Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 5

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 5

Roshni looked at Aman emotionally.

Aman:Please Roshni…don’t show me sympathy.That is what I hate the most.I want to see smile on everyone’s face and I want to smile.I hate tears.

Roshni was silent.

Sanjana walked out tearfully.Understanding that Sameer walked after her.

Roshni:Are you made up of rock?How can you be like this?You are having a severe disease.But you behave as if nothing happened.

Aman:Then what should I do?Should I always show an irritating frustrating face like you?Should I release my frustration on others like you and waste my life?

Roshni realized what she was doing to others because of her disease.
Aman:Life is only once.And in our case,life has no guarantee.Why should we waste our life by being upset over our disease?Can’t we enjoy each and every moment of our life till our end?

Roshni nodded emotionally.

Aman:I hope you understood what I said and you will start living your life again.

Roshni:I will try.

He smiled.

Roshni:That day I got angry with you.I told you that you cannot understand my pain as you have not experienced my condition.Still why did’nt you say that you also are going through my condition?

Aman:Because I did not want you to pity me.I wanted you to treat me normally.

Roshni looked at him emotionally.

Sanjana was weeping.Sameer became upset seeing her tears.

Sameer:You are hurt by Aman’s condition?Aman is like my brother.I also feel upset.He can’t see his mother upset.That’s why he preferred to stay in this place.

Sanjana:I am upset because I can relate to this condition.Because Roshni is also a cancer patient.

Sameer was shocked:What?Roshni also?


Sameer:I can’t believe it.

Sanjana:Roshni is not positive minded like Aman.We are trying to change her.That’s why none of us is showing our pain outside.

Sameer became upset.

Sameer:I am sorry…I did’nt know it.

Sanjana was crying.Sameer kept his hand on her shoulder.Suddenly she buried her face in his chest .He caressed her emotionally.Suddenly they both came back to senses and moved away from each other.

Sameer:Shall we go inside?


They went inside.They saw Aman and Roshni talking.

Sameer-Sanjana smiled.

Sameer:May be they both will find solace in each other.



Gauri and Jugnu were playing together.

Gauri:Jugnu…can I ask you something?


Gauri:Why do you call me mumma?

Jugnu:What a question is this mumma?Because I know that you are my mumma.

Gauri was stunned.

Gauri:Then what about your mumma?She is not staying here?


Jugnu:What nonsense are you saying mumma?Other than you which mumma can I have?I have only one mumma and that’s you.Everyone has only one mumma.Right?

Gauri was stunned.

She thought:That means Omkara’s wife is not here?He got separated from her or is she no more?

Gauri:But when you met me for the first time itself you called me mumma.How?

Jugnu:I had seen you before itself in the photograph.Prerna aunty showed me the photograph where you and papa were together.She told me that you are my mother.

Gauri was shocked.



Aman,Roshni,Sameer and Sanjana reached home.

Sanjana told everything to Prem-Simar.They were shocked.

Prem:Aman too?

Simar:I can’t believe it.Poor guy.

Roshni and Aman were standing at the garden.Some sparrows came and sat on her hands.She smiled looking at it.

Roshni:This is so cute.God created so many beautiful creatures.

Seeing her smile,he also smiled.

Aman:Yes.The nature is so beautiful.Enjoy it.

She nodded with a smile.

He was lost in her sweet innocence.

It was raining.Sanjana twirled around in the rain.Suddenly she saw Sameer smiling at her.He passed a flying kiss.She blushed looking at him.




Pragati’s funeral was done.

Raghbir was shattered.Andy and Sumitra were also in tears.

Sumitra:It’s all because of that Bela.Because of her only our Pragati got injured.

Andy did not know what to say.

Raghbir:Please Maa.Stop blaming Bela.The real culprit is Daksh.Give me peace of mind.

Raghbir walked away.

He sat on a corner and cried.

Raghbir:I wish I could die.But you did not let me die.

Flash back….

Raghbir-Pragati’s wedding reception party…

They were happily posing for photographs.

Then they danced romantically.

Pragati:Can i ask you something?


Pragati:What will you do if I die early?

Suddenly his face became dull.

Raghbir:What rubbish!Why are you talking about death on a happy occasion?

Pragati:Come on Ragbir…I did not say that I am going to die.I just asked you a question.Answer me.

Raghbir:You and your your horrible questions.

Pragati:Come on..answer me.

Raghbir became emotional.

Raghbir:If you are not with me,I will lose myself.I will also die with you.

Pragati:What nonsense!Do you know what I would do if you die before me?I will find a man who resembles you and marry him.

Raghbir:What?How mean!What if you don’t get my look alike?

Pragati:I will get.Because there are 7 similar looking people in this world.So if I die,don’t think of dying.Instead find someone who looks like me and marry her.

Raghbir:I won’t waste my precious time by searching for your look alike like a mad person.

Pragati:Don’t worry.I will find someone who looks like me from heaven.

Raghbir:You are crazy Pragati.

Pragati:Yes I am.

They both laughed.

Pragati:But what I told you was serious.Never think of death even if I die.Promise me.

Raghbir looked at her painfully.

Pragati:Promise me.

Raghbir simply said without any emotion:Promise!

Pragati:Good boy.

Raghbir:But don’t talk about death again.

Pragati:Ok baba agreed.

They both smiled and embraced each other.




Raghbir:You joked like a stupid girl that day.But it came true.You left me early making me promise not to die.Why Pragati?Why?

He cried.

Kya hua tera wada
Woh kasam woh irada

Kya hua tera wada
Woh kasam woh irada
Bhoolega dil jis din tumhe
Woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga
Kya hua tera wada
Woh kasam woh irada

Bhoolega dil jis din tumhe
Woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga
Kya hua tera wada(Hum Kisise Kum Nahin).



Omkara came back home after the office.Suddenly he bumped into Gauri.He was stunned to see Gauri there.

Omkara:You came here again?

Gauri:Ya..I came here for Jugnu.Jugnu has slept.So I am leaving.I will come tomorrow.

Om:So you are planning to come here daily?

Gauri:If Jugnu wants me,I will come here daily.

Om:Don’t use Jugnu to come back to my life.

Gauri was shocked at his allegation.

Gauri:How can you be so cheap to think like that about me?Do you really think that I can be so cheap?

I feel nice to be with Jugnu.That’s why.

Om:Why do you want to spend time with Jugnu?You don’t try to be Jugnu’s mother.

Gauri lost her temper.

Gauri:If you don’t want me to be Jugnu’s mother,you also don’t try to be her father.Now I know everything.If you can claim Jugnu as your daughter I can also claim her as my daughter.No one can stop me from that…especially you Omkara.

Omkara was shocked to see her burning eyes.



Kumkum was searching for something.

Ajitabh noticed it and asked her:What are you searching mom?

Kumkum:My chain…I had kept it on the table before I went for bath.But now it’s missing.

Ajitabh was shocked.

Ajitabh thought of Vishaka.

Aji:I know who did this.

Kumkum:What do you mean?

Aji:It’s been stolen by someone.

Sumit:What nonsense!Who will steal?

Aji:Only one outsider resides in this house and it’s none other than Vishaka.

All were shocked.

Kumkum:No Ajitabh.Vish won’t do it.

Aji:She will do it mom.I am sure.I can understand what type of girl she is.

Sumit:You are misunderstanding Vish.Vish is not that type of a girl.

Aji:You all do not know her.But I…

Druv:Talk softly.If Vish hears…

Aji:Let her hear.I don’t care.Let us go to her room.You will get your chain from there.

Kumkum:No need Ajitabh.I don’t want to insult an innocent girl.

Aji:Why don’t you understand that she is not innocent?I will prove that she is innocent.

He barged into her room.Vish was stunned.

Vish:What is the matter Sir?

Aji:I want to check your room.


Aji:Mom’s chain is missing.I am sure that it is stolen by you.

Vish was shocked.

Vish:What are you saying sir?I told you that I living decently here.I did not steal anything.

Aji:O please don’t behave like a saint.I know your true colour.Unlike others I know that you are just a thief.So don’t try to fool me like you fool others.

Vishaka’s tears rolled down her cheeks.

Vish:Sir….I swear…I did not take your mother’s chain.

Ajitabh started checking her room without listening to her words.Finally he opened her box.

  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Pragati is really crazy and unpredictable. Raghbir asking her not to speak about death was emotional. But now, she herself was dead. Even Sumitra blame Bela. Loved when Roshni regretted for her harsh words and Aman dialogues and they way you made him speak, directly touch the heart. Sanjana-Sameer scenes were nice. So, Sameer came to know about Roshni’s illness from Sanjana. Roshni starts to small things, it is great change due to Aman. Sadly, Kumkum’s chain was stolen by someone. Ajitabh hurting Vishaka is so sad but what can we expect from a police? It seems like Ajitabh finds something about Vishaka from the box. I loved Rikara-Jugnu the most. Jugnu’s questions/answers to Gauri were hilarious. Gauri confronting Omkara is well-written and enjoyed it and finally Gauri comes to know Omkara was a bachelor. I think Jugnu is an adopted child of Om.
    Actually my wishes to see, Aman as a carefree guy and Rikara with their daughter is coming true in these FFs.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  2. Finally u updated 👍. Today episode is super and emotional of roshan and Raghubir. Thanks for updates 😊❤️💗❤️😊. Keep rocking dear you and your updates 😊❤️💗. it’s really good episode 😍😍. Iam waiting for your next updates 😊❤️💗.

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    Wow fabulous 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️. It’s was amazing 😍😍❤️ ❤️❤️😍.
    Finally roshan to know the cancer and also Sameer and Sanjana.
    Raghbir and pragati it’s so emotional.
    Thanks for updates 😊❤️💗
    Iam waiting for next one 😊❤️💗.

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  4. It’s really good episode 😍😍😍😍😍
    Iam emotionally read it because of raghbir and pragati and also roshan.
    Ajitabh hurting Vishaka it’s so sad.
    But really enjoyed your FF ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
    Thanks for updates 😊❤️💗.

    1. Jasminerahul

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  5. Adhu

    RoshAn scenes were sweet and emotional. Sameer-Sanjana scenes were also nice. Pragati is really crazy, it was funny that she told him that she will marry someone like him if he dies and asked him to promise same. So Bela will enter his life . Oho Ajitabh is being so rude to Vishaka.. I hope he understands her innocence.

    1. Jasminerahul

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