Laal Ishq 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Manorama Petni/Ghost’s Love For Sikandar

Laal Ishq 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A woman runs in haveli and falls. A man walks towards her, abuses and kills her. After a few days, a woman walks into haveli speaking to herself. She enters haveli and sees lights flickering. She picks lantern and sees someone around. She gets afraid and searches haveli and finds a man in front of her, collapses in fear. Man lifts her and makes her sleep on bed. He walks behind and stands smiling. Woman’s image is seen hanging from ceiling. Man turns and image disappears. He walks towards her when he hears someone running laughing. He walks searching on stairs when he sees his head in hanging cage calling him Sikandar. He wakes up from sleep shouting and reveals it was his dream. Dream woman chained to bed asks why he is shouting, who is he. He asks who is she, who is owner of this house. She says she does not know, she takes care of this house with her parents, why he chained her. He says so that she cannot run away, he got a house to stay and came here from Punjab to London, they will stay here. Woman says ghost stays in this house, nobody should stay in this house. He says he will stay here itself, reminiscing seeing his head in a cage. Woman sees curtain shaking and a face emerging from wall and shouts face in wall. Man turns and does not find anyone. She sees axe in front with blood dripping from it. Man picks axe. She asks how did blood come on axe. He says it is her blood and shows her injured leg. She says let us run away before door closes. He applies medicine on her wound and frees her. He says there will be 2 kind of people in this world, hunter and thief, he is a hunter. She asks him to let her go she will not tell anyone. He asks what is her name. She says Manorma. He says he is hunter Sikandar, lifts her and takes her out. Face from wall repeats their names. Man takes woman near lake, fills water in bucket and asks her to bathe, drawing curtain. She removes her clothes and bathes. Sawaranloon…sawarloon…song..plays in the background.

At night, Sikandar is sound asleep. Manorama picks axe and attacks him. He opens eyes and shouts noo…in fear… He then sees woman hitting scorpion and says she would have let scorpion kill him and escape, then why did she save him. She says he would have done a lot if he he wanted, but he did not. He says body is not everything. She says years have passed and she is alone since years, whoever she found tried to misuse her, but he is different. He asks how…She holds his hand and says she thinks she can trust him and says he must be thinking she wanted to run away yesterday, but today praising him, truth is she did not see the love in anyone’s eyes which she is seeing in his eyes. He walks to her and says he realized seeing her first time that they are related since ages. She gives chain and asks her to tie her. He removes chain and throws her and says chain is not enough to cage her, picks axe and cuts his finger and applies blood on her foreheqad. Blood falls on floor and evaporates. Face from wall looks at them and murmurs they all will die. Sikandar hugs Manorama and gets romantic with her. Ye laal ishq…ye malaal isqh…song..plays in the background. They get intimate and consummate. At midnight, an invisible ghost calls Manorma and pulls her. She in sleep shouts to leave her. Sikandar wakes up and sees someone’s leg and follws it. He then sees Manorama’s head in cage calling him, runs back to Manorma and sees her head missing. He wakes up worried calling her. She asks what happened. He says he saw bad dream. She says she told him there is a ghost in this house, door is open, let us run away from here. He asks then why she is not afraid. She says her fear went away when he entered his life. He says he will go to market. She says she will accompany him and they both leave. Cage is seen in their room.

Manorma and Sikandar wlaak in market holding each other’s hand. People panic and run away in fear seeing Manorama. Manorama walks smiling. Sikandar asks why they are running. She says she does not know, villagers are mad. She goes to buy fish. Fish seller runs in fear seeing her. Manorama says let him run, they got free fish. He says she is a big fish and stole even his heart. She says let us go home. He says he needs cock and cannot digest food without having country chicken. She says she will catch cock for him. He says he is Punjabi and will catch cock, but fails. She says she will now, orders cock to stop, walks calmly and breaks its head and gives it go him. He asks how did cock obey her. She says it is Bengali cock, so. She goes aside to bring vegetable. An old lady walks to him and asks what is he doing with that woman. He says he is Sikandar, came here 2 days ago and married his wife/patni 2 days ago. Old lady says she is not patni, but petni/chudail, run away before she kill him, go and search that house, he will see chudail in her real form at least once. Manoramaa returns and asks what she is talking about. Lady gets afraid and runs aside. Manorma walks with Sikandar smiling at lady. Lady gets epileptic attack and dies. Sikandar is shocked to see her.

Manorama cooks fish and tells Sikandar that he will forget chicken if he eats her prepared fish. He gets afraid remembering old lady’s words and asks Manorama who is she, how did that woman get fits attack. She says she is a normal woman and not chudail, that woman was old and ill, he should trust her. At night, Sikandar sees Manorma huming near mirror and asks what is she doing here. She says getting ready for him and walks with him. He says her replica in mirror and gets afraid. She looks at mirror and scolds to run away. Image disappears. He gets very afraid and says she is really ghost and tries to run away, but door closes. She walks to him. He says she is really a ghost. She says she is here since 100 years and used to work here with her parents and when she turned 17, her parents fixed her wedding, she used to consider this haveli’s 4 owners as baba/father and respected them, but they were hungry for her body and misused her body, she could not even shout, they hanged and killed her. She decided to take revenge and beheaded them all and hanged their head in cages. He sees many heads and asks who are they all. She says they all looked at her with lust and tried to use her physically, so she beheaded them all and hanged their heads. He says he loved her truly, so she should let him go. She stops him with black magic and says indeed his love is true, but she hunted him instead of him hunting her, if he had looked at her in lust, she would have killed him right there, now they both will love till he dies and even after he dies. He tries to run again. She catches him again and says he applies sindhoor on her forehead and made her patni from petni, so they will be together even after this death and hugs him.

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  1. Riana

    Outstanding episode…Specially watched this for DevNa ????…Lovely sikanadar and manorama i am in love with your character ??…Devo gave justice to the character very well…Her character was fearless, passionate, loveable, pyschic and ghosty !…So many shades in one petni (ghost)…Darun laglo yaar ! ????…Especially when saathiya’s baa got killed by her gopi bahu oops lol ??????…Fantastic storyline…Miss you guyz a lot…Loved SiKar/Gohem/Devna ?

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