Laal Ishq FF – MATSH,SNS,YHM,Swararagini,Saraswatichandra Part 5

Saras blindfolded Kumud and brought her to terrace.

He removed it and pointed his fingers at the sky.The sky was shining with stars.Kumud was bowled over by the starry sky’s beauty.
Saras:How is it?
Kumud:What a beautiful sky!

Suddenly she became emotional.

Kumud:Why I am always reminded of our incomplete life?Why my eyes are ignoring the beauty of other things around me?Why I am incomplete?
Saras:Please Kumud…you are not incomplete when I am with you.I will always be there with you.Pleae understand Kumud..when we both are together we are complete.Nothing can bother us.
Kumud became emotional.Saras sat on his knees and extended his hand towards Kumud.
Saras:Kumud…promise me that you will never cry again.

Kumud could’nt stop getting emotional.She said in her mind:Your love is making me weak Saras.But at the same time your love is my biggest strength.
She smiled holding his hand:I promise Saras…for you I will always be happy.

They embraced each other emotionally with a smile.

Danny held Kumari’s hand and walked to the terrace.
Kumari:Danny…why are we going to the terrace at night now?
Danny:I think Saras bhaiyya took Kumud bhabhi to the terrace.I just want to see what they are upto.
Kumari:Like a private detector you want to enquire what’s going on between a husband and wife there?Shameless.
Danny smiled naughtily and continue walking holding Kumari’s hands.
They reached the terrace and saw Kumud in Saras’s embrace.They smiled.Seeing Danny Kumari Saras Kumud broke their embrace.
Danny:So romance is going on here.Kumari..let us also romance here.
Saras Kumud were shy. guys carry on.We are going.
Saras ran away with Kumud.
Danny:Hey Saras bhaiyya…Kumud Bhabhi..why are you going away? can they romance peacefully in our presence?You are a fool who spoiled their romance.
Suddenly Danny caressed her face romantically.
D:Anyways we are alone here.Romantic atmosphere.Why can’t we have romance?
She blushed.

Danny rubbed his chin with her bare shoulder.

Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
Tu hi tu har jagah, aaj kal kyun hai
He smelled her fragrant skin.She felt a sensation passing through her body.

Raaste har dafaa, sirf tera pataa
Mujhse pooche bhala kyun hai

He stood close to her murmuring her name:Kumari!
She blushed:I love you Danny.
Naa main apna raha, naa kisi aur ka
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
O.. o.. o..

He carried her in his arms with a smile:I love you too Kumari.

Dheeemi dheemi aanch pe jaise
Dheere dheere jalta hai dil ye,

They shared a romantic eye lock.
Beqarari kyun hai ye khumari
Kyun hai awaargi kyun hai har mod par

Slowly she came down and rested her head on his chest.He held her closer.

Both were lost in each other.
Naa main apna raha
Naa kisi aur ka
Aisa mere Khuda kyun hai
O.. o.. o..


Saras Kumud reached their room.
Saras:Because of that mischievous Danny I can’t even romance my wife peacefully.
Kumud giggled.
Saras:But Danny taught me a lesson that only our room can give us privacy.
Saras pulled her closer passionately.

They looked at each other with passionate love.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein

Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

Shravan Vidya’s wedding day…

Gopi was trying hard to tie the dori of her blouse.Suddenly Ahem held it and started tying it.Gopi smiled.Ahem’s fingers touched her back while tying the dori.Feeling his touch Gopi closed her eyes.

Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

He whispered in her ears:Gopi..
She opened her eyes.
Ahem:I will adorn you now.
She blushed.
Chan Chanana Choori Bole
San Sanana Purva Dole
Gunje Yeh Dharthi Aur Gagan –

Ahem took necklace and placed it around her neck.He adorned her ears with earrings.He decorated her nose with a big nose ring.He beautified her forehead with a forehead chain.He caressed her hands and made her wear bangles making her blush.

Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

He caressed her feet.She closed her eyes in passion.He put anklet around her feet.

Chan Chanana Choori Bole
San Sanana Purva Dole
Gunje Yeh Dharthi Aur Gagan

He decorated her hair with Jasmine flowers.He took a bindi and stuck it on her forehead.Then filled the parting of her hair with vermillion.
Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan

Ahem:Now my Gopi look gorgeous.
She blushed.

Kabhi Chalthi Ho Cham Cham
Kabhi Chalthi Ho Tham Tham
Dhadaktha Dil Hai Dham Dham
Jo Pyar Mein Aaa –

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Naadi Behethi Hai Jhar Jhar Aa
Hawa Kehethi Hai Sar Sar Aaa
Hatheli Baath Ghar Ghar Aa
Baykar Mein Aaa

Gopi:Thankyou so much Ahemji for making me look so beautiful today.
They smiled.

She buried her face in his chest.

Goriya Gaye Gun Gun
Sajana Jhoomein Sun Sun
Pyar Mein Koi Hai Milan

Ahem:Shall we leave?
She nodded smiling.He carried her in his arms.

Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan –

G:What are you doing Ahemji?Leave me down.
Ahem:No way.
Gopi was shy:Ahemji..others will see it.
Ah:Let them see.
Gopi gave a kick on his shoulder:Now leave me down without throwing any tantrum like kids.
Ahem Gopi laughed.Ahem released her.
Ah:Shall we leave?
They both walked out holding each others hand.
Payalay Chunmun Chunmun
Jhanjare Runjhun Runjhun
Kitna Madhur Hai Yeh Milan – (Virasat).

Shravan Vidya got married.

Vidya was waiting on the bed for Shravan.Shravan came and sat besides her.
She became shy.
Shr:Vidya…I think you are tired.I am also tired.Indian weddings are impossible.

Vidya smiled.
Shr:You sleep well.I also feel sleepy.
V:Ok Shravan.I guess you are right.Tonight we should take rest.
They both lay down.
Shravan pretended to sleep.He said in his mind:
Shr:I am sorry Vidya.

The next morning…
Gaura looked at Shravan Vidya.
Shravan:Good morning Dadi.
Vidya:Good morning Dadi.

G:Good morning.Instead of walking like this simply, go for honeymoon guys.
Vidya blushed.
Shr:What is the need of honeymoon?I have work in office.
Vidya became dull.
G:You just got married and today also you are going to work?
Shr:Yes dadi.After all work is very important.
Shravan left.Vidya was upset.
Gaura and Dharam noticed it.

Raman Ishita Adi Ruhi and Pihu came back to Bhalla house.Ishita’s Iyer family was also present there.They were welcomed well.
Toshi:We have arranged a special dinner for you all.
Adi:Wow..that’s cool.
Toshi and Madhavi served them food.
Ruhi:I really missed dadi’s and Paatti’s food.
Pihu:Me too missed.
Madhavi:Now onwards no need to miss us.We will prepare food for you all daily.
Toshi:Yes .
Ishita:Really feel nice to be back.
Raman:The real happiness lies within our family.
Romi:Now onwards we will be together as a family,so we will always be happy even if sadness attacks us.
Everybody smiled.

2 weeks passed.Shravan always came at midnight and slept off leaving Vidya lonely.
She was very upset.She thought:Shravan..why are you avoiding me?What is going on in your mind?

Gaura to Dharam:Seeing how Shravan is treating Vidya I am reminded of how you were towards Durga because of that girl.
Dharam was pricked:Maa!Don’t compare both Maa.Shravan loves Vidya a lot.We know what is disturbing him.
Suddenly they heard a scream:Meera di…
Dharam:This is Vidya’s voice.
They ran to the drawing room.Mobile phone fell down from Vidya’s hand and she fainted in Shravan’s arms.
Shra:Vidya…what happened?
He carried her to the bed and placed her there.
Then he sprinkled water on her face.Slowly Vidya opened her eyes.
Shr:Are you alright?
Vidya cried embracing Shravan.He embraced her back forgetting everything.

V:Shravan…Samar had rung me up.Meera di had an accident.
They all were shocked.Dharam felt that his head was spinning.
Gaura noticed it:Dharam!
Dharam walked to his room and sat on his bed crying miserably.
Dharam:Why God is doing this to me?First he did to Taani.Now Meera is also in the same condition.
Gaura:Dharam beta…control yourself.Nothing will happen to Meera.Ambe Maa will save Meera.Don’t compare her with Taani.Taani and Meera are 2 different individuals.
Dharam cried:I don’t know anything Maa.

Vidya was depressed and scared:If something happens to Meera di…I can’t live without meera di.
Shravan cupped her face in his hands:Vidya…nothing will happen to Meera Di.
V:Shravan…her accident was very terrible.
Shr:Vidya…be calm.I told you.Nothing will happen to Meera.She can’t leave her little sister and go.Right?
She nodded tearfully.They shared an emotional eye lock.
Shravan said in his mind:Oh God..please save Meera.My Vidya can’t live without her sister.Please don’t give her pain.

Suryavanshi family reached the hospital.All were crying.Gopi was weak due to continous crying.Rashi,Kokila,Ahem and Hetal were trying hard to console her.
Gopi rested her head on Ahem’s chest and cried:Ahemji..our Meera..
Ahem wept.

Vidya went near Gopi and Ahem weeping:Maa..papa…our Meera di…
Ahem wept silently.
Gopi cried:Vidya..our Meera..
Gopi and Vidya hugged each other.
Ahem wept:How many times did I tell Meera not to do rash driving?But she never listened to me.
Everybody wept.
Ahem and Gopi were reminded of their moments with Meera.

Vidya was reminded of her moments with Meera.Rashi and Jigar cried thinking of their moments with Meera.
Samar Sahir wept thinking of their moments with Meera.

Sahir:Our gang’s spirit was Meera di.
Parag and Kokila were reminded of their moments with Meera.

Kokila:Hey Krishna Bhagwan…save our Meera.
Samar:Meera di will come back and we will have a blast with her.
Jigar Rashi were teary eyed thinking of their moments with Meera.

Jigar:Rashi..when Meera was a new born baby how happily we carried her in our arms.

Rashi:Yes Jigarji.Meeru was my best friend here.When I was with Meera I partied around like a teenager.

Dr.Manoj was the surgeon.
After some hours..
Ahem:Dr.Manoj…how is Meera now?
Manoj:Surgery is over.We can’t tell anything now.
Ahem:What do you mean?
Manoj:Ahem…control yourself…pray to God.
Ahem to Gopi:Gopi..pray to your Kanhaji to save our daughter.
Gopi cried:Hey Kanhaji…

Shagun followed Manoj to his room.
Shagun:Manoj..why did’nt you say anything clearly?
Manoj:How can I tell them that I have no hope even after the surgery?
Shagun was shocked:What do you mean Manoj?
Mano:Only when Meera regains her consciousness we can say whether she is fine or not.Sometimes she may be fine.Sometimes she will lose her memory.Sometimes she will be in coma.
Shagun:No…nothing like that will happen.
Mano:Shagun…first time I am becoming so weak in a medical case.May be because Modis are our close family friends.
Shag:Don’t be weak Manoj.You have to save Meera at any cost.
Manoj:Don’t you think I have not done anything?I have done the best.
Shag:Then Meera will recover soon.
Shag:Trust me Manoj.Nothing will happen to Meera.
Manoj :You are my strength Shagun.Your words gave me positive energy.
They looked at each other emotionally.
They both got out of the room and saw Ahem crying.
Ahem:I heard everything.
They were shocked.
Ahem:Save my Meera.I request..
Manoj held Ahem who was depressed.

Nurse came:Meera has opened her eyes.They all ran towards her with tension.

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