Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 3

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 3
Prerna went near Omkara.
Prerna:Om,you do something.Jugnu is not eating anything.
Omkara was shocked:What?How can she not eat when you feed her?
Prerna:Jugnu is adamant that if you don’t allow her to meet Gauri,she won’t eat anything.
Om:Oh no..this girl is so stubborn.
Parvati:Om…it’s time to shed your stupid ego and take Jugnu to Gauri.
Rudra:I agree with Paro.

Om:Rudy,you are also supporting them?
Rudra:Why not?If you are Omkara Singh Oberoi,I am Rudra Singh Oberoi.I can also put down my foot.You should take Jugnu to Gauri’s place.
Om:How can I?Our relationship ended long ago.I can’t just go back to her life.

Prerna:But a mother daughter relationship can’t be ended.Right?

Om’s eyes got wet as he looked at Prerna.His tears rolled down his cheeks.
Parvati:You decide what is more important for you.Your ego or Jugnu’s happiness?
Om:But if Gauri is married,if i take Jugnu there it will be a nuisance for her.
Rudra:We did’nt ask you to propose Gauri?We just asked you to allow Jugnu to spend time with Gauri.
They all smiled.

Omkara went near Jugnu and sat near her.
Om:You are not eating anything?
Jugnu:No.I don’t want food.
Om:Don’t be stubborn beta.If you don’t eat anything you will fall sick.
Jugnu:I am not stubborn.It’s you who is stubborn.That’s why you are not allowing me to meet my mumma.
Omkara felt sad.
Jugnu cried:Please papa..please allow me to meet my mumma.
Omkara could not bear her tears and hugged her.

Om:If I allow you to meet your mumma,will you eat food?
Jugnu nodded.
Om:Then I will take you there.
Jugnu was excited:Really?
Om:Yes.But first you eat food.Otherwise Gauri will scold me for letting you starve.
They both giggled.
Omkara brought food and fed her with his hands.

Gauri was thinking of Om and Jugnu.She was very upset.
Gauri:Omkara left him years ago.Then why I am not able to forget him?How Jugnu was crying and calling me mumma was so heart wrenching.I am longing to see her again.But Omkara does’nt want that.
Suddenly the bell rang and Gauri opened the door.She could not believe her eyes.Omkara and Jugnu were standing before her.Immediately Jugnu hugged her.
Gauri smiled and kissed her.
Gauri looked at Om.
Om:I am sorry.Jugnu was adamant about meeting you.That’s why I brought her here.
Gauri:I am very happy that you brought Jugnu here.I was really missing her.
Om was surprised about Gauri’s reaction.
Gauri and Jugnu played games.Gauri narrated her some stories.Jugnu listened to the stories curiously.

Om was watching them.
Om:How fast they became close!
Jugnu fell asleep on Gauri’s shoulder.Gauri made her lie on the bed.
Om:I will take Jugnu home now.
Gauri:Ok.Om…I have a request.I know that you don’t want me to get closer to Jugnu.Maybe your wife also will not like it.But if Jugnu insists please bring her here.I feel very lonely.Spending time with Jugnu makes me happy.

Om was stunned:Lonely?
His lips shivered:Your husband?
Gauri stared at him:I am not someone who forgets first love easily and marry someone else like you.
Omkara was shocked.He was feeling guilty.
He thought:I left Gauri for her better future.But still she has not moved on?She thinks that I moved on.But even I could’nt forget her and marry someone else.
Omkara struggled hard to hide his pain from Gauri.He lifted up Jugnu and walked to his car.He sat inside the car and looked at Gauri:Bye..
Gauri said emotionally:Bye.

Ajitabh was sitting at home.
Ajitabh:I can’t tolerate her.How dare she?
His mother Kumkum:Aji…about whom are you speaking?
Ajitabh:That thief girl….she stole my watch.
Sumit smiled:You are a police officer and a silly thief stole your belonging.Funny.
Ajitabh:Come on dad.Don’t tease me.
Kumkum:But Aji..there are so many thieves coming and going in your life.But you are always talking about a thief girl.Why?
His brother Druv:Did the cop fall in love with the thief?
Ajitabh:Stop it Druv.
Druv:Oh ho..I was just joking.

