Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 8

Laal Ishq..Red Love…Part 8

Dedicated this part to Mansi who wants SNS title track to be played in a Dheera scene.Dedicated this part to Mansi again who wants a scene on Meera taking care of Dharam when he is sick.But sorry Mansi..that scene does’nt fit this story.So here instead of Meera it’s Taani who is taking care of Dharam.Taani is played by Tanya Sharma only.So I hope you won’t mind.Dheera fans…plz do comment on my Amar Tanya edits too.

Flash back…
Dharam and Taani loved each other unconditionally.They were the sweetest and coolest love birds.During those times too they went to the studio and clicked photos together.

They wore matching colour clothes on both their birthdays.

They attended parties together and had fun.

They watched movies together and enjoyed.

Once Dharam did’nt come to college.Taani was missing him very badly.
T:Why is Dharam not coming to college?He may be coming late.
But even after the first period Dharam did’nt reach.Taani could’nt bear it anymore and rushed to Dharam’s house.
She rang the calling bell.Durga opened the door.
T:Where is Dharam?
D:He is having fever.So he is resting.

T:Fever?Oh!I want to see him.
D:Go inside and see him.Nobody else is there at home.So don’t worry.
Taani rushed to Dharam’s room.He was sleeping.
He did’nt respond in sleep.
She felt sad seeing his condition.She touched his forehead.
T:High temperature.
Taani took her kerchief and dipped it in water

and placed it on Dharam’s forehead.

Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho

She sat next to him.She caressed her head looking at him emotionally.

Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho

After some time slowly Dharam opened his eyes.He was surprised to see Taani.
D:Taani?How come you are here?
T:When you are here how can I sit in college comfortably?When you did’nt come to college I became restless and came here only to find you suffering from fever.
D:Don’t worry Taani.It’s just fever.
T:So what?Fever is disease.It has to be cured.

D:You are worried so much for me?
Taani became emotional.
T:Of course..after all I love you.

They shared a sweet eye lock.
Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,
Har kasam todd na jaana
She touched his forehead.

T:Still there is temperature.

She took tablet and water:Now have it.
Dharam had tablet.
Dharam held her hand:What good deed did I do to get a girl like you who loves me and cares for me so much!
She smiled.
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

She touched his forehead:Now you are getting better.
D:How can I not get better when you treated me.

They both smiled.
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Once while crossing the road to reach Dharam a vehcle hit Taani.Dharam rushed to her screaming.Taani’s head was kept on his lap.He cried:Taani!Don’t leave me.Please…
T:Don’t cry Dharam..I promise you that in next life I will come to you.We will reunite in my next life.

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

Taani closed her eyes.Dharam cried loudly:Taaniiiiiiiiiiii

Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Dharam was made to marry his late twin Mihir’s wife Durga by Gaura.

Durga gave birth to Mihir’s son Shravan.Dharam could never accept Durga as his life.But he took care of her and accepted Shravan as his own son.
Years passed…
Dharam was shocked to meet his student Meera who looked like Taani.He just took her like Taani’s look alike.But Meera kept reminding him of Taani and so he could’nt control himself from loving Meera.Gaura knew that Dharam loves Meera secretly as she looks like Taani.

Meera:Dharam…as I promised you before dying I am back to you in this life…
Dharam became emotional:Taani?

Tera naam

Meera:Yes,I am your Taani.I realized that only after my accident.
Dharam could’nt believe it.
M:I used to wonder how a modern girl like me I could fall in love with my middle aged married professor who later became my sister’s father in law.But after my accident in the unconscious state I was reminded of my previous life and then I understood who I am and why I fell in love with you.Whatever happens has a reason behind it and my accident also has got a reason.I had this accident to remind me of our past Dharam.The past which was so beautiful that I should never have forgotten.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aeb ishq, ye bair ishq
Ishq ishq, ishq

Dharam could’nt believe it.He smiled and cupped her face in his hands.
D:You are Taani’s rebirth?

M:Yes.I am Taani.Only for you I have returned Dharam.

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa

D:Means you are my Taani.

Meera nodded her head with an emotional smile.

Raha na main phir apne jaisa…

They both lost control and embraced each other.

Mera naam ishq, tera naam ishq
Mera naam tera naam mera naam ishq..

They both wept.
Dharam:So that’s why I started feeling you,not because you are Taani’s look alike.
Meeera wept:Yes Dharam.I am Taani.That’s why unknowingly our hearts got connected to each other.

Dharam smiled.
Suddenly Dharam came into senses.
He thought:Ambe Maa..what am I doing?
He moved backwards.
D:No,it can’t happen.
D:Because in this life our background is different.Your family will never accept our relation and I am married.Not even society,even my son can never accept it.I can’t betray Durga.Afterall she is my wife.I can’t ignore her.I don’t want to be happy when others are hurt.

D:I am sorry Meera.You promised me to return to me in this life.But I am breaking your promise now.We will be only a student and teacher.After your exams we will be just relatives.
Dharam walked off crying.
Meera cried:Dharam!
Meera:Meera uttered only Krishna’s name.Meera recited only songs for Krishna to express her love.Like that I..Meera will also utter only your name Dharam.I will live only for you Dharam.

