Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 9

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 9

Prem-Simar’s anniversary function…

Sameer and Aman came and wished Prem and Simar.

“Happy wedding anniversary Prem uncle and Simar aunty”.

Prem-Simar:Thank you very much.

Aman was surprised to see Roshni in a saree.

Aman:You look so different in saree.

Roshni:This is my mother’s saree.May be because of that.

Aman:You look very pretty.

Roshni blushed.

Suddenly Sameer saw Prem upset and Simar trying to console them.

Sanjana served him biscuits.

Sameer:Why does Prem uncle look dull today?It’s a happy occasion.

Sanjana:When papa and Maa got married Prerna bua was very small.Still from then onwards she used to take initiative to celebrate their anniversary.Now since she is not with them they are upset.Even Roshni and I miss her. Omkaraji brings Prerna bua here on every anniversary.But we have no idea whether they will come here today or not.

Sanjana turned back to hide her pain.

Sameer felt upset.

Sameer:Sanjana,don’t be upset.

She looked at him.

Sameer:I feel that something good is going to happen today.So today also Omkaraji will bring Prerna bua here.

Sanjana:I wish it becomes true.

Sameer:Wait and see.It will come true.

Suddenly some guests came.They were surprised and happy to see them.They were Omkara,Prerna,Jugnu,Rudra and Parvati.

Prerna:Hi Prem bhaiyya…

Prem smiled:Hi…

He moved forward to Prerna.Suddenly he realized that he cannot hug Prerna.He became upset.

Prerna:Wish you both a very happy married life.

Prerna hugged Prem and Simar together surprising them.Prem became emotional.

Prem and Simar hugged Jugnu:Jugnu beta…

Prem:Do you remember us?

Jugnu:Yes.You are papa’s friend.Right?

Prem nodded emotionally.

Omkara,Rudra and Parvati wished a happy wedding anniversary to Prem and Simar.

Prem:Thank you Omkara for bringing them here.

Omkara:How can I not bring them here?

Prem smiled:This was the best wedding anniversary gift.

They smiled.

Roshni and Sanjana went near Prerna.

Prerna:Hi guys..

Prerna hugged Roshni and Sanjana.They became very happy.Sameer saw this and smiled.

Sanjana smiled looking at Sameer sharing her happiness with him.

Sanjana:Are you fine Prerna aunty?

Prerna:Of course yes.How are you guys?

Roshni smiled emotionally:We are fine.

Sanjana and Roshni went near Jugnu.They chatted with Jugnu and played with her.

Sameer smiled seeing her play with Jugnu.Sanjana smiled at him emotionally as she was very happy to be with Jugnu.

Sameer went near Sanjana.

Sameer:See..I told you that your Prerna bua and family will come today also.

Sanjana smiled:Yes.Your tongue is magical.We are so happy to spend time with them.

Sameer smiled.


Prem-Simar cut the cake and fed each other.


Prem-Simar and Rudra-Parvati danced.

Barson ho gaye bichde
Ab sath nahi ho tum
Phir aisa kyon lagta hai
Jahan main hu wahin ho tum

Kya karun main apni ungliyon ka
Kisi ki bhi tasveer banaun
Tumhari ban jaati hai
Yeh sirf mera paagalpan hai
Ya tum bhi mere liye paagal thi

Kal raaste mein gham mil gaya tha
Lag ke gale main ro diya
Jo sirf mera tha, sirf mera
Maine usse kyon kho diya

Haan woh aakhein jinhe main
Choomta tha bewajah
Pyar mere liye kyon
Unmein baaki na raha

Humnava mere tu hai to meri saasein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina x (2)Har waqt dil ko jo sataye
Aisi kami hai tu
Main bhi na jaanun yeh
Ke itna kyon laazmi hai tu
Neendein jaake na lautin
Kitni raatein dhal gayin
Itne taare gine ki
Ungliyan bhi jal gayin



Sameer-Sanjana and Aman-Roshni imagined dancing together.



Humnava mere tu hai to meri saasein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina x (2)

Tu aakhri aansu oh yaara
Hai aakhri tu gham

Dil ab kahan hai jo dobara
De dein kisi ko hum

Apni shaamon mein hissa
Phir kisi ko na diya
Ishq tere bina bhi
Maine tujhse hi kiya

Humnava mere tu hai to meri saasein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina
Fasle na de ke main hu aasre tere
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina

Aazma raha mujhe kyon
Aa bhi jaa kahin se ab tu
Kaise main jiyunga tere bina
Seene mein jo dhadkanein hain
Tere naam pe chale hain
Kaise main jiyunga tere bina

Jawab mil gaya mujhe
Main tumhari zindagi mein kahin nahi tha
Phir bhi main hi tumhari zindagi tha
Sirf main hi tumhare liye paagal nahi tha
Tum bhi

Humnava mere tu hai to meri saasein chale
Bata de kaise main jiyunga tere bina


Omkara remembered his past moment with Gauri.

