Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 14 Last Chapter

Till now everyone called Manoj Shagun Shanoj,but Shakaib gave them a new Jodi name- Manun ,she also gave a Jodi name to Sahir Sonakshi- SaKshi.So I dedicate this chapter to him.

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Shagun:Tell her name.Manoj may be knowing her as he is involved in Doctors’ group.
Gopi:Ishita Iyer.
They were surprised.
Shagun:Ishita?She is the same Ishita.My kids’ mother.
Gopi:How is it possible?She is Ishita Bhalla.Right?
Shagun:She became Ishita Bhalla after marrying Raman.During Meera’s delivery she was unmarried.So she was Ishita Iyer.
Modis were surprised.
Gopi:I can’t tell you how happy I am.I can’t wait to meet Dr.Ishita.
Shagun:Your wish will be fulfilled soon Gopi.I will bring Raman and Ishita here.
All were very happy.
Gopi:Thankyou so much Shagun.
Shagun rang up Ishita.
Shagun:Ishita,are you free now?
Ishi:Yes.Raman and I are free.
Sha:Good.I have sent an address to your whatapp.Follow that and come here.It’s Modi family’s home address.Our family friends.
Ishita had put it on speaker.So Raman could hear it.
Raman:Why should we come there?
Shag:First you guys come here.
Ishita:Something is there Raman.We must go there.

Raman Ishita entered the Modi house.Seeing Ishita Gopi ran towards her.
G:Dr.Ishita…do you remember me?
Ishi:I am sorry..I really can’t recall.My memory may be weak.
Manoj:Ishita is seeing many patients.So she can’t remember all.
G:I am Gopi Modi.My first delivery was done by you.
Ishi:Gopi Modi…
Ishita thought about it.
Ishi:Yes I remember now.You know..I always think about your baby.That’s why I remember your name.

Manoj,Shagun,Gopi and others were surprised.
Gopi:You still think of my baby?

Ishi:Strangely yes.I have done many deliveries.But your baby always haunts me.But speciality is there in your baby which makes me remember her always.When she was born …when i saw her face she looked different from other babies.When I held her I felt different.
Raman:So Gopi Modi’s baby is the baby you were dreaming of every now and then?
Ishita:Yes Raman.
Gopi:Actually don’t understand why you felt strange about my baby Meera.But though very late we understand the reason.You are right.Meera is a special baby.She is one of the few people who remember their previous birth.She took rebirth to unite with the lover of her previous life.
Ishita was confused:What?
Gopi explained everything.Raman Ishita were stunned.
Ishita:I just can’t believe it.
Kokila:No one can believe it.But this is true.
Gopi:Since Meera’s birth is special i was reminded of everything related to her birth.So I felt Dr.Ishita who brought Meera to this world should also be there to give her wedding blessings.Then we realized that Shagun knows you personally.
Shagun:And that’s why I called you both here.
Ishita:So sweet of you Gopiji.Thank you for calling me here Shagun.Ishita:Where is Meera?I want to see her.
Gopi:Sure.It is your right. Meera.
Rashi:Yes kakiji..
Rashi called Meera:Meeru…
Meera came.
Gopi:Meera beta…meet Dr.Ishita and her husband Raman Kumar Bhalla.Dr.Ishita only took you out of my womb.
Meera smiled.

Ishita smiled at her.Meera smiled back:Namaste…
Ishita caressed her face:How big you have become!You used to visit my dreams.
Meera was surprised.
Raman joked: You really troubled Ishita as a baby in her dreams.You special baby.

Meera and others giggled.
Ishita:Heard that you are going to get hitched soon with the love of your life.

Meera blushed.Ishita put her hand on Meera’s head:God bless you beta.
Meera touched her feet.
Gopi:Very happy that you blessed my daughter.But you and Mr.Raman Bhalla should attend Meera’s wedding too.
Ishi:Sure sure.How can we miss it?
Everybody smiled.

Danny was murmuring in his room in irritation.
Danny:These days Kumari has no time for me.She is interested only in serials.
Suddenly he heard voice from the next room.
Kumari:Danny..are you not coming to see the serial?
D:Oh no.Why is she calling me to see the crap?She herself is mad to watch it n now she wants me also to be mad like her.
She turned back.He was shocked to see Kumari standing there fuming with anger.
Danny’s lips shivered:Kumari…
Kum:What?You said I am mad?How dare you Danny?
D:If not what?You are interested only in stupid saas bahu serials,not in me.And these serials teach you only to fight with mother in law and doubt husband.These serials are not teaching you what your husband want and how to love your husband.
Danny was very angry.
Kuma:Danny dear…I am watching family Indian serials,not adults only serials to teach me how to love my husband.
D:Adults only?
Kuma:Yes..I know what you mean by loving your husband.
Danny was embarrassed.
Kum:And by the way no one has to teach me how to love my husband.I know how to love my husband.
D:Really?Then show me how to love your husband.
Kumari thought:This Danny is so naughty.But I can’t let him win.
Kuma:I don’t have to prove that I know how to love you.
Danny was irritated:Oh..really?Why don’t you admit that you don’t know anything.
Kumari got angry:How dare you underestimate me?
She pulled him closer aggressively and pressed her lips on his cheek.

He was stunned.Then she moved to his lips..It turned out to be passionate making them forget each other.
Coming back to senses Kumari moved backward.Danny gave her a mischievous smile.
D:My wife is so loving.
Kumari blushed.She tried to go away.
But he held her hand

and pulled her closer.
D:After giving me passionate love how can I let you go easily?

Kumari became shy:Leave me Danny…the ads must have got over and my serial will have already started.
Danny caressed her face romantically:Please sacrifice your serial for me Kumari.
Kumari said cutely:How can I miss my serial Danny?You know that I can’t sacrifice it.

Danny thought:Damn it..this crazy girl..
Suddenly the current went.
Kuma:Oh My God..electricity failure.Can’t watch my serial.
Danny became happy and thought:Good that current went.I can get my Kumari.
Dan:Kumari..anyways you can’t watch serials..spend some time with me naa.
Kumari blushed.Danny lifted her in his arms.
Dan:Since there is no current no need of switching off lights.
Kumari kicked his shoulder:Shameless.

Danny placed her on bed and covered her with his body leading to a passionate session of love.

Ahem Gopi Vidya Meera went to a textle shop to buy clothes for Meera’s wedding functions.
Accidently they bumped into Raman Ishita.Raman Ahem shook hands with each other.
Ishita:You all are here?
Gopi:We came to buy clothes for Meera’s wedding.
Ishita:That’s nice.We came here to buy a dress for my daughter Pihu.
Vidya:Ishita aunty..since you are here can you please help us to choose clothes?
Meera:Yes Ishita aunty.
Ishi:Ok ok…
After one hour Ahem went towards Gopi angrily.
Ahem:What is this Gopi?Are you planning to sit here the whole day? patient.we have to choose clothes.
Ah:Oh really?It’s been 1 hour.Still you have not chosen anything?’s for wedding functions.We have to choose carefully.So we need time.
Ah:Oh stop it gopi.You women take hours to choose a simple dress.That’s why I am not interested to come with you all for shopping.
G:Is it?Then why did you come with us?

Ah:Because you wanted me to accompany you.
G:What?When did I tell you to accompany us?Tell me Ahemji..
Ahem stammered:You did’nt tell me.But I knew that you want me to accompany you.
G:I never planned to ask you to accompany us as I have never seen an impatient person like you.
Ah:What?You called me impatient?If I am impatient why am I standing here now also.
G:I don’t know.

Vidya and Meera were laughing.
Meera:Mom dad fighting like kids.
Vidya:So funny Meera di..


Raman Ishita did not know how to react.
Raman:Hey..Ahem Gopi..atleast think that you both are infront of us.
Ahem Gopi became embarrassed.
Ishita:If you both fight like this how will we finish selecting the wedding costumes?

G:It is Ahemji who started it. started it Gopi.
Raman:Stop it guys.Have adult daughters and are fighting like kindergarten kids.
Ahem Gopi became embarrassed. are you so patient?
Raman:I got used to it.In my family every now and then shopping happens and this is what happens.Ahem…my advise it..just ignore it instead of fighting with the wife.If we fight with our wives people will blame only us as nobody understands husbands’ condition.

Ishita grinned her teeth:Ravan Kumar Bhalla!
Raman:Ahem..If you are getting bored sleep in the trial room.I have slept in the trial room many times.
Ishita,Gopi,Meera and Vidya laughed.Slowly Ahem and Raman laughed.
Ladies selected clothes while Ahem and Raman spent time chatting.

Time passed…

Gopi was looking at her mehendi designs with a smile.She recalled what happened a few hours back during the mehendi function.

Flash back…
Gopi sat down for the mehendi lady to put mehendi on her palms.Suddenly Ahem came.
Ahem:Hey behenji…
Mehendi lady:You called me behenji?How mean!
Ahem:What did I do to call me mean?Oh…guess you felt bad when I called you behenji.You wanted me to call you darling.Right?
Gopi got irritated:Ahemji…
Ahem looked at Gopi to calm down and looked at the mehendi wife is very possessive about me.She won’t like me talking that sweetly to you.So I will consider you as my sister.
Gopi smiled.
Mehendi lady:I am not that old to be called as your behenji.I am still 20’s.I am your daughter’s age.Then how can you call me behenji?Am I looking that old to you?Don’t you know that a woman’s age should’nt be increased?
Ahem was embarrassed.Gopi burst into laughter.
Ahem:Ok ok..betiji…please move.Let me sit near my wife.You put mehendi for others.
Gopi teased him:You tried to flirt with her and you got nice reply from her.
She laughed.Ahem was embarrassed.

Ahem:Enough of laughing.
Gopi:Ok baba.But why did you send her away?I want to put mehendi.
Ahem:I sent her away because I want to put mehendi for you.
Gopi was surprised:Really?
He started putting mehendi on her palm while Gopi kept looking at him lovingly.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

Ahem came near Gopi:Why are you still looking at your palms Gopi?You liked my mehendi design that much?
She smiled:Yes Ahemji.And it has become really red and bright.
Ahem:Means even in middle age your husband is madly in love with you and romantic too.

She blushed.

satrangi mausam ho
ya gham ke badal ho

He went closer to her and Gopi pushed him smiling.

phoolon ki sej ho
ya kanton ki raahein ho

Gopi:Shameless.Tomorrow is your daughter’s wedding and still you are in a romantic mood.

He pulled her closer:When I have such a pretty wife how can I not be romantic?

mere humkadam mere humsafar
raah mein chod na jaana
har kasam tod na jaanaa

She blushed.
saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

Shravan saw Dharam blushing. are thinking of Meeraji.Right?

Dharam blushed.
Shr:You want to see her now?
Shr:I know that you want to see Meeraji.I will take you there.
Dha:What?Now this night?What will her family think?

Shr:This is the ideal time papa.Come with me.
Shravan grabbed his hand.

Meera looked at her mehendi design and blushed.
Suddenly she heard a sound and turned back.
She could’nt believe her eyes.It was Dharam:Dharam?
M:How did you come inside?
Dha:Through the back door.
M:But how come the back door was open?
Rashi came smiling:I kept it open for Dharamji to come in as I saw him entering our compound.I knew that it was to see Meeru.
Meera was shy:Maasi..
Rashi:No problem Meeru.This happens before the wedding among everyone.Only before the wedding it happens.Right?After wedding husbands no not even look at their wives.

Meera fumed with anger and stared at Dharam:If you don’t look at me after marriage I will punch you.
Dharam:Oh Meera..please be calm.I promise that I will never do that.

He cupped her face in his hands:How can I not look at your face Meera?This is the face I lost once and got to see after years?This is the face I longed to see for years.

satrangi mausam ho
ya gham ke badal ho

Dharam Meera shared an emotional eye lock.

phoolon ki sej ho
ya kanton ki raahein ho

Rashi left with a smile.
Meera:Dharam….I can’t wait for our wedding.
Dharam:Yes Meera.Waiting since years.

mere humkadam mere humsafar
raah mein chod na jaana
har kasam tod na jaanaa

Meera held his hand:This time I promise that I will not leave you and go.

saath nibhana saathiyaa

Dharam:I will not let you also.
He held her hand tightly.