Meera cried while Dharam was crying and walking away.

Yeh lal ishq, ye malal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
ishq ishq, ishq[Ramleela].

Dharam cried on Gaura’s lap and shared it with Gaura.
Gaura was shocked:Is it true Dharam?
D:Yes Maa.
Gaura:Till now I thought that Meera is just a look alike of Taani,that’s why you are getting attracted towards her.But this is shocking that she is Taani’s reincarnation also.
Dharam: But look at our fate.We can never be united.

Gaura wept:Hey Ambe Maa…
Vidya who overheard it was shocked.Vidya remembered Meera saying that marrying Dharam was better than marrying Sanskar.
Vidya thought:I need to talk to Meera di about this.

Meera was at the dining room.She was lost in pain of getting rejected by Dharam.
She thought:Dharam…if you don’t want me ..if we are destined to be together in this birth also why did I born again?
Gopi served her food:Meera beta…have food.
Meera:Maa..I am not hungry.
Ahem:Why are you not hungry?It’s time to have lunch.
Meera:But I don’t know why..I am not hungry.
Gopi:I know why you are skipping food.Dieting.Right?
Kokila:In our generation only poor people used to starve.But now the new generation starves purposefully in the name of dieting.
Rashi:Meeru is figure conscious like me.
Everybody smiled.
Gopi:Meera…you should not do dieting now as you just recovered.You need to be healthy.
Meera:Maa..I am not dieting.Really I am not hungry.
Ahem:I know how to make you have food.

Gopi smiled:Yes Ahemji.When Meera was small also she used to be lazy to have food.That time how we used to make her have food was so cute.Now we are again getting that chance.
Ahem:Right Gopi and trust me.I was longing to relive those moments.But I thought it was impossible.But God has given me a chance again to enjoy such things.
Gopi smiled:Yes Ahemji.
Ahem and Gopi sat near Meera.Ahem took a spoon of food and fed Meera.Meera smiled.
She thought:For dad and Maa I need to smile forgetting all my pain.
Gopi too fed her.They both fed her together.Everybody smiled.
Vidya reached Modi house.Seeing them feed Meera she smiled.
They were surprised to see Vidya.
Gopi:Vidya..what a pleasant surprise.
Kokila:Vidya dikra…come come..
Hetal:Shravan did’nt come?
Vidya:No,he is busy.
Ahem:Today Vidya and Meera together with us.So nice.Have lunch Vidya.
Vidya smiled:Won’t you both feed me also like you both used to do during childhood?
Ahem and Gopi smiled:ya sure.
Ahem-Gopi started feeding Vidya too along with Meera.They all were very happy.
After lunch Meera went to her room who was followed by Vidya.
V:Meera di..I want to talk to you about one thing.
V:Meera di…you always shared everything with me.Then how could you hide such a big thing from me?
M:What do you mean Vidya?
V:Once when you told me that marrying Dharam papaji was better than marrying Sanskar I took it as a joke.But never knew that you were serious about it.
Meera was stunned.
V:You love Dharam Papaji.Right?
Meera wept nodding her head.
M:Vidya…you can never imagine what our love is.Our love story is very filmy.I am his beloved Taani’s reincarnation.
V:Is it true Meera di?I heard papaji telling this to Gaura dadi.
Meera cried:Yes Vidya.But Dharam rejected me.

Vidya became upset:Meera di…Papaji is right in his place.Right?No one can accept this relation,not only because of the age difference,but also because papaji is already married.
Meera wept.
V:And Shravan’s mother is not missing like we were told.
Meera was shocked:Then?
Vidya told her everything.Meera was shocked.
M:How can you do such a big sacrifice?
V:Because I love Shravan and I can do anything for him.I know that by doing this I am causing hindrance in your relationship with papaji.Please forgive me di..But this is the truth of this life and we have to accept it di.

Meera wept.

Early morning Kumud woke up from the bed and was about to switch off the table lamp.Suddenly Saras who was lying on the bed held her hand.
Saras:Don’t switch on the bright light now.

With a smile he got up from the bed and led to the table in the bedroom.In the dim light Kumud was a cake surrounded by flower petals.She was surprised.

Saras:Happy wedding anniversary Kumud.
She was very happy: Happy wedding anniversary to you too Saras.
Kum:But how was it possible?
Saras:Very simple.When you were sleeping I arranged it.
Kum:I can’t believe it Saras.
S:Why?Am I not a romantic husband?
Kumud giggled:Nothing like that.
Saras took a match stick and lit the candles on the tables.

S:Now let us cut the cake together.

They cut the cake together singing: Happy wedding anniversary to Saras and Kumud.
They giggled.They fed the cake to each other.

Suddenly Danny and Kumari entered.
D:Celebrating wedding anniversary secretly?That’s not fair bhaiyya bhabhi.A party is a must.

S:Oh Danny..usually you never get up at early morning.But when we are romancing you never fail to wake up at early morning.Why is it so Danny?
Kumari laughed.Kumud giggled softly.
Danny:Is there any inner meaning bhaiyya?
Kumari ridiculed him:Saras jeeju is telling you not to disturb their romance.

