suddenly he saw Stella standing near Heer.

Stella:Now onwards you can see me in Heer.You will get the same affection from Heer.

Stella disappeared.

Prem looked at Heer emotionally.Heer also vanished.

Prem:Oh God!In place of Stella,I saw Heer.Why?How can Heer take Stella’s place in my life?It’s not possible.I have to stop thinking about it.

Prem became restless.

The same time seeing some blurred images,Heer woke up from sleep being restless.She was panting.

Gracy came there.

Gracy:Heer!What happened?

Heer:The same dream.Why I am seeing blurred images in my dream?I can’t recognize who are seen in my dream.

Gracy:Heer,don’t stress too much.Unknowingly your sunbconscious mind may be influenced by the characters from the movies you saw and that may be the reason why you are seeing such dreams.

Heer:But why nothing is clear to me?

Gracy:Maybe because of the after effects of your accident.Don’t take it seriously.

Heer was silent.



Kabir  saw Arush crying.

Kabir:Arush,what happened?

Arush:There is Father’s day celebration in school.I have no father to attend the celebration.All fathers are coming.But no one from my side is coming.

Kabir wiped his tears.

Kabir:Arush,don’t cry.Who told you that no one from your side will come to your school?I will be coming as your father.

Arush was surprised:Really?


Arush hugged him happily:Thank you Kabir.

Kavya watched from it from behind and smiled emotionally.

Kabir went to Arush’s school to attend the celebration.

Arush’s classmates asked him:Is this your father Arush?

Kabir became upset.

Arush:Yes,this is my dad.

Kabir was surprised.He became very happy.

Kabir took part in the competition and won the ‘Best father’ prize.

Arush and Kabir hugged and kissed each other.

They returned home.

Arush:Mumma,see what he got.

Kabir showed her the Best father prize.Kavya was surprised.

Kavya:Congrats Kabir.

Kabir smiled:Thank you Kavya.

In the night…

Kabir entered the bedroom.

Kabir:I am going to sleep.I am feeling tired.


Kabir lay down on the sofa.


Kabir and Kavya could not believe their eyes.

Kavya:What did you call Kabir?

Arush:I called him papa.He came to my school as my father.So he is my father.Right?

Kavya and Kabir became emotional.

Kabir:Yes beta….I am your father.

Kabir kissed his face.Kavya became emotional seeing it.

Arush:Papa,sleep with us on the bed.

Kabir and Kavya were shocked.

Kabir:What are you saying Arush?How can I?

Arush:All children sleep between their father and mother.Why you alone are not sleeping with us?

Kabir and Kavya became dull.

Arush:I also want to sleep between my mother and father.So come with me.

Arush pulled Kabir from the sofa and pushed him to the bed.Arush lay close to Kabir.


Arush:Mumma,you sleep besides me silently.

Kavya lay next to him.

Arush was between Kabir and Kavya.Kabir and Kavya looked at each other.

Arush:Good night mumma..good night papa.

Kabir-Kavya:Good night Arush.

Kabir slept.Kavya looked at them.

Kavya said in her mind:You are indeed the best father Kabir.Vyom may be happy seeing you loving Arush as a father.

Kavya closed her eyes.

Arush also slept.

In the early morning Kabir woke up.He looked at Kavya and Arush sleeping.

He kept looking at them.

Kabir:So cute.

Reyaansh came back home with a gloomy face.Pranati also reached home from her college.

Pranati:Hi was the day?

Reyaansh:It was ok.How was your day?

Pranati:It was fine.But some notorious students are not listening in the class.

Pranati noticed Reyaansh’s sad face.

Pranati:Rey…what happened?

Reyaansh:I resigned my job.

Pranati was shocked:Why Rey?

Reyaansh:They are doing wrong things in the name of business which I can’t support.So I left the job.

Pranati:I am proud of you Rey.Instead of working against our conscience for wrong things it’s better to not work.

Reyaansh:But I am worried whether I will get a nice job.

Pranati:You will get a nice job Rey.I have confidence.

