Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 10

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 10
Bela:But now Daksh has executed a new plan to stop me from taking him to the court for killing Bela.

He says that bela was cheating Pragati.

She showed him the photographs.

Raghbir was shocked to see those photographs.

They were the romantic photographs of Raghbir and Bela with her old face.

Raghbir gritted his teeth with anger.

Raghbir:How can Daksh stoop so low?He made morphed pictures of us to create misunderstandings between me and Pragati.

Bela:Yes,he thinks that seeing these pictures Pragati will think that you and Bela are having an affair and she will be revengeful towards you and Bela.And thus she will leave him for killing Bela.

Raghbir:What a fantastic plan!But if Pragati was alive she would not have trusted these photographs.

Bela:Yes.He does not know that it was to Bela that he gave her own fake photographs to defame her.

Raghbir:Let him think that you are Pragati.Make him believe that you believe his disgusting affair story.Then you can trap him without his own knowledge.

Bela smiled:Yes.He won’t be able to escape this time.

Raghbir:Yes.He will suffer in our arms.Fool!

Bela:Yes,he is a fool.

They both laughed.

Sanjana went to the flower exhibition.She was fascinated by the different types of flowers.There she bumped into someone.She was surprised to see someone.


That person:You?

It was none other than Meera.

Sanjana:After school days it’s the first time we are seeing each other.

Meera:Exactly.So happy to see you Sanjana.

Sanjana:Me too.What are you doing now?

Meera:I working in the HR section now.And you?

Sanjana:I own a flower shop.

Meera:Cool.That’s why you are here at the flower exhibition.

Sanjana:Yes.I did’nt know that you also love flowers.

Meera:Earlier I was not crazy about flowers.But now flowers have a special place in my heart.

Sanjana smiled:Why is it like that?

Meera blushed:Because somebody gives me flowers daily.

Sanjana was surprised:Your lover?

Meera blushed:Ya.But actually officially we are not a couple.But we both know that we love each other.

Sanjana thought:Like me and Sameer.Though we both have not confessed our feelings to each other,there is something between us.It’s definitely love that sparkles between us.

Meera:He is my colleague in office.He did not directly confess his love to me.But indirectly he confessed his love to me by sending me flowers daily through my sister Pihu.

Sanjana:That’s such a cute love story!But why are you not confessing your love to him?

Meera:I will do that once he confesses his love to me directly.

Sanjana smiled.

Meera:By the way,it’s good that we met each other again.The day after tomorrow is my birthday.There will be a party at home.You also come.My lover is also coming.I will introduce you to him.

Sanjana smiled:Sure.I will come.

They exchanged their phone numbers and Meera gave her address to Sanjana.

Gauri:How did Anurag react?Did he get engaged to Komolika?

Omkara:I will say.

Flash back…

Shekar announced:A grand welcome to the engagement of my son Anurag and ..

Kokila:My daughter Komolika.

Anurag was shocked.Parvati,Omkara and Rudra were also shocked.

Nilanjana:How is our surprise Anurag?

Anurag was so shocked that he could not open his mouth.

Komolika smirked thinking:Now in this condition even if Prerna is in your mind,how can you refuse to get engaged to me in public Anurag?Let the engagement take place.After that I will kick out Prerna from your life.

Kokila:Anurag…Komolika…come and exchange rings.

Komolika smiled:Yes.

Suddenly Anurag said:I am sorry,I cannot….I love someone else.

Omkara,Rudra and Parvati smiled.All were shocked.Komolika could not believe it.

Shekar:What are you saying Anurag?How can you …?

Anurag:Because I love Prerna Bharadwaj.

All were shocked.

Anurag:Instead of giving me this stupid surprise you all did not think of asking me once whether I wanted this alliance or not.If I knew what were you all planning,I would have objected it that moment itself.I cannot cheat my Prerna as I love her.

Komolika was struggling hard to suppress her anger hearing Anurag saying about his love for Prerna.

Shekar:I am proud of you beta.You stood by your love in this situation also.If you had left your beloved it would have been cheating and you did not do that.You are an ideal lover.

Nilanjana:Yes Anurag.Your preference is ours also.Your happiness is more important for us.If you love Prerna,we will support you.

Anurag was very happy while Kokila and Komolika were shocked.

Komolika thought:Even Anurag’s parents support him though he chose that Prerna?How could they?

Kokila was very angry:What an insult to us!I came from abroad to fix this alliance.But you all made a fool of me.Nilanjana,you insulted our friendship also.

Shekar,Nilanjana and Anurag felt guilty.

Shekar:We are very sorry.We never expected this.

Nilanjana:I respect our friendship Kokila.But we are helpless.How can we make our own son upset by forcing him into this relationship?Really sorry.

Kokila:Then what about my daughter’s feelings?You all hurt her.Her heart is wounded by all of you.

Shekar,Nilanjana and Anurag felt more guilty.

Anurag looked at Komolika painfully:I am really sorry Komolika.If I knew about this before I would have told you about Prerna.

Komolika:It’s ok Anurag.When you are in love,it happens.Don’t take it seriously.I support you and Prerna.

All were surprised about Komolika’s reaction.

Anurag:Really?You have a great heart Komolika.

Komolika smiled:You should make me meet Prerna.

Anurag:Sure.You will love her.

Komolika smiled.
Kokila was shocked:Komolika,how could you forgive them easily?

Komolika:Mom,chill.Anurag and Prerna love each other.How can he marry me then?If he marries me,he will not love me.Then why should I marry Anurag?I support true love which Anurag and Prerna have for each other.If I separate true lovers like them and get married to Anurag I will not be happy.So Shekar uncle,Nilanjana aunty and Anurag took the right decision.

Kokila became emotional:I am shocked about your reaction.You have changed a lot.But you are right.

Komolika:Situation changed me mom.


Gauri:Even I am surprised that Komolika decided to forget Anurag so fast and supported Anurag-Prerna’s love.

Then what happened?

Omkara:What happened later was shocking.

Gauri was shocked.

Gauri:I am eager to know everything.But now it’s getting late.I have to leave.

Omkara:I will drop you home.


Omkara and Gauri sat inside the car.Omkara started driving.

Gauri thought:I am happy that Omkara decided to drop me.Because of that I can spend more time with him.

Gauri folded her hands and prayed:Oh God..plese make the journey safe.Please make the journey entertaining too.Please don’t cause any accident.

Omkara had a weird expression on his face.

He thought:Her habits are still the same.

Gauri:Prayer is over.Now everything will be smooth and cool.

Omkara:You are still the same Gauri.

Gauri looked at him.

Omkara:Do you have reading habit in the car now?

Gauri was silent.

Flash back…

Omkara and Gauri were in the car.

Gauri was reading a book.

Omkara:What is this Gauri?I was imagining a romantic drive with you.But are busy studying in the car.

Gauri:Omkara…you know that exams are coming up.I want to study.

Omkara:Even in the car you want to study?What is this?As if you get time to study only in the car..

Gauri:I cannot waste a single second to study.So even in the car I need to study.

Omkara:Oh no Gauri…


Gauri said in her mind:That time without giving you attention I concentrated on the book in my hands thinking that the whole life is there to spend with you.I did’nt know that I had only a very short time with you.If i knew that before I would have spent my time with you in the car.

Omkara:Gauri,do you read books in the car now?

Gauri:Not really.I realized that it was a blunder.

Omkara:It’s good that you realized it.Because reading in the car is not good for eyes.

Gauri smiled slightly.

The car stopped before Gauri’s house.

Gauri thought:Why did we reach so early?I wish there was traffic block.Then I could have spent more time with Omkara.

Gauri:Thank you Omkara.

Om:It’s my pleasure.

Gauri got out of the car and bid him bye.


Gauri walked towards her house.Then she turned back and looked at Omkara.They both smiled at each other.Gauri opened the door and got inside the house.

Omkara thought:Why my time with you always ends so fast?

Omkara started the car and drove away.

Aman and Roshni were sitting besides the river and smiling.They were talking about random things.

Suddenly without Aman’s knowledge Roshni laid her head on his shoulder closing her eyes.

Aman saw her sleeping on his shoulder and smiled.

Aman:She slept off.

He caressed her face.

Aman:Such an angelic face.

After some time he thought:It’s time to wake up Roshni as we have to return home.

We will get up.Then Roshni will wake up automatically.

Aman got up holding Roshni.

He tried to make her stand down.But by mistake when he loosened his hand she fell down and her forehead got injured.Aman was shocked.


He carried her in his arms.

Aman shook her:Roshni!

Roshni did not respond.He was shocked.

Aman:It means that Roshni was not asleep,but unconscious?

Aman became really worried.He carried her to the hospital in a hurry.

Sanjana reached Meera’s house.

Sanjana:This house looks familiar.

Meera welcomed Sanjana.Sanjana gave her flowers wishing her Happy birthday.

Meera introduced her to her parents Raman and Ishita.

Meera:This is my school friend Sanjana.


Meera:Sanjana and I had lost contact with each other after school.Recently we met again and I invited her to my birthday party.

Ishita:That is so nice.

Pihu came towards Meera.

“Sweety di”.

Sanjana saw Pihu.

Sanjana remembered Sameer giving flowers to Pihu.

Sanjana thought:Sameer was giving flowers to Pihu or some other girl?Meera too said that her lover sends flowers through Pihu.Is that Sameer?

Sanjana felt tensed.

Meera:Pihu…meet my friend Sanjana.

Pihu:Hi Sanjana didi.

Sanjana:Hi Pihu.

Ishita:Sweety,come cut the cake.

Meera:No Ishimaa.My special guest has not come yet.

Raman:Special guest?

Ishita:Ok ok Sweety.We will wait.

Raman took Ishita to a corner.

Raman:Which special guest is Sweety waiting for?

Ishita:He is Sweety’s colleague Sameer.

Raman:Ya..I remember meeting him once.But don’t you think that Sweety is taking too much of interest in him?

Ishita:Raman..relax.Sameer is a nice boy.Right?Then why are you worried even if Sweety likes him?

Raman:Sameer is nice.But does Sameer like her?

Ishita:Let us see Raman.They are not in a relationship yet.If Sameer is not interested in Sweety,she will understand it.

Pihu:I think he is late.In the mean time let us have some entertaining programmes.

Meera:Nice idea.Sanjana..can you sing?

Sanjana:Me?But I am not a good singer.

Meera:But during school days you used to sing quite well.You sing please.


Sanjana started singing and all were enjoying.

Sameer reached there.He was surprised to see Sanjana singing.

Sameer:How come Sanjana is here?Guess she is Meera’s friend.

He enjoyed Sanjana’s song.

Pihu was excited to see Sameer.

She ran towards him:Sameer bhaiyya!

Sameer hugged her:Pihu!

Meera’s face blossomed seeing Sameer while Sanjana’s heart beat faster seeing him.

Meera:That’s my flower boy Sameer.

Sanjana’s heart broke into pieces.

Sanjana went towards Sameer.

Sameer wished her:Happy birthday Meera.A small gift.

He gave her show piece-a beautiful doll.

Meera took it from him.

“Thank you.

Meera thought:I thought that like always he will give me flowers.

Sameer’s eyes fell on Sanjana.Suddenly Meera took him to Raman and Ishita.

Raman-Ishita talked to Sameer.Then Meera took Sameer to Sanjana.

Raman:Sameer is really nice.

Ishita:Ya.There is no wonder that Sweety likes him.

Sanjana hid her tears.

Meera:Sameer..this is my school friend Sanjana.

Sameer:I did’nt know that you both were friends.

Meera:Means you both know each other?

Sameer:Yes.We are staying in their outhouse for rent.

Meera was surprised:Oh…I did’nt know that.

Meera cut the cake and fed all of them.

Sameer went near Sanjana.

Sameer:I never expected you here.I am surprised.

Sanjana looked at him painfully.

Sameer:What happened Sanjana?

Her eyes were full of tears.Sameer was stunned.

He gave him tissue paper to wipe her tears.

Sanjana:Sameer,please leave me alone.I don’t want to talk to you.

Sanjana walked away leaving Sameer in shock.

Sameer:Suddenly what happened to Sanjana?

He became restless.

Wadhwas got ready to go for a relative’s wedding function.

Vishaka was dressed in a beautiful saree.Ajitabh was surprised.He could not believe his eyes.

Ajitabh extended his hand and caressed her face.She became shy.

Suddenly he realized that he was dreaming.

Ajitabh:You look very pretty.

Vish blushed:Thank you.

Kumkum,Sumit and Druv came.

Kumkum:How did you like Vish’s make over?It’s the saree selected by me.

Ajitabh:It’s your selection.That’s why the saree looks beautiful.

Kumkum:Just saree or Vish also?


Sumit,Druv and Sumit smiled while Vishaka blushed.

Ajitabh got embarrassed when he realized what he said.

Aji:I mean the saree.

Sumit,Kumkum and Druv laughed.

Ajitabh was really embarrassed.

They went for the wedding function.

One lady came towards Ajitabh:Hi Ajitabh..

Ajitabh:Hi Ratan di..

Vishaka passed by.Ratan saw her and called her:Hey…

Vishaka stopped there.

Ratan:I have seen you somewhere.

Vishaka became nervous.

Ajitabh was stunned.

Ajitabh:You know her?

Ratan:I think so.

Vishaka:No way.You are mistaken.I am new to Wadhwa family.I am a caretaker there.

Ratan:But why do I feel that I have seen her somewhere?

Ajitabh:Ratan di,she is saying the truth.There is no chance that you have seen her.

Ratan:May be.Excuse me.

Ratan walked off.

Ajitabh:She is my distant relative.Did you steal anything from her house?Is that how she knows her?

Vishaka:I have not stolen anything from that stupid lady.

Ajitabh chuckled:I was joking.

Ajitabh walked away.

Vishaka thought:Today I had a narrow escape.How does that lady know me?Luckily ACP Ajitabh has no doubt.Otherwise he would trace my background.

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    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Meera/Sweety is played by Aashika Bhatia.Pihu knows that Sameer and Meera are good friends.So when Sameer gave her flowers she assumed that those were for Meera.
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    2. Shesha485

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