Dh:I will hold your hands so tight that you will never go away from me.

saath nibhana saathiyaa

They shared a romantic eye lock.

saath nibhana saathiyaa
saath nibhana saathiyaa

Dharam:Ok Meera.I need to go now.Will see you tomorrow to see you besides me forever.
She smiles.
Dharam went out.Shravan was waiting down with his bike.
Shravan:Did you see Meeraji?
Dharam blushed:Yes.
Shravan:See how happy you are.That’s why I brought you here.
Dharam:Thank you so much Shravu..Before wedding secretly meeting or girl is a special experience.
Sharavan:Really?I really missed it papa.
Dharam:Don’t Vidya secretly now.
Sharavan:What?Naughty papa.
They both laughed.

Vidya realized that Shravan was not near her on the bed.She woke up shockingly.Suddenly Shravan closed her eyes with his hands from behind.
Vidya got scared and pushed him.Then she looked at him.She was shocked.
Sh:Yes me.I thought I will meet you secretly so I entered the room silently.But you spoiled everything.
V:Secretly meeting means?
Sh:Papa met Meeraji secretly now.So I thought I will also do that as I could’nt meet you secretly on the previous day of our wedding.
Vidya could’nt believe it:What?Papaji met Meera di secretly?
Shravan explained everything.Vidya was surprised.
V:And you tried to imitate are so funny Shravan.
Shravan was shy.
Vidya pulled his cheeks:So naughty you are..

but cute.No problem baby.
She pulled him closer romantically:Whether it’s secret meeting or not romance is more important.Right?That is there between us.

They smiled.Shravan lifted her up in his arms.They both drown in romance.

Dharam Meera’s wedding day…

Rashi and Gopi dressed up Meera.
Rashi:Our Meeru is pretty like Barbie doll.

Gopi:Yes Rashi ben.Meera is a Princess.
Meera smiled:Thank you for making me look pretty.
Rashi:You are already pretty.Only touch up was needed.
Gopi and Meera smiled.

Manoj,Shagun arrived with Saras Kumud Danny Kumari.

Ahem Gopi hugged Meera.

Ahem handed over Meera to Dharam.
Ahem:I am giving my daughter to you.Don’t let her eyes be wet.
Dharam:Your daughter is my gem.I got her back after a long time.She is very precious for me and I will never make her sad.
Ahem,Gopi,Kokila,Jigar,Rashi and others smiled.

Dharam and Meera got married following all rituals of marriage.

Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq-– RamLeela

Ahem Gopi stood close to each other and watched the wedding.

Gopi wished them:Wish you both the very best.
They smiled.

Samar Monica Sahir Sonakshi wished:Wish you both a happy married life Dharamji and Meera di.

Suddenly Kumud fainted.All were shocked.
Manoj:Oh my God!
Ishita:I will look.
Ishita sprinkled water on Kumud’s face.She opened her eyes.
Ishi:You did’nt tell anyone yet?
Kumud:No.I was waiting for an occasion.
Ishi:Oh no..
Saras:What is happening here?
Ishi:Kumud is my patient.
All were shocked.
Saras:Kumud…why did you hide this from me?What disease is Kumud having?
Ishita smiled: Mr.Saraswatichandra…I am a gynecologist.So you can guess what disease your wife is having.

Saras was stunned.He looked at Kumud.Kumud was blushing:I am pregnant Saras.2 days back only it got confirmed.

Saras was so happy that he embraced her.All of them smiled happily.
Saras:Why did’nt you tell me yet Kumud?
Kum:I tried to tell you.But you were busy.
Saras remembered Kumud trying to tell him something the other day.
Saras:I am such a fool not to listen to you.
Kumud became emotional:Saras…finally God heard my prayer.I am going to be a mother.I really had hope that one day I would become a mother.
Saras became emotional:Yes Kumud.I am going to be a father.This was an unexpected treat from God.

Danny:I am so happy that finally Saras bhaiyya and Kumud Bhabhi’s prayers are heard by God.We should welcome their baby.I can’t wait for that.
Kumari smiled:Yes Danny.By the way when do you want me to gift you a baby?
Danny smiled naughtily:But are we not too kiddish to be parents.
Kumari:Is it?Then be ready for the biggest shock of the life.I think I am also pregnant.
Kumari blushed.Danny embraced her happily.

Manoj and Shagun noticed them.
Shagun:Any good news Kumari?
Kumari blushed nodding her head.Manoj Shagun Saras Kumud were surprised.
Manoj:Wow..2 more babies in our family.

Everybody smiled.

The end.

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