Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 15

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 15

Dedicated to Shesha485 who named Ajitabh-Drishti as AjiShti.

Vishaka:You are right.My name is Drishti.It’s true that we were wealthy until dad’s business failed and he died of heart attack.I had only my sister.But my sister Divya got kidnapped.The kidnapper told me that she will be released only if I get into the Wadhwa house.So I became a con girl changing my identity into Vishaka to seek your attention.I succeeded in it.The thief who tried to snatch Kumkum aunty’s chain was a man hired by him.So that I could get into Kumkum aunty’s good books by taking back the chain he snatched from her.We planned this to get into Wadhwa house and like we expected your parents brought me to this house.

Ajitabh was shocked.

Ajitabh:You are so cunning.My parents trusted you.But you…

Drishti:I did all this to save my sister.It was scripted by him.I enacted the role given to me.

Ajitabh:Who the hell is he?Why did he sent you to our house?

Drishti:He is the man who came to this house on our engagement.

Ajitabh was shocked and angry:How dare he?

Drishti:He is Sumit uncle’s business rival Ashok’s son.

Ajitabh was shocked.

Drishti:Sumit uncle and Ashok were business rivals.Ashok’s business failed and he committed suicide.So his son hired me to spy on your father to leak his business secrets so that Wadhwa Business will fail and he will also suffer like his dad suffered.

Ajitabh was shocked:That means that his target is dad.


Ajitabh:What’s his name?

Drishti:Daksh Agarwal.

Ajitabh:I will not leave him.And you?Instead of complaining to the police you supported him.

Drishti:When he threatened that h will kill my sister Divya if I complain to the police I had to obey him.

Please forgive me.

Ajitabh:You could have atleast told me instead of pretending to love me.But you made me love you and broke my heart.

Drishti could feel his pain.

Drishti:I tried to tell you the truth.Because I realized that while pretending to be in love with you,I fell in love with you.

Ajitabh was stunned.

Drishti:I started loving all your actions and I fell in love with you thousands of times.

Ajitabh and Drishti looked at each other emotionally.

Ajitabh:If you really loved me,you would have told me the truth.

Drishti:Believe me.I tried to tell you the truth.But I could not.Today I wanted to tell you the truth.But before that you found out.Please believe me Ajitabh.You can punish me.But please don’t misunderstand me.

He became upset.He remembered Radhika telling him that Drishti was a nice girl and she doesnt know what made Drishti do it.

Suddenly Ajitabh walked off without saying anything.


But he did not mind her.

She burst into tears.



Daksh entered a room where Divya was there.She was tired and weak.

She wept:Please Daksh,leave me.

Daksh:I will leave you after your sister successfully completes the task I gave her.

Divya:Why are you doing this Daksh?

Daksh:Don’t question me.Understand?

Divya cried.He wiped her tears.

Daksh:Don’t cry Divya.I can’t bear your tears.I love you.

Divya gave him a disgusting look.

Divya:If you love me why are you keeping me in captive?

Daksh:Because I don’t mix up love with my revenge.

Divya became upset.



Roshni ,Aman and Sunita got ready to fly abroad.

Roshni hugged Prem,Simar and Sanjana and cried.

Simar:Don’t cry Roshni.You are going for a good purpose.

Roshni:Yes.But still I will miss you.

Simar too wept.

Sameer and Aman hugged each other emotionally.

Sameer:All the best.I know that you will fight against the disease and win to protect your Roshni.

Aman smiled.

Omkara and Gauri reached the register office.Gauri’s family also joined them.Prem and Simar too joined them.

Omkara and Gauri looked at each other romantically.

Gauri:Since it’s a simple register marriage I chose to wear a saree for the wedding.I hope are fine with it?

Omkara:It’s completely fine Gauri.Even in this look you are looking like a bride.Very beautiful.

She blushed.

Prerna:Finally Om bhaiyya and Gauri bhabhi are marrying again.

Omkara and Gauri became dull.

Omkara said in his mind:It’s not our remarriage Prerna.After years we are marrying each other for the first time.

Gauri thought:I have been waiting for this day since many years.Only today my dream of marrying Omkara is getting fulfilled.

Prerna:You guys make a sweet couple.

She took their picture with her phone camera.

Jugnu:I am so happy that I can see my parents getting married.

Ayaan:You are so lucky Jugnu.You can see your parents’ wedding.I could not see my parents’ wedding.

Everyone laughed.

Omkara-Gauri registered their marriage.Rudra-Parvati signed as witnesses.



Gauri narrated story to Jugnu and slowly she slept.Omkara smiled seeing it.

Omkara:Jugnu is very happy that you will be with her always.

Gauri smiled:Even I am happy that I can be with Jugnu always.

Omkara looked at her deeply and pulled her closer.

Omkara:I am also happy that you are near me Gauri.

She became shy.

Hearing somebody’s footsteps they moved away from each other.

Parvati came:Did you guys forget that tonight is your first night?

Omkara-Gauri were shy.

Parvati:Prerna and I have arranged your room.

Omkara-Gauri were surprised.

Omkara waited for Gauri in the decorated room.

Gauri came wearing a saree.Omkara was flattered by her beauty.

( Dhaage Tod Laao Chaanadani Se Noor Ke
Ghoonghat Hi Bana Lo Roshani Se Noor Ke )… (2)
Sharm Aa Gayi Toh Aaghosh Mein Lo
Ho Saanson Se Ulajhi Rahein Meri Saansein
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)

He held her chin and looked at her deeply.

Aa Nind Ka Sauda Karein, Ik Khwaab De, Ik Khwaab Le
Ik Khwaab Toh Aankhon Mein Hai, Ik Chaand Ke Takiye Talein
Kitane Dino Se Yeh Aasamaan Bhi Soya Nahi Hai, Isako Sula De
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)

He held her closer and said passionately:You look very beautiful like an Angel Gauri.

Umarein Lagi Kehate Huve, Do Labj The Ik Baat Thi
Woh Ik Din Sau Saal Ka, Sau Saal Ki Woh Raat Thi
Kaisa Lage Jo Chup Chaap Dono, Ho Pal Pal Mein Puri Sadiyaan Bitaayein

She blushed.

Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke
O Dhaage Tod Laao Chaanadani Se Noor Ke
O Ghoonghat Hi Bana Lo Roshani Se Noor Ke

They romanced passionately.

Sharm Aa Gayi Toh Aaghosh Mein Lo
Ho Saanson Se Ulajhi Rahein Meri Saansein
( Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke
Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke )… (2)(Jhoom barabar jhoom).



Daksh was haunted by Raghbir calling Pragati as Bela.

He went to Ishita’s hospital.Entering her room he closed her the door.Ishita was shocked.

Ishita:What are you doing?Open the door.And who are you?

Suddenly Daksh closed her mouth with his palm.

Daksh:Shut up.Otherwise I will cut you into pieces with your own tools.I am Daksh.Bela’s husband.

Ishita was scared.

Slowly Daksh removed his hand off her mouth.

Ishita:What kind of a husband are you?Your wife died and you did not care.

Daksh:Did Bela really die?

Ishita was shocked:What are you asking?

Daksh:Why are you getting tensed Dr.Ishita?Are you hiding anything from me?

Ishita was shivering.

Daksh:I know that you are hiding something from me.What is it?Tell me.Tell me damn it.

Ishita:Nothing.What can I hide?

Suddenly Daksh took a knife and held it towards her neck.

Daksh:If you don’t tell me the truth,I will kill you and your whole family.

Ishita was really frightened:Please don’t do it.I will tell you everything.

Daksh:Then say.

Ishita:It’s Pragati who died in the accident.

Daksh was stunned.

Daksh:What nonsense?Then whom did I see with Raghbir?

Ishita:It is Bela who is living with Raghbir as Pragati.Through plastic surgery she got Pragati’s face.

Daksh was shocked.

Daksh:You are not fooling me.Right?

Ishita:No.Please leave me and my family.

Suddenly Daksh kept the chloroform filled towel towards her nose and she fell down unconscious.

Daksh left the room angrily.

Daksh:You guys think that I am a fool.But I am not.



Omkara-Gauri started Jugnu’s adoption procedure soon.



Drishti was crying in her room.

Drishti:Ajitabh…please believe me.Please don’t hate me.

Suddenly somebody kept hand on her shoulder.She looked back.She was surprised to see Ajitabh.



They looked at each other emotionally.

Drishti wept:Ajitabh…please believe me.Though I cheated you I did not do it intentionally.Though I pretended to love you and tried to trap you in my love,I really love you now.Trust me.

Ajitabh wiped her tears.

Ajitabh:I believe you Drishti.

Drishti smiled happily:Really?

Ajitabh:Yes.I was angry at the sudden revelation.But I know that you may not have done it intentionally.

Drishti smiled emotionally:Thank you believing me.

He cupped her face and said:I will be always there with you.I will catch Daksh and save your sister from him.

Drishti smiled:Thank you so much Ajitabh.

She embraced him.He caressed her.



Bela entered Daksh’s room wearing the face mask of her old face.

Bela called Daksh in a scary voice:Daksh….

Daksh looked at her and pretended to be scared.

Daksh:Oh Bela…I am scared.

Bela smirked.Suddenly he started laughing.

Bela was shocked.

She thought:Why is he laughing?Did he really become mad?

Daksh:I know that you are not a ghost.When Bela is alive how can you be a ghost?

Bela was shocked.

Daksh:You are either wearing face mask or you are a look alike of Bela.

Bela got nervous.

Suddenly he pulled her closer and stared at her face.Then he smiled.

Daksh:You are wearing a face mask.

He removed her face mask revealing her real face.Bela got scared.

Daksh:I realized that you are not Pragati,but Bela.

She was stunned.

She thought:How did Daksh come to know everything?

Daksh:I had witnessed your birthday celebration where Raghbir was calling you Bela and I made Dr.Ishita spill out the truth by threatening her.

She was shocked.

Daksh:Since I know that you are alive,I can’t leave you Bela.

She was scared.She tried to run away.But as Daksh whistled some people came from different corners and caught her.

Bela:Leave me.

Bela:Leave me.

Daksh laughed.

Those people dragged her to the store room

and pushed her.She fell down.

Then they tied her to the chair.

Bela:Leave me.

They beat her.She cried a lot.While crying she fainted due to tiresome.

As there was no response from Ishita,the staffs barged into her room and saw her lying down unconscious.They poured water on her and Ishita regained consciousness.

Nurse:Dr.Ishita..are you alright?

Ishita:Ya.You all please go out.I need to make an urgent call.

They went out.

Immediately Ishita rang up Raghbir.


Ishita:Everything is out of control Raghbir.Daksh had come here.He had doubts on Bela.

Ishita explained everything to Raghbir.

Raghbir was shocked.

Ishita:I am sorry Raghbir.When he threatened that he will kill my family I had to reveal the truth.

Raghbir:It’s ok.I can understand.

Suddenly he remembered that Bela has gone to Daksh’s house.

He cut the call and searched for Bela.He did not find her anywhere.

Raghbir:Bela has not reached back.It means that she is in danger.Oh no.

Andy and Sumitra came.

Sumitra:What happened Raghbir?

Raghbir told them everything.

Andy:Oh no.Everything has messed up.We need to save Bela from Daksh.


Andy:Let us inform the Police also.


Raghbir rang up Ajitabh.

Raghbir:ACP Ajitabh…

Ajitabh:Yes Raghbir.The proof you gave me against Daksh is with me.Because of my personal engagement and other issues I got delayed.Sorry.

Raghbir:Sir..there is a new problem.Daksh has kidnapped Bela.

Ajitabh:Oh no.Don’t worry.I will not leave that Daksh.He is my enemy too.

Raghbir was stunned:Your enemy too?

Ajitabh:Yes.I will tell you later.



Sameer and Sanjana were sitting together.