Ajitabh:Your mind is full of your love story with Siya.So you see love everywhere.
Druv blushed.
Ajitabh:By the way there is no love in police stations.Only fights happen there.
Druv:That’s why you are so unromantic.
Sumit,Kumkum and Druv laughed

while Ajitabh was embarrassed.
Kumkum:Well…we have a new maid.
Ajitabh:Maid?Seriously?You said you don’t like to keep a maid.
Kumkum:Yes.But in the temple somebody tried to rob my mangalsuthra and a girl saved me from him.She kicked him like a police does to a thief.I am impressed with her.But poor girl is a homeless orphan.She begged me for some work at home.So I brought her here.
Ajitabh:How can you just bring any girl here Maa?She can be a thief.
Kumkum:Since you are a police all are thieves in your eyes.This girl is not a thief.If she was a thief she would not have saved my mangalsuthra from that thief.
That girl brought tea for everyone.
Sumit:Ajitabh..this is that girl.
Ajitabh looked at her only to get shocked.
Kumkum:Her name is Vishaka.
Ajitabh-Vishaka were shocked to see each other.

Kumkum:This is my son Ajitabh.He is a Police officer.
Vishaka was sweating.

After some time…

Ajitabh entered Vishaka’s room and pinned her against the wall.
Aji:How dare you?You are a thief.But you pretended to save my mother from a thief to get inside this house and steal peacefully?Or you already knew that this is my house and to take revenge on me for arresting you,you played a drama infront of my mother and entered my house?
Vish:I did not do any drama.I saved your mother as it was her mangalsuthra which that thief tried to snatch from her.I did it sincerely.I did’nt know that it was your house until I saw you here.Please believe me.
Aji:Don’t do any drama before me.You begged my mom to give you a job?Seriously?Your intention is wrong for sure.
Vish:No.I really want to change.That’s why I begged your mom for a job.Please don’t tell anyone that I am a thief.I will lose my job and again I will have to become a thief for livelihood.
Aji:Ok.I will not tell anyone that you are a thief.But don’t think that I am believing you blindly.I will give you a chance.But both my eyes will be on you.If you try to fool me I will kick you out and permanently put you in the jail.Understand?
Vish shivered:Yes.

Aji:You stole my watch.Right?
Vish stammered:I…
Aji:Admit the truth.
Slowly she nodded:Yes.
Aji:You are saying yes as if you did a great thing.
Vish:You only asked me to admit the truth.So I admitted the truth honestly.You have problem with my honesty also?
Ajitabh responded in a sarcastic tone:Oh Miss.Honesty!
Well..return my watch.
Aji:Return the watch you stole from me.
Vish:I sold it as I needed money.
Ajitabh was shocked:What?You sold my watch?I lost my watch forever.You are the worst thief I have seen in my life.You broke my heart my selling my favourite watch.One day something of you will get stolen and you will understand my pain.Wait and watch.
Ajitabh left the room.Slowly Vishaka smiled.
Vish:He is cute.The cutest cop I have ever seen.

Aman was praying in the church.He was surprised to see Roshni lighting candles there.
Aman went near her.
Aman:I am surprised to see you here.
Roshni got irritated seeing him.
Roshni:You came here also?
Aman:Why can’t I come here?This is a church where anyone can come.Why are you here?
Roshni:I always visit the church since my childhood as I studied in a convent school.By the way go away from me.This is the only place I get peace of mind.Don’t irritate me and spoil my peace of mind.
Aman:Why are you always irritated?You have a lovely family.As far as I know you teach in the same convent school where you studied.Then why you have no peace of mind?
Roshni:Because one issue of mine erases all the lovely moments of life.
Aman:You should not allow one problem to erase all your other problems.
Roshni:It’s easy for you to say as you have not experienced it.
Aman:What big problem do you have?
Roshni blasted at him:Then listen.I am a cancer patient.
Aman was shocked.
Roshni became emotionally weak.
Roshni:You don’t know what a cancer patient undergoes.Right?Life becomes dry and all happiness disappears.
Aman became upset.
Aman:Still you can be happy.
Roshni:It’s easy for you to advise.Only if you are in my position you will understand the situation.

She walked away.Aman became very upset.Her words were haunting him.

Sameer bought flowers from Sanjana in the garden.
Sameer:By the way Sanjana,you look pretty just like your garden.

She blushed:Thank you Sameer.

Sanjana:Sameer…are you going to give these flowers to the girl you love?
Sameer smiled.
Sanjana:Ok.Then go give these flowers to her.
Sameer just smiled.
Sameer said in his mind:I started buying flowers to interact with you and I am continuing it now also.Till now I could’nt give these flowers to you Sanjana.But one day I will give you these flowers to you along with y heart.

After some time…

Sanjana got ready with her cycle to deliver flowers.Sameer took his bike and went out.
Sanjana was watching him.
Sanjana:Guess he is going to give the flowers to his beloved.Today is a holiday.So he is not going to office.Guess he is going to give the flowers to his beloved.Let me see who that girl is.
Sanjana rode the cycle to follow Sameer without his knowledge.
Sameer stopped the bike before a house.A little girl was standing near the gate.
“Hi uncle!”

Sameer:Hi Pihu…
Sameer gave the flowers to Pihu.
Sameer:Take these flowers.
Pihu smiled and kissed his cheek.
Sameer kissed her back.
Pihu:Bye bye.
Ruhi got inside the house.
Sanjana was surprised to see it.
Sanjana:It means Sameer was buying flowers to give them to this small kid.I thought he loves someone.
Sanjana went near Sameer.Sameer was surprised to see her.
Sameer:Sanjana!How come you are here?
Sanjana:I was on my way to my flower shop and saw you here.So I came near you.
Sameer smiled.
Sanjana:Did you give flowers to the girl you love?
Sanjana:I saw it.You were buying flowers to give them to that sweet kid?
Sameer smiled:So you found it out.Yes,after buying flowers,I was giving them to her.I met her while jogging like I met you.
Sanjana smiled:So you don’t love anyone?
Sameer:Let it be a suspense.
Sameer:I will tell you soon.
She smiled.

Pihu went to a room and gave those flowers to a girl.That girl took the flowers from her with a smile.

Sanjana reached her flower shop.
While keeping the flowers there, she got reminded of Sameer and smiled.
Sanjana:Why I am taking interest in Sameer’s life?

Raghbir got ready to go to office.
Pragati came:You did’nt put your buttons properly.You are a kid now also.So careless.
Raghbir:When you are there with me I can be careless.Right?
Pragati:Naughty little boy.Don’t depend on me too much.What if I am not there with you?
Raghbir got upset and closed her mouth with his palm.
Raghbir:Don’t talk like that Pragati.Without you how can I live?
Pragati circled her arms around his neck.
Pragati:Raghbir…chill.I was just joking.
Raghbir:Don’t even joke like that.I can’t bear it.

Pragati:Ok baba.I will not crack such stupid jokes anymore.

He embraced her emotionally.Pragati was lost in his embrace.

They broke the embrace.
Raghbir:Ok Pragati.I am leaving.Bye.
Raghbir went out.
Pragati:I am also getting late.Let me get ready.
She looked at her wardrobe to pick up a dress.

Daksh dragged Bela towards a chair

and was tied her to it.
Bela cried:Daksh..why are you doing this to me?
Daksh:To kill you.

