Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 14

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 14
Dedicated to Kavitha who named Aman-Roshni as AmRosh.



Ajitabh gave a packet to Vishaka.

Vishaka noticed that it’s a modern dress.

Vish:This dress…

Aji:I know that you are not used to wearing modern dresses.But I want to see you in this.

Please wear it.

She blushed.

Ajitabh waited in her room while she went to the changing room.

Vishaka wore the dress and came.Ajitabh could not take his eyes off her.

Vish:Am I looking okay?


Vishaka became dull.

Ajitabh:You are looking extremely stylish.

She smiled.

He held her hand and danced with her passionately.

Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

O… mmm…

Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..

Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

He caressed her face passionately.

Thhe tukdo mein jee rahe
Tum jo mile toh jud gaye
Pankh laga ke udd chala mann mera o..

Tujhme main hoon, mujhme tu
Aur hai saansein roobaroo
Kuch bhi nahi ab dono ke darmiyaan

While dancing they both tripped and fell onto the bed.

He was on top of her.Both were lost in each other.

Chahe uss chand mein
Chamak rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

O… mmm…(Salamat).

Both came back to senses and got up shyly.

Ajitabh:I think it’s really late.I have to go to my room now.Otherwise mom will catch me redhanded.

They both laughed.

Aji:Good night!

Vish:Good night!

Ajitabh went to his room.

She blushed thinking of their close proximity.

Suddenly she became dull.

Vish:Why I have fallen in love with ACP Ajitabh?How did this happen?He trusts me a lot now.But I am cheating him.

She felt guilty.

Vish:No.I have to tell him the truth.But how?God..give me the strength to tell him the truth.

She shed tears.



Omkara and Gauri told everything to Rudra and Parvati.
Rudra:How dare she?After spoiling our Anurag’s life,now she wants to spoil his daughter’s life also.She cannot do anything.
Parvati:She is very dangerous Rudra.We underestimated her last time and she crossed all her limits.That should not happen now.

Omkara:Paro bhabhi is right.She can play any dirty game to win.We should make sure that Prerna does’nt come to know anything.
Parvati:Don’t worry about that Om.We will be careful about it.
Rudra:There is an idea.If you and Gauri get married and adopt Jugnu legally Komolika won’t be able to do anything.
Gauri:That’s good idea.
Omkara looked at Gauri in disbelief.
Om:Gauri,are you willing to do a sudden wedding?
Gauri:How is it a sudden wedding Omkara?I have been waiting for years to marry you.
Om-Gauri shared an intense eye lock.
Omkara:But for the adoption procedure to start immediately we can do only simple wedding.
Gauri:It’s ok Gauri,
Omkara:But Gauri,you might be having lots of dreams about your wedding.Are you not sad?
Gauri:No Omkara.For me,to be with you is more important.Wedding ceremony is not that important.I just want it to get done.So that I can be with you always.
He smiled.
Parvati:Om…you are lucky to have Gauri in your life.
Omkara smiled:Yes,I am lucky to have Gauri in my life.
Omkara and Gauri smiled at each other.
Rudra:So I will go to the register office and arrange everything for the register Marriage.
Om:Thank you Rudy.
Gauri:Thank you Rudy bhaiyya.

They smiled.




Sameer took Sanjana to the garden.
Sameer:Sanjana,I want to confess you something.
Sanjana smiled:Say Sameer.
Sameer:While jogging I saw you cycling with flowers fixed in the cycle.That time itself I noticed it.In fact I was attracted to you.Very soon I realized that it was love at first sight.
Sanjana was surprised:Love at first sight for me?
Sameer:Yes.I wanted to get closer to you.That’s why I started buying flowers from you.
Sanjana was surprised.
Sameer:I was not that interested in flowers.But then I met Pihu.I started giving her flowers.I found that as an excuse to buy flowers from you daily.I bought flowers from you only to talk to you and make friends with you.
She smiled.
Sameer:God supported me and without my own knowledge he made stay close to you.Sanjana,all I want to tell you is I love you.
Sanjana blushed.
He took some flowers which were hidden in the garden.
Sameer:I am sorry Sanjana.This time I bought flowers from another flower seller as I wanted to confess my love to you with the flowers and surprise you.
She just smiled.
Sameer knelt down before her and gave her the flowers.
Sameer:Again I am telling you Sanjana..I love you…I love you a lot.Do you love me?

Sanjana took the flowers from him and said:I love you too Sameer.

Sameer smiled happily:I knew it.
Sanjana:How did you know it?
Sameer:From your eyes I understood that you love me.When you got angry about me and Meera I realized that you were frustrated to see me with Meera.
Sanjana smiled.
Sameer:Sanjana,shall we go for our first date?A lunch date?
She blushed:Yes.
He smiled.

Sameer blindfolded Sanjana and brought her to an open restaurant.
He unveiled her eyes.
The restaurant looked like a park.There was a table where the lunch was served.
Sanjana was surprised.
Sameer:How is it?
Sanjana:It is a cute lunch date Sameer.

Sameer:First you taste the lunch and say whether it’s cute or not.What if you did’nt like the food and you did’nt find our date good?
Sanjana:Nice joke.But even if the food is not good I will find the lunch cute as you are with me.
They smiled at each other.

He led him to the table where the food was arranged.
They sat down to have lunch.

Sameer and Sanjana fed food to each other.

Sanjana:It is really nice Sameer.It’s tasty.
He smiled.
Sanjana:So the first date is successful.
Sameer:That gives me confidence to take you for more dates.
They both smiled.



Aman-Roshni had a simple wedding.

Tu Aata Hai Seene Mein
Jab Jab Saansein Bharti Hoon
Tere Dil Ki Galiyon Se
Main Har Roz Guzarti Hoon

Aman:Finally we are married Roshni.
Roshni smiled emotionally.

Hawa Ke Jaise Chalta Hai Tu
Main Ret Jaisi Udti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon

Roshni:Still that dream scares me.

Aman placed his finger on her lips.
Aman:Don’t talk about it.
He cupped her face in his palm and said:That dream is meaningless.The truth is that we are united in the sacred institution of marriage.God united us and it shows that nothing can separate us.

Meri Nazar Ka Safar
Tujhpe Hi Aake Ruke
Kehne Ko Baaki Hai Kya
Kehna Tha Jo Keh Chuke

They shared n emotional eye lock.

Meri Nigahein Hain
Teri Nigahon Ki
Tujhe Khabar Kya Be-Khabar

Main Tujhse Hi Chhup Chhup Kar
Teri Aankhen Padhti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon(M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story).



Omkara went near Prem and Simar.
Omkara:I want to say an important matter.I did not say anything till now as you both were happy about Roshni’s wedding.But now I have to tell you.
Omkara told them about Komolika’s re-entry demanding Jugnu.
Prem lost his control:How dare she?I want to kill her.
Simar:Premji,control yourself.
Omkara:Premji,you please don’t get involved in this.It will also bring problems to you.I promise you that Jugnu will safe with us.I have decided to get married and adopt Jugnu legally.
Prem-Simar were relieved.
Prem:Thank you Omkara.
Simar:But who is your bride?

Omkara blushed:She is my long time love Gauri.
Prem-Simar were surprised:Long time love?
Omkara blushed:Yes.

Prem:We wish you all the best.



In the night….at the outhouse…

Roshni wore a salwar suit and came.
Aman was mesmerized by her beauty.

Tu Jo Mujhe Aa Mila
Sapne Hue Sarphire
Haathon Mein Aate Nahi
Udte Hain Lamhein Mere

He pulled her closer.

Meri Hasi Tujhse
Meri Khushi Tujhse
Tujhe Khabar Kya Be-Kadar

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Jis Din Tujhko Na Dekhun
Pagal Pagal Phirti Hoon
Kon Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon

Slowly they got immersed in sizzling romance.

Tu Aata Hai Seene Mein
Jab Jab Saansein Bharti Hoon
Tere Dil Ki Galiyon Se
Main Har Roz Guzarti Hoon

Hawa Ke Jaise Chalta Hai Tu
Main Ret Jaisi Udti Hoon
Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega
Jaise Main Karti Hoon(M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story).

Ajitabh got a call from Ratan.
Ratan:Ajitabh,I want to meet you soon.It’s urgent.
Ajitabh:Ratan everyting alright?
Ratan:I don’t know.Only you can decide that.First meet me.

Ajitabh was confused.
Ajitabh:What does Ratan di want to tell me?
Vishaka went near him.
Vish:Ajitabh,I want to tell you an important matter.
Aji:Vish,not now.I need to go out now.It’s urgent.

Ajitabh went away.
Vish became dull.
Vish:I need to tell you everything Ajitabh.



Ajitabh met Ratan.
Ratan:Ajitabh,I told you that I have seen the caretaker of your house..I mean presently your fianee Vishaka somewhere.Now I understood where I saw her.I had seen Vishaka with my best friend Radhika.But she is not Vishaka,but Drishti.She was my friend Radhika’s favourite swimming student.
Ajitabh:Ratan di…again you started.You have mistaken her for Drishti.She is Vishaka.Not Drishti.

One lady came from behind:No,she is Drishti.
Ratan:This is my friend Radhika.
Radhika:I won’t make mistake in identifying Drishti.She was my favourite student.When Ratan showed me your engagement pictures immediately I recognized her.
Ajitabh:No..she is Vishaka.She does’nt even know swimming.
Ratan:Ajitabh,you used to suspect everyone.Then how are you believing Vishaka blindly.
Ajitabh:Because I love her.
Radhika:If you can’t believe me,see these photographs.
Ajitabh looked at the photographs Radhika showed him.
Vishaka was holding a trophy.
Radhika:Drishti was a swimming champion.She used to win trophies for swimming competitions.
Ajitabh was shocked.
Ajitabh remembered Vishaka drowning in the pool and he saving her.
He thought:That means Vish was pretending that she does’nt know swimming.
Ajitabh was shattered.
Ratan:I know that you are upset.But..
Radhika:I don’t know why Drishti fooled you.But she was a nice girl when she was with me.She is very wealthy also.I don’t know what made her do this with you.

Ajitabh was shocked.
He thought:If she is wealthy why did she steal other’s belongings?
Ajitabh:I will enquire.But please don’t tell this to anyone.
Ratan:As you wish.



Bela was stunned to see the decoration in the house.
Raghbir:Surprise!Happy birthday Bela.
Bela:Thank you Raghbir.But why are these decorations made?
Raghbir:Because like every year we are going to celebrate your birthday.
Bela was shocked:What are you saying Raghbir?How can you think of a birthday celebration at this point of time?

Bela became upset:No Raghbir.How can I celebrate my birthday when Pragati is not here.I can’t.

Raghbir became upset.
Raghbir:I understand.But if you don’t celebrate your birthday Pragati will be very sad.Your birthday celebration was Pragati’s biggest enjoyment every year.So please Bela…

Tears rolled down her cheeks.Raghbir wiped her tears.

Raghbir:Get ready and come.We will celebrate your birthday.

She nodded emotionally and went to her room.
Andy-Sumitra were not having pleasant feelings about it.
Raghbir:Please don’t create any problem.Please join the birthday celebration if you value Pragati’s wish.
Andy and Sumitra were silent.


Daksh was restless at home.
Daksh:Will Bela’s ghost inform the truth to Pragati?Oh no.I have to meet Pragati.
Daksh rang up Bela.As Bela was dressing up she did not pay attention to the phone.
Daksh was irritated:Why is Pragati not picking up the phone.I have to go to her house and meet her without anyone else’s knowledge.

Bela came wearing a lovely saree.
Raghbir smiled.
Andy:Happy birthday Bela.

Bela:Thank you uncle.
Sumitra wished her without any interest:Happy birthday Bela.

Bela:Thank you aunty.
Raghbir kept 3 cakes on the table.
Raghbir:As usual more thn a cake on your birthday.One by me.One on Pragati’s behalf and the third cake by my parents.
Bela was surprised.The 3rd cake was bought by Raghbir on his parents’ wish.
Bela:Thank you for the cake Raghbir.
He smiled.
Raghbir and Bela clicked a photograph standing near the cakes.

Raghbir:Now cut the cake Bela.
She started cutting the cake.
Raghbir,Sumitra and Andy sang:Happy birthday Bela…
Unknown to them Daksh was standing at the doorway and watching it.
He was shocked.
Daksh thought:Today is Bela’s birthday.Fine.But Pragati is cutting the cake.But why are they looking at her and singing Happy birthday Bela?Pragati may be cutting the cake on Bela’s behalf and they may be wishing Happy birthday to Bela who is in heaven now.

Raghbir put the cake piece in Bela’s mouth and said:Happy birthday Bela.
Bela:Thank you Raghbir.
She fed him cake.
Daksh was shocked and confused.
Daksh:Why is Raghbir calling Pragati as Bela.It is so confusing.Is there any dark secret behind it?
Daksh was going crazy.
He just walked off without trying to meet Bela.



Ajitabh reached home.Vishaka went near Ajitabh.
Vish:Is your work done?
Ajitabh stared at her:Yes.I found out something shocking which I needed to know.
Vish:Good.I want to tell you something.
Ajitabh:First you answer my question Drishti.
Vishaka was shocked as Ajitabh called her Drishti.
Vish:What did you call me?
Ajitabh:I called you correctly.Right?Your name is Drishti.Right?
Vishaka got shocked and tensed.
Ajitabh:I loved you and trusted you.But you betrayed me.Why Vish?Why?You are from a wealthy family.But you behaved as if you are a poor girl who lived by stealing money.You are a swimming champion.But you pretended that you don’t know swimming.Why?Answer me.
Vishaka became upset.
Vish:This is what I had been trying to tell you.But you did’nt listen to me.
Ajitabh:Then tell me now.Explain.I want to know why you betrayed me and my whole family.
Vish:I will tell you.

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