Reyaansh:After talking to you I am also getting confidence.You are full of positiveness Pranati.

She smiled.



Heer was sleeping.The blurred visuals in her dream became clear.The people in her dream were Prem and Stella.

Prem and Stella wished each other:Happy Anniversary.

They cut the cake together

and fed each other.

They danced romantically.

Heer opened her eyes.

Heer:Why did I dream of Prem and Stella?Is it because I am always listening to Prem talking about Stella?2 months back Prem had told me about their anniversary celebration.It may have been in my subconscious mind which reflected as dream.Anyways I have to tell this to Prem.

Prem drove to a place to meet Heer.

Prem:Why did Heer call me here?Why i feel a strange happiness when I think about meeting Heer?

He stopped the car when he reached the place and walked towards Heer who was waiting there.

Prem caught his ears and said:Sorry Heer.I became late.

Heer smiled:It’s alright.But i feel hot waiting for you in the hot noon time.So I will buy a lime juice and come.

He smiled.

Prem:I will buy it for you.

Heer:No thanks.I will buy it.

He crossed the road to go to the shop.Suddenly a vehicle came her way.Before she could move away it hit her.

Prem screamed:Heerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Prem took her to the hospital.

David and Gracy were sad and angry.

David:You know…when I came to know about your growing friendship with Heer,I wanted to break the friendship.But I could not.I regret not stopping Heer’s meetings with you.Because I knew that her closeness with you will take away her life.

Prem was shattered.

Gracy:First we lost Stella.Then we got Heer.We tried to keep Heer away from you to protect her from you.But we failed to save her. You are a jinx.Because of that Stella lost her life and now Heer also.

Prem’s heart was broken into pieces.He cried.



Reyaansh went to Oberoi office for an interview.

Reyaansh:May I come in Sir?

Sahil who was in the cabin said:Come in.

Reyaansh got inside the cabin.

Sahil was shocked to see him.

He remembered his childhood moments with his sister Gauri and brother in law Omkara.

Sahil became emotional.

Sahil:Omkara jeeju!

Reyaansh was confused.

  1. After long time btw nice chapter shivani is really good at heart he sacrificed her love veeranshu is confused about the relation they have but we can see he is in love with her he need time to recognize so I was right heer is Stella but I am confuse why her parents don’t want her to know about her past her love arush was happy after winning award it’s previous movement when your child calls you first time so heer met with accident if she get her memory back after this o so reyaansh is an also oberoi he is rikara’s son but who is gauri in your story cause gauri is pranati here waiting for next episode

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Reyaansh is not Rikara’s son.

  2. Shesha485

    Amazing chapter. Stella coming in Prem’s dreams and their romance was amazing. Stella asking Prem to look Heer as her was emotional. Surprising that Heer gets blurry dreams. About which accident effects, Gracy and David speaking? That bike hit…? Surprisingly Heer’s dreams become clear and it shows Prem and Stella’s relationship. Shocking and Sad that Heer met up with an accident shocking David, Gracy and Prem. Gravid outburst has broken Prem. Sad for both.
    Reyaansh quitting the job seeing company’s misdeeds was nice. Pranati consoling him was nice. Surprising that Reyaansh attends job interview at Sahil’s company. Shocking that Omkara was also present in the story. But, where is he? Excited to know about his story.
    Kabir attending Aarush’s school competition was nice. Aarush calling Kabir father and Kabir sleeping with Kavya and Aarush was cute and emotional.
    Bulbul’s entry was a surprise. Shocking that as a result of Aaliya’s plans, Bulbul broke up with Purab. Nice to see Abhishek and Pragya. Sad for Bulbul and Shivani since both suffered a lot in their lives. Shivani agreeing for Bulbul and Purab’s relationship was emotional. Glad that the lovers are reunited. Veeranshu and Shivani’s rapport was beautiful. Veeranshu taking promise from Shivani and Shivani’s reply was nice. Excited for the next chapter.

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      Thank you very much.happy to see your comment after a long time.

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