D:How did I disturb bhaiyya?I just asked for a party as I feel like tasting your yummy cake.
Kumud:Don’t worry Danny.For that you don’t need to attend our party.
She took a piece and fed him.
D:So sweet of my dearest bhabhi.
Kumari:Didi..for me too.
Kumud smiled and fed her cake.
Saras:Now happy?Let me romance my wife Danny as I get very less time for that due to my work schedule.
D:Ok sure.Carry on.
Danny and Kumari left the room.Saras was relieved and pulled Kumud closer.Danny was trying to oversee their romance standing behind the door.Kumari pulled his cheek.
Kumari:Are you not ashamed Danny?Come with me and let them have privacy.
Kumari dragged him away.
Hearing their voice Saras Kumud came out of the room.Seeing Kumari dragging danny away they laughed.

Ishita reached home at night from the hospital.She saw Raman awake.
Ishi:You did’nt sleep yet?
R:No Madrasan.Actually I am having back pain.So I am not able to sleep.

Ishi:Back pain?When did it start?
R:I just bend..suddenly it sprained.
Ishi:I will do massage for you.You will feel better.
She started massaging his back.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi
R:Massage with force.

She massaged with more force.

Dil Kahi Rukta Nahi

Ishi:How do you feel now?
R:Madrasan..your hands have magic.I feel so nice now.

Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore

Dil Meri Sunta Nahi

They smiled.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

R:Now I will sleep well.
She smiled.She held his hand and took him to the bed.He smiled at her:Good Night Ishita.
Ishi:Good night Raman.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein (x2)

He closed his eyes.With a smile she lay close to him putting a blanket over them.

Vidya felt dizziness.Gaura called doctor.The doctor checked and said:Congratulations.She is going to be a mother.

Gaura was excited:Hey Ambe Maa..
Vidya was shy.

When Shravan came back from office.Vidya came.Seeing her he smiled.He went near leaning towards her face with his lips.She blushed.

V:Stop it Shravan.Someone will see it.
Sh:Who will see it?
She blushed:Our child in my womb.
He was stunned:What?
V:I am pregnant.
He was very sweet Vidya.
Suddenly his smile vanished.
V:What happened Shravan?
S:Is it an occasion to be happy?
S:You know what is going to happen when the baby is born in this world.
Suddenly pain appeared on her face.
V:I know..but for some moments I forgot about it.Because becoming a mother made me forget all pain.Atleast I can be happy feeling my baby in my womb.

Shravan became emotional:Sorry Vidya..
V:No Shravan.You did’nt force me.You asked me to leave.But it was my decision to be with you.So don’t be guilty.We are doing it for a good purpose.

Shr:I am proud of you Vidya.I am blessed to have a wife like you.No one is having a great wife like you.
They both became so emotional that they embraced each other.

Months passed…

Rashi was putting make up on her face. much make up will you put on your face?
Rashi:Why not?Today is my sons’ wedding.I should look the best.Right?

Jigar smiled:But you are not the bride Rashi.
Rashi pulled Jigar closer romantically:Then shall we get married again Jigarji?
Jigar looked at her romantically.
Rashi:Now let me wear jewellery.
Jigar:You have to wear jewellery too?
Rashi:Yes..I am a woman..not a man like you.
He smiled:Ok..I will make you wear it.
She smiled.He put ornaments on her body.
He embraced her from back:You look so gorgeous that nobody will say that you are the mother of the bride grooms.
She smiled:You are too cute Jigarji.
He smiled.

Samar and Sahir got married to their girl friends Sona and Monica.

All were happy at the wedding place.Suddenly Vidya had labor pain and cried.Vidya held Shravan tight.
V:Shravan..This pain is severe.I’m scared.
Shravan was tense.He held held her.
Shr:Nothing will happen to you Vidya.I am there with you naa.

All were worried.
Gopi and Meera:Vidya…
Kokila:Don’t worry beta…this pain is only for some time.
Ahem:Why is Vidya having pain?
Koki:Ahem dikra..this is labor pain.Don’t get worried.
Dharam:Immediately we have to go to the hospital.
Gaura:Yes soon.
They took Vidya to the hospital.All were tensed.
Vidya delivered a baby girl and all were very happy.Vidya and Shravan kissed the baby emotionally.
Gopi:Vidya..did you choose any name for your baby?
Vidya smiled:Priyal.
Hetal:Priyal is a sweet name.
Everybody smiled.Shravan and Vidya looked at each other painfully.
Kokila,Hetal,Ahem,Gopi pampered the baby.
Gopi:She is the darling of Modi –Suryavanshi family.
Vidya:No Maa.She will not be with us anymore.We have to hand over her to another family.
All were shocked while Dharam,Gaura and Shravan were tense.

Dheera rebirth track was inspired by the malayalam movie Rajashilpi.I wanted to write a short Dheera story on this concept.But due to lack of time I postponed it.But later I dropped that idea when I saw a similar concept being used on the show Kasam.But when I decided to write Laal ishq I decided to use rebirth concept itself for their track.

Note-Monica is played by Lovey Sasan(Paridhi of SNS)

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