Sameer:Sanjana,I have a surprise for you.

Sanjana:After the lunch date again a surprise from you.Wow!What’s the new surprise?Any date?

Sameer:This is a surprise which you may not have even imagined.

Sanjana:Really?Now you have increased my curiosity.

Sameer turned her back.

He took a chain and tied it around her neck.

Sanjana was surprised.


Sameer:We both love each other.So will you marry me Sanjana?

Sanjana was surprised again.

Sanjana:Are you proposing me?

Sameer:Yes.Instead of a ring I proposed you with a chain.

Sanjana:Chain proposal…?

Sameer nodded with a smile.

She encircled her arms around his neck and said:I will marry you thousand times Sameer.

Sameer smiled:No need of thousand times.Just once is enough.I cannot afford thousand nuptial chains.

They both giggled.



Aman and Roshni who reached abroad got admitted in the hospital.

They both walked on the hospital compound with the permission of the authorities.

Roshni:I feel very tired.Let us sit Aman.

Aman:Yes.Even I am tired.

They both sat.Roshni rested her head on Aman’s shoulder.

Roshni:Earlier I used to love long walk a lot.But now when a walk a little itself I get tired a lot.

Aman:Me too.It’s because of our disease Roshni.Our bodies do not have the strength to walk a lot.That’s why we get tired fast.

Roshni:What a fate Aman!

Roshni felt drowsy.

Roshni:Aman..I can’t sit here anymore.I need more rest.

Aman:I will take you back to the room.

He carried her in his arms and walked to the room.He placed her on the bed covering her with duvet.

She fell asleep.

Aman was also feeling weak as he carried Roshni in his arms and walked.

He went to his bed and rested.

Aman:I hope this phase passes soon.



Divya wore a party wear.

Daksh came:You are looking very pretty.I am proud of my selection.

Divya:I don’t need your compliment.Tell me why you made me dress up?

Daksh:Because we are going to get married.

Divya was shocked:Marriage?Are you mad?

Daksh:No baby.I am not mad.I love you.That’s why I decided to marry you.

Divya:But I don’t love you.I can’t marry you.

Suddenly Daksh pulled her closer and said:You have to marry me.That’s my order.

Divya burst into tears.

Divya:What kind of a man are you?Bela loved you.But you left her.I don’t love you.But you want to marry me.

Daksh:Stop it and listen to what I say.

Daksh took Divya to his house.The calling bell rang.So he locked her in a room.

He opened the door and saw Raghbir there.Daksh was stunned.

Daksh:So finally you reached here in search of Bela.Dr.Ishita must have told you everything.

Raghbir:Yes.Where is Bela?

Daksh:I will take you to Bela.

Daksh led him to Bela’s room.Bela’s mouth was sealed and she was tied to a chair.Raghbir was shocked.

Bela wept seeing Raghbir.Raghbir ran towards Bela and untied her removing the plaster from her mouth.

Bela and Raghbir embraced each other emotionally.

Raghbir:Bela…are you alright?

Bela wept:Yes Raghbir.

Daksh smiled:Good that you have come over here Raghbir.Now I can finish you both.

Bela was shocked.

Bela:Daksh,your enmity is with me.Why do you want to kill Raghbir?Kill me.Leave Raghbir.

Raghbir:Don’t beg to an animal Bela.

Daksh laughed.

He took a gun and aimed at Raghbir.

Raghbir and Bela were shocked.

He fired the gun.Bela came in between and got shot.Raghbir was shocked.

He screamed:Bela…

Daksh tried to shoot Raghbir,but to his shock ACP Ajitabh who landed there shot his legs and he fell down.Even Raghbir was stunned.

Raghbir:I want to take Bela to the hospital.

Ajitabh:Carry on Raghbir.

Raghbir carried Bela in his arms and ran out.

Divya was scared hearing the gun shots.She started knocking at the door.

Divya:Please open the door.What’s happening there?

Ajitabh:Is this voice Drishti’s sister’s?

Ajitabh ordered his constables to take Daksh with them.He walked towards the door.

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