Bela was shocked:Daksh!I loved you.But you want to kill me?Why?Why you hate me so much to kill me?
Daksh:I don’t hate you baby.So I am not killing you because of hatred,but for money.Only if you die I will get your wealth.
Bela was shattered.
Bela:You could have asked me.I would have given you all my money.
Daksh:Oh baby.I don’t want your charity.You know before death your dad had known about my intention.So I killed him.Now it’s your turn.
Bela was shocked.
Bela:You killed my dad?You scoundrel!
Bela slapped him.He slapped her back angrily.
Bela’s phone rang.It was Pragati. me.Daksh is going to kill me.
Pragati was shocked.She was scared.
Pragati:Bela… will be alright.I will come now.

Daksh snatched the phone from Bela sealing Bela’s lips with a sticker and talked to Pragati.
Daksh:You won’t be able to save her today Pragati.

He laughed.

Pragati could’nt control herself.
Pragati rushed to Bela’s house.
Daksh smirked seeing Pragati.
Daksh:Wow Pragati..welcome.Guess you want to die along with your friend.
Bela cried:Nooo…leave Pragati please.
Pragati:Don’t be scared Bela.He cannot do anything.
Pragati took from behind and hit Daksh.She kept hitting him and Daksh fell down bleeding.
Pragati untied Bela and they both ran out.They both got inside the car.
Daksh somehow managed to take his phone and dialed someone.
Daksh:Kill Pragati and Bela.
Daksh smirked:You cannot outsmart me Pragati.You both will be killed by my goon.

Pragati smiled while driving:Finally we escaped.
Bela:But I am scared Pragati.Daksh is a wounded tiger.He can do anything.

Pragati:After reaching home we will inform the police and end Daksh’s chapter.

Bela smiled with relief.
Suddenly a truck came on the way and hit their car.

  1. Shesha485

    Great episode. Rudra, Prerna and Parvati convincing Omkara to take Jugnu to Gauri was nice. Jugnu and Gauri bond was nice. Omkara come to know that Gauri is a bachelorette but still Gauri don’t know about that…. Did Gauri know Jugnu was their daughter at least? Can’t wait to know about the reason of separation and why didn’t Gauri fight for Jugnu?
    Raghbir and Pragati are so romanticπŸ₯°πŸ₯°. Loved the carelessness dialogue😁 and baba dialogue πŸ˜… Poor Bela is captivated by Daksh and married him without knowing his reality. Shocking that Daksh killed Bela’s father. Gladly Pragati saved her but she collides with a truck. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
    Sameer buying flowers and giving to Pihu was cute. But who was Ruhi? So Sanjana comes to know that Sameer is single… Pretty like garden was lovely. πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Hope Sameer breaks the suspense soon.
    Aman trying to interact with Roshni was really an impressive moveπŸ‘. That was bit funny though. It is so sad that Roshni is a cancer patient. So, Roshni’s words start to bother Aman… 😍
    As usual you nailed Ajitabh-Vishaka scenes. Ajitabh bothering about Vishaka, Vish finding him cute and Sumit, KK, Dhruv teasing him was hilarious. When Ajitabh came to know that Vishaka is their maid, that moment was savage.🀣🀣🀣 So, Vishaka want to reform herself by not looting✌.. That’s fine but I like to see Vishaka in jail more than in homeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Miss. Honesty πŸ˜‡ selling his favorite watch was hilarious.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Such a long comment.U made me very happy.Thank u so much.
      Actually Ruhi and Pihu are same.First I named her Ruhi,then I changed her name into Pihu.That’s how the mistake happened.Sorry

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  5. Adhu

    Gauri and Omkara’s life seems to be complicated even though it is simple. Poor Gauri is living lonely after her separation from Omkara . Poor Jugnu longing for her family . Ajitabh and Vishaka is rocking as always. Iam loving their nok jhok. Roshni is a cancer patient, so sad . So that’s reason why she gets upset everytime. But I liked how Aman responded to her revelation. Sameer and Sanjana is lovely couple. Daksh is so evil. Daksh asked his man to kill both Pragati and Bela !!

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