Flash back….

It was a Prom night party.All were dancing.

Gauri:Come Omkara.Let us dance together.

Omkara:I am not in a mood to dance Gauri.

Gauri:What?We had decided to dance together as a couple for the party.But now you are saying that you have no mood?

Omkara:That time I was in a mood.But now I have no mood.

Gauri became upset.

Gauri:I never expected this from you Omkara.You truly disappointed me.

Omkara smiled:Hey Gauri…I was just joking.When you are with me at a party,how can I not feel like dancing with you?Can I never be not in a mood to dance with you?

Gauri looked at him softly and asked him:Are you saying the truth?

Omkara held her hand asked her in an intense tone:You can’t believe me?

I will show you what I can do.

Suddenly he swirled her around.


He moved his lips closer to her ear and said:This was my first dance step with you.More steps are remaining.

She blushed.

He held her closer and danced passionately.Both were lost in each other.


After the party,Omkara and family bid them good bye and left.

They all became upset.

Aman went near Roshni:I noticed a strange connection between that family and you.It’s like more than friends.

Roshni:You are right Aman.We are a family.But life has become strange and our relationships too.

Aman:Why do you say like that?

Roshni told him about the past.

Aman was shocked.

Roshni:Sometimes I feel that though I have disease I am at a better condition compared to them.At least I am in my senses and I am lucky to be with my family.But Prerna bua…Jugnu….

Aman:When we compare ourselves with others we know how lucky we are.Even your Prerna bua and Jugnu are lucky compared to others.They are loved and taken care by others.

Roshni:You are right.Actually I learnt to see positiveness from you.Earlier I thought that we all were in distress.Papa’s business loss led us to financial crisis.My disease…papa is struggling hard to give me good treatment.Prerna bua’s life…Jugnu has no mother as per the society.But after hearing from you,I feel that I was wrong.We all are at a better space.Thank you Aman for making me optimistic.

Aman:Be optimistic about one more thing.We both will be cured and live happily.

Roshni smiled with a nod.He smiled.



During the lunch break Meera went near Sameer.

Meera:Hi Sameerโ€ฆ

Sameer:Hi Meera..

Meera:You are going to have lunch?

Sameer:Yes.How about you?

Meera: Me too.Actually I want to tell you something.


Meera:2 days later it is my birthday.


Meera:There will be a party at home in the evening.You should come for my party.Without you,my birthday party will be incomplete.

Sameer:Your birthday party will not be incomplete.Because I will be there at your party.

Meera became happy.

Meera:Thank you Sameer.I knew that you will surely attend my birthday party.

He smiled.Meera walked away.

Aman went near her.

Aman:Whatโ€™s up?

Sameer:Meera invited me for her birthday party.

Aman:Why this special invitation only for you?I am sure that she has a soft corner for you.

Sameer:Oh Aman..donโ€™t think too much about it and make me also crazy.

Aman giggled:Ok ok.Enjoy the party.

Sameer:Right now I am not thinking of the party.Because I am too hungry to have lunch.

They both giggled.



Vishaka was looking at the pool deeply.Hearing somebody’s footsteps she jumped into the pool.She was sure that it was Ajitabh.

Ajitabh who came there was shocked to see Vishaka drowning and jumped into the pool taking her in his arms.

Vishaka cried embracing him.

He caressed her.

Vish:Leave me..leave me.

Ajitabh:What is wrong with you Vish?Why did you jump into the water?Are you mad to attempt suicide?

Vishaka:I did’nt try to commit suicide.

Aji:If you did’nt know swimming why did you jump into the water?To commit suicide.Right?

Vish:I was cleaning the pool side and slipped into the swimming pool.

Aji:Oh no.You should have been careful.

Vish:Why should I be careful?For whom?I had only my sister.But I lost her.For whom should I live?

I think God too wants me to die.That’s why he created this situation.Let me die.

Aji:Stop it Vish.If God wanted you to die now he would not have sent me here on time.God wants me to save you.

Vish:Don’t save me sir.I should not be saved.I have no one.For whom should I live?I am all alone.

Ajitabh became upset.

Aji:You are not alone Vish.I am there for you.

She looked at him unbelievably.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Ajitabh realized what he said just now.

He stammered:I mean..I mean..I am there…my whole family is there for you.So don’t think that you are alone.

He carried her out of the pool and made her stand down.

Ajitabh:Don’t think of dying.Here all will be upset.If you feel like dying,I will become a typical police officer and lock you in the prison cell.

They both giggled.

Ajitabh:Always smile like this.

She smiled giving him a nod.

Ajitabh:Change your clothes now.Otherwise you will catch fever and it will spread onto others.We all will fall sick.

They both giggled.

Vish:I will go and change now.


Vishaka went to her room.

She smiled:ACP Ajitabh really felt upset seeing me wanting to die.He really cares for me.Guess he has started falling for me.



Bela was coming downstairs.She slipped and suddenly Raghbir caught her.

Raghbir:Bela…again and again I am telling you to be least for Pragati…

She became emotional:I am sorry.When I was with Daksh,I did not care about myself as I felt myself unwanted.But now I understand how much Pragati valued me.She even left her own life for me.So I promise to protect myself.

Raghbir smiled painfully.

Raghbir:You have been sitting at home since a long time.You will feel suffocated.So get ready.We will go out.

Bela:But Raghbir…is it really needed?

Raghbir:Of course yes.Come with me.Just a simple outing.




Raghbir and Bela went to a park.

They walked over there talking to each other.Suddenly Raghbir’s phone rang.

Raghbir attended the call.

Raghbir:Bela,there is no range here.It’s an important business related call.I will come now.


Raghbir walked away with his phone.

Bela stood there simply.Somebody kept his hand on her shoulder.Bela thought that it was Raghbir.

Bela:You came back?

She turned back.She was shocked to see Daksh.She shivered remembering how Daksh tortured her and caused the accident.


Bela thought:Oh..he thinks that I am Pragati.

Daksh:I went to the hospital and came to know that Bela is no more.

Suddenly Daksh smirked:You tried your best to save Bela.But I won.You lost your Bela.

Bela remembered Pragati’s death and tried to control her tears.

Daksh:I tried to kill you too in the accident.But you survived.But I have no problem as you were never my target.With Bela’s death,I became the owner of all her properties.I became a King.

Bela felt like stabbing him,but she controlled her anger.

Daksh:I know that you are very angry and you also want to file a murder case against me.But I am sure that you have no proof against me.

He smirked.Bela was losing her temper.

Daksh:Before you lose your temper you ask yourself why should you be angry with me for killing your friend Bela.

Bela:What do you mean?She was my life.You killed my best friend.

Daksh:She was not your best friend,but your best enemy.She was cheating you.

Bela was stunned to hear this accusation against her.

Bela:What do you mean?Bela has never cheated me.I believe her.

Daksh showed her some photographs with a smirk.

Bela was shocked to see those photographs.

Daksh:Now you decide whether Bela was your best friend or your best enemy.Oops..sorry..worst enemy.

Daksh walked away.

Raghbir came back attending the call.Bela embraced him.

Bela:Thank are back Raghbir.

Raghbir:What happened Bela?

Bela:Daksh had come to me.I think he was stalking us.May be he wanted to confirm that I died.

Raghbir was shocked:What?

Bela:Yes Raghbir.But he mistook me for Pragati.He thinks that I died.

Raghbir:Pragati’s prediction came true.She was expecting this.That’s why she gave her face to you.It became a blessing to you.

Bela:Yes.Otherwise Daksh would have killed me now.

Raghbir:Anyways that did not happen.Don’t worry.You are safe.

Bela:But now Daksh has executed a new plan to stop me from taking him to the court for killing Bela.

He says that bela was cheating Pragati.

She showed him the photographs.

Raghbir was shocked to see those photographs.



Omkara and Gauri met each other.

Omkara started narrating the past.


Flash back…

Anurag started training Komolika for yoga.

Komolika did yoga movements in a seductive manner to attract Anurag.

Anurag found it weird.

Anurag:What are you doing Komolika?

Komolika asked in a seductive voice:Am I not doing in the right way Anurag?You correct me.I will do it accordingly.

Anurag held her hand and said:Like this…

Komolika felt goosebumps all over body when Anurag touched her.



Anurag and Prerna were having icecream together and enjoying.

(Thank u so much my dear friemd Arisha for this collage).

Ganguly Mansion…

That time Nilanjana went towards Komolika and asked:How are your yoga classes going?

Komolika:Going nice aunty.Anurag is the best yoga instructor I could get.

Nilanjana:I noticed the comfort level between both of you.So I feel that you both will make a good couple.

Komolika’s face blossomed.

Nilanjana:Do you like Anurag?If you like him,I will talk to Kokila about getting you married to Anurag.

Komolika became very happy.

She thought:Nilanjana aunty is thinking same like me.

Nilanjana:Do you like Anurag?

Komolika blushed:Yes aunty.

Nilanjana became very happy.

After a few days Kokila came there.Anurag touched her feet.

Kokila:God bless you.How are you Anurag?

Anurag:I am fine aunty.Actually I have urgent work.I need to leave.


Anurag went to the office.

Nilanjana:Kokila,what do you say about Anurag and Komolika’s alliance?

Kokila smiled:If I was not interested in this alliance I would not have come here.I came here to fix this alliance.

Komolika hugged Kokila:Thank you mom.

Shekar:Then we will conduct the engagement.

Suddenly Komolika thought:If we inform Anurag about it,he will object as he is interested in Prerna.If the engagement is a surprise he won’t be having any other option than to accept it for the family reputation.

Komolika:Please tell about the engagement to Anurag.Let it be a surprise for him.

Nilanjana:Wow…that’s a nice idea.

Komolika smiled victoriously.

After a few days…

Anurag was surprised to see a party at home.

Komolika descended downstairs in her party wear.

Anurag:What is this Maa?

Nilanjana:There is a surprise for you.You go and change your attire.

Komolika:You please wear the expensive party wear I gifted you.

Anurag:Yes.But why is this party for?

Nilanjana:First you change and come.

Anurag came wearing the party wear which Komolika gifted him on his birthday.

Komolika could not take her eyes off Anurag.

Komolika:My selection is the best.You look dashing in this.

Anurag:Thank you.

Shekar announced:A grand welcome to the engagement of my son Anurag and ..

Kokila:My daughter Komolika.

Anurag was shocked.Omkara and Rudra were also shocked.



Gauri:How did Anurag react?Did he get engaged to Komolika?

Omkara:I will say.



Sanjana went to the flower exhibition.She was fascinated by the different types of flowers.There she bumped into someone.She was surprised to see someone.


That person:You?

  1. Shesha485

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    Anurag and Prerna’s ice cream scene was nice. Komolika-Anurag yoga kind of scene was funny. So, Neilanjana-Shekar are Anurag’s parents and Kokila is Komolika’s mother. Poor Anurag was given high voltage shock about the engagement with Komolika. I really wonder what if this kind of surprises were given reality๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    Rikara’s prom night dance was cute. Sad that even Prerna too suffer from a medical problems. Probably she lost her memory but why is she with Omkara? Sameer predicting the arrival of Omkara family was nice. Sameer consoling Sanjana was nice. Premar engagement scenes were nice. Aman appreciating Roshni’s beauty was cute.
    Loved when Ajitabh saved Vishaka from the swimming pool. But sometimes the dialogues of Vishaka are humorous when we know she is doing drama. I personally feel that she have personal grudges with family. Will Drishti’s sister play a role here?
    Meera is suspicious. Aman-Sameer scenes were nice. Aman and Roshni speaking about optimism and admitting and thanking for making each other’s life bright was so lovely and emotional.
    Behir scenes were emotional. Bela determined to live for Pragati was nice. Her dialogues to Raghbir was emotional. Shicking that Daksh comes back to threaten Pragati. Good that he don’t know that it was Bela. What are the photographs did Daksh shown to her? It was so shocking that one of the two betrayed the other. But who was betrayed and who was fooled?

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much for the long comment.Actually its not premar engagement. Its their anniversary party

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    Loved Sameer-Sanjana talks. Sameer’s prediction and Premar and Rudra-Parvati scenes were nice. Roshan and Sameer-Sanjana imagining dancing with each other was cute. Rikara flashback dance was sweet.I guess Meera has fallen in love with Sameer. Roshan talks on optimism and Sameer smiling at Sanjana was good.

    Ajitabh saving Vish and their talks was funny. Vishkha’s character seems a bit suspicious. Bela and Raghbir scenes was lovely. Poor Daksh does not know that the one whom he is thinking as Pragati is Bela. Why Bela and Raghbir are shocked to see the photographs?

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      thank you very much friend

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