Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 12

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 12

Thanks to Rehana(Reena) for the Chaitanya Surveen edits.

Roshni smiled:I guess you want to say something important to me.What is that?

Aman smiled.He said in his mind:You cannot even imagine what I am going to tell you now.

He moved his lips closer to her ear and said romantically:I love you.

She became very shy.

She blushed.He smiled seeing her blush.

Slowly she looked at his eyes and said:I love you too.

He smiled.He held her hand.

Aman:Will you marry me?

Roshni was stunned:What?Are you joking?

Aman:Why should I joke?We are in love.The next step is marriage.Right?

Roshni:But Aman…our condition…

Aman:So what?We will get married and go abroad together for further treatment.I have decided that.

Roshni was stunned:You decided this much?

Aman:Yes.Even your parents agree with me.

She was surprised:They also know it?

Aman:Yes.I even informed my mother.She is also happy for us.

Roshni became shy.

Aman:Now only your answer is needed to marry you.

She looked down and blushed:Yes,I will marry you.

He was so happy that he lifted her up in his arms.





Meera:Tell me Sameer.What do you want to tell me?

Sameer:Do you know that I give flowers to Pihu almost every morning?

Meera smiled:Yes.

Sameer:Was Pihu giving those flowers to you.

Meera blushed:Yes.

Sameer thought:Oh no.That’s why Meera misunderstood that I gave flowers to Pihu to be handed over over to her.

Sameer:Meera,you are having a misunderstanding.Those flowers were for Pihu,not for you.I did not even know that Pihu was your sister when I started giving her flowers.Later only I realized that you both were sisters.I love someone else.She is Sanjana.

Meera was shattered.

Sameer:I am sorry for the misunderstanding Meera.

Meera tried to control her tears.Sameer took out his hand kerchief and gave it to her.

Meera:No thanks …as you won’t be there with me forever to wipe my tears.

Sameer became upset:I am sorry.

Meera:It’s ok Sameer.It’s my blunder that I misunderstood you.

Sameer:Thanks for understanding me Meera.Sanjana misunderstands me.If possible can you tell the truth to Sanjana?

Meera:Sure.I will.Poor Sanjana must be considering me as the vamp of her love story.

Sameer:Nothing like that.

Meera smiled.



Omkara continued narrating the past to Gauri.

Omkara:Komolika gave birth to a baby.

Gauri:Did Anurag have soft corner for Komolika like she expected?

Omkara:No.Anurag and Prerna were so busy with the baby that they did not have even time to look at Komolika though they were grateful to Komolika for producing their baby.

Gauri:I knew that.Anurag’s love for Prerna is true.He cannot even look at any other woman.


Gauri:But that must have angered Komolika.Right?

Omkara:Yes.But we were unaware of it.



Flash back…

Anurag’s colleague Anvesh came to visit the baby with gifts.

Anvesh:Finally God heard your prayers.

Anurag:Yes.That’s why he sent an Angel like Komolika to us.She gave birth to our baby through surrogacy.

Anvesh:Komolika Modi?


Anvesh was shocked.

Anurag:How do you know Komolika?

Anvesh:Who does’nt know her?She was my classmate in higher secondary school.She was a terror.She was a psycho who could go to any extent to get what she wanted.She even harmed her fellow classmates in school.

Anurag and Prerna were shocked.

Prerna:You maybe mistaken Anvesh.Komolika is not like you say.She is a wonderful human being.I think your classmate Komolika was another person.

Anvesh took his phone and entered his school page.He looked for his batch pictures and found Komolika’s pictures also.He showed them those pictures.

Anvesh:See whether she is the same Komolika.

They looked at the photographs.

They were shocked as it was the same Komolika.

Anurag:She is same.But I am sure that she has changed a lot now.She used to love me.Still she united me and Prerna.She became the surrogate mother of our baby.

Anvesh:She can never change.She is very sweet from outside.But nobody can predict what goes on inside her.

If she loves you,she is not great enough to sacrifice her love.She must have pretended to be happy about your union with Prerna to get into your good books.I am sure that her intention to become the surrogate mother of your baby is not good.May be to get into your life that she is doing all this.

Anurag:No Anvesh.You are misunderstanding Komolika.

Prerna:I also feel that Anurag is right.

Anvesh:If your belief in Komolika is right then it’s good.But be careful.

Anurag and Prerna became upset.



Omkara:Nobody suspected Komolika.But the Bharadwaj maid Neelima who poisoned Prerna regularly felt guilty and confessed her crime to Prem and Simar.


Flash back…

Prem and Simar slapped the maid.

Prem:How dare you do that to my sister?I will put you in jail.

She cried:Please forgive me.

Prem:We treated you as a family member.Still you betrayed us.You don’t deserve pardon from us.

They made her confess her crime to the Ganguli family.They were shocked.

Anurag:I can’t believe that I trusted a poisonous snake like Komolika.

Shekar:At least now we came to know about her true colour.

That time Komolika came there with a smile without knowing anything.

Anurag:Don’t smile Komolika.We came to know your truth.

Komolika got tensed.

Anurag:When Anvesh told me about your truth also I did not believe him.But now I realized that he was right.

Nilanjana:I treated you as my daughter.Still you betrayed us?

Komolika lost her control:If you had considered me as your daughter you would have conducted Anurag’s wedding with me and not with Prerna.

All were shocked.

Komolika:Yes I made this stupid maid to add slow poison in Prerna’s food to make her infertile.So that Anurag will leave Prerna and come to me.

They were shocked.

Prerna:So because of you only I became infertile?


Prerna:How dare you?

She slapped Komolika.Komolika tried to slap Prerna.But Anurag held her hand.

Anurag:Don’t dare to touch my Prerna.You are a wretched woman.You made Prerna infertile and became our baby’s surrogate mother as though you were doing a favour to us.But like fools we thought that you were a great woman.Why did you choose to become a surrogate mother for us?

Komolika:Because I dreamt of a happy family with you and our baby.

They were shocked.

Anurag:You took advantage of an innocent baby to get me?How cheap!But I hate you and you deserve a punishment.

The police men came.Komolika was shocked.

Komolika:Anurag,you can’t do this to me.I love you sincerely.

Anurag:If you had loved me you would not have tried to harm my Prerna.

The police tried to catch Komolika,but she ran away.They could arrest only the Bharadwaj Maid Neelima.

The police tried to search for Komolika.But nobody knew where Komolika was hidden by Kokila.

But all were living peacefully in Komolika’s absence.



Omkara:But the happiness was short lived.You remember ..i told you after our exams that I will tell my family about us?After that a big tragedy took place in our family.


Omkara:We planned a family trip.Rudra and my parents,Anurag,Prerna,Shekar Uncle,Nilanjana aunty went for the trip.Since the baby was small Prerna hesitated to join them for the trip.So Paro bhabhi and Rudra decided to stay back home to look after the baby.I was feeling feverish.So I also stayed at home.But a big accident took place and our parents passed away.

Omkara shed tears.Gauri was shocked.

Omkara:Anurag slipped into coma.He is still in coma.Prerna was also in coma.Later we came to know the darkest truth.The accident was planned by Komolika to take revenge on us.The police could catch Komolika and arrest her.But her mother Kokila Modi submitted proofs in the court that Komolika is a psychiatric patient.What Anvesh said was true,Komolika was a psycho.She was really under psychiatric treatment.So she escaped from the capital punishment.But she was sent to mental asylum.Prerna recovered from coma.But unfortunately Prerna lost her memory.She even forgot her own own family and her own baby.The doctor told us not to remind her of anything.Because if she comes to know of Anurag’s condition her health will deteriorate.So we made Prerna stay with us not as the daughter in law of our house,but as our sister.Prerna thinks that Rudra and I are her brothers and Prem is my friend.I took the responsibility of Anurag and Prerna’s baby and I named her Jugnu.

Gauri was too shocked to react.

Omkara:Gauri, I did’nt want to leave you.But I did’nt want to burden you with a baby who is not yours.I thought no woman would prefer to marry a man with a baby who is not hers.I even feared whether I will have to leave Jugnu to please you.That’s why I decided to break up with you.I thought that you will get a better family if I leave you and you will live happily with your husband and your own children.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Gauri:Omkara,this is what you think of me?I love you.How did you think that I won’t be able to support you in your tragic times?How did you think that I won’t be able to share your responsibility?How did you think that I can be so selfish that I won;t be able to love an innocent baby just because I did not give birth to her?You expected me to have a better family life.But I could not move on as I can love only you.You could have told me everything and see my reaction instead of hiding everything from me and breaking up with me.

Omkara wept:I am sorry Gauri.I realized that I was wrong.Please forgive me.

Gauri held his hand weeping.

Omkara:I realized that you love Jugnu more than I love her even though you met her only recently.I was wrong.I was wrong …will you forgive me and come back to my life?

Gauri was surprised as Omkara wanted her back.

Gauri:I will forgive you.But make me Jugnu’s mother.

Omkara smiled tearfully:You are already Jugnu’s mother.

She smiled emotionally.They embraced each other emotionally.

Oberois were very happy that Omkara and Gauri united.


Rudra and Parvati’s son Ayaan returned home from the boarding school for Navratri vacation.

Rudra and Parvati were very happy.

Parvati:Mumma is so happy that you are with me Ayaan.

Ayaan:If you love me this much why did you put me in boarding school?

Rudra-Parvati became upset.

Rudra:Boarding school you will make you a disciplined child Ayaan.

Druv:I will be a good boy here.But please don’t send me to the boarding.I hate it.I ant to be with you all.

Rudra-Parvati became upset.

Parvati:Rudra,don’t send Ayaan to boarding again.I want my son with me.I missed him every single moment.

Rudra:Ok.Now onwards Ayaan will stay with us.

Ayaan and Parvati became very happy.

Ayaan:Really?You won’t cheat me?


They had a family hug.

Jugnu was very happy to see Ayaan.

Jugnu:Ayaan,you are back?

Ayaan:Yes.I will not go back.

Jugnu:That’s a happy news.Without you,it was really boring for me.Now we can play together.


Ayaan and Jugnu went to play.



Meera rang up Sanjana.

Sanjana:Hi Meera!

Meera:I feel that you are not happy to hear my voice like before.

Sanjana:Why do you think like that Meera?There is nothing like that.

Meera:I know that you feel that I spoiled your silent love story with Sameer.

Sanjana was stunned.

Sanjana:Love story with Sameer?What are you saying Meera?

Meera:Sameer told me everything.

Sanjana was stunned.

Sanjana:What did Sameer tell you?

Meera said painfully:He told me that he was not sending me flowers like I thought.Those flowers were for Pihu.He loves you Sanjana.

Sanjana became emotional hearing this.

Sanjana thought:Sameer loves me?

Meera:I will never come between both of you as I prefer to be the heroine if my love story and not to be a vamp of other’s love story.So I will wait for my true love.

Sanjana smiled.

Meera:Sameer is very upset for the misunderstanding I caused between both of you.Please patch up with him.Only then I will be guilt free.

Sanjana:Thank you so much for telling me this Meera.I will talk to Sameer.


Sanjana thought:Poor Sameer.I hurt him a lot.He will be very upset.I will cheer him up.


Sanjana baked a cake and visited Sameer.He was surprised.

Sanjana:This cake is for you Sameer.

Suddenly he saw that it’s written ‘I am sorry’ on the cake with icing.

He took it from her with a smile.

Sameer:Thank you.

She smiled.

Sanjana became dull:I am really sorry.I am a fool to talk to you rudely because of a misunderstanding.

Sameer:It’s ok Sanjana.Let us forget it.

Sanjana gave some flowers to Sameer.

Sanjana:You were not buying flowers from me nor I was selling you flowers since last few days.Let us start it again.

Sameer:No need Sanjana.These flowers only created misunderstandings.

Sanjana:Those misunderstandings are over Sameer.Now you can them to Pihu.

Sameer took the flowers from her.

Sameer:But why were you so angry thinking that Meera and I were dating?What difference did our relationship make to you?

Sanjana was silent.

She thought:How will I tell you that I was jealous as I love you.

Sanjana:Sameer…I have to leave now as I have to help Maa and Roshni in making Navratri arrangements.


Sanjana walked away.

Sameer thought:Even if you don’t say anything I know why you were upset Sanjana.It’s because you love me.


Sameer handed over the flowers to Pihu with a kiss.Pihu extended those flowers towards Meera.

Meera:These flowers are for you Pihu,not for me.So you keep these flowers with you.Otherwise your flower bhaiyya will become upset.Ok?

Pihu:Are you sure?


Pihu:Ok.Then I will keep them with me.

Meera smiled:Good.

Pihu put the flowers in the flower vase of her room.


Ajitabh told about his love for Vishaka to his family members.They all were surprised and happy.

Sumit:Finally the rude arrogant Police officer has fallen in love.

Kumkum:Thank you Vish for changing my son.I am grateful to you.

Vishaka blushed while Ajitabh smiled.

Druv:Please conduct our wedding on the same day.

Ajitabh:That’s a good idea.

Sumit:Our sons are desperate to get married.

Kumkum:Yes yes.

Sumit-Kumkum laughed and Ajitabh-Druv became shy.



Navratri function…

The whole Bhalla family reached there.

Siya:Kumkum aunty,where is Druv?

Kumkum:He is still in his room.Taking too much of time to get ready.

Siya giggled:This Druv…

Siya went inside Druv’s room.He was only in his vest.

He was embarrassed to see her.He tried to cover his chest with his hands.

Druv:What are you doing here?I am dressing up.Go out.

Siya laughed:You are behaving as if you are a girl.

He became shy.

Siya:Ok.I am leaving.Dress up soon and come.


After some time Druv came out of his room.

Siya smiled:Though you took too much of time to dress up,it’s worth it,you are looking handsome.

He smiled:You are looking pretty too.

She blushed.

Vishaka was standing near the House temple.Ajitabh who came there with the bowl of vermilion to keep it besides the Idol of Goddess Durga was completely bowled over by Vishaka’s traditional look.

He held her hand:You look very beautiful Vish.Really gorgeous.

Vish became shy:What is this Sir?Leave my hand.Others will see us.

Ajitabh:So what?They have given us the approval to be with each other.Also since I am a Police officer no one will dare to tease us or question us angrily.

Vish:You are a typical police officer.

They both giggled.

Ajitabh:Vish,now please stop calling me Sir.Call me Ajitabh.

Vish:But how can I?

Aji:Why not?Now our relationship changed.Right?So call me by my name.

She blushed:Ajitabh..

He smiled:Perfect.

She smiled.

The wind blew and the vermilion from the bowl Ajitabh was carrying fell over her forehead.

They both were stunned.

Ajitabh:The vermilion from me has filled your maang.It means that you are my half wife now.

Vish smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Suddenly she became dull.

She thought:Why did this vermilion fall on my hair partition in the ghar mandir?Is this what God wants?What’s written in our destiny?It’s so confusing.

Druv came.

Druv:I will take your photographs.After all you guys are going to get engaged.

Druv made them sit together.

Ajitabh:Druv bhai…take the photographs properly.You are a bad photographer.

Vish laughed. are too much.

They all laughed.

Sumit-Kumkum,Raman-Ishita,Shardul-Natasha,Druv-Siya danced happily.

Hey kha na na na na khankhanat

Hey ta na na na na tantanat

Ay ja na na na na na janjanat
Chha na na na na na na na
Ji ji ji ji ji hey..haa

Jhananana jhanjhanat
Jhanjhar baaje re aaj
Tanananana tantanat
Manjeera baaje

Ghananana ghanghanat
Gori ke kangana aaj
Chhananana chhanchhanat

Paayal sang baaje
Sar par chunar odhe
Niklegi aaj raadhe

Lehra lehrake gopiyon sang
Kaanha bhi peechhe peechhe
Taang koi kheenche kheenche
Murli se barsaaye nasoor tarang

Ajitabh was not interested in dancing.

Vishaka danced around Ajitabh to tempt him to dance.

Dharti aur vo gagan
Jhoomenge sang sang
Sabpe chadhega aaj prem rang
Rangeen gulaal hoga
Socho kya haal hoga
Nachenge prem rogi

Dum duma dum dum
Dham dham datilal datilal
Dhidkit dhidkit dhilaal
Baaje mirdang dhana dhan
Dhan dhana dhan baaje

Finally he gave up his stiffness and started to dance.

Vishaka became happy that he danced with her.So she embraced him happily.

Chham chham chham
Chhamat jhanjhar jhamjhamat
Ghungroo ghamghamat
Chamak cham chamake
Hey baaje re baaje re
Baaje re baaje re dhol baaje

In the Oberoi house…

Rudra-Parvati and Omkara-Gauri danced.

Hey hey..
Hey baaje re baaje re baaje re
Dholi taro dhol baaje
Dhol baaje dhol baaje dhol
Ki dham dham baaje dhol
Ki dholi taro dhol baaje dhol
Baaje dhol baaje dhol
To dham dham baaje dhol

Hey hey chhori badi anmol
Meethe meethe iske bol
Aankhein iski gol gol gol gol
To dham dham baaje dhol
Haan haan chhora hai natkhat
Bole hai patpat
Arre chhede mujhe bole aise bol
To dham dham baaje dhol

Druv-Jugnu also did dandiya dance.

In Bharadwaj house…

Prem-Simar,Aman-Roshni,Sameer-Sanjana also did Dandiya dance.

Baaje re baaje re baaje re
Dham dham dhol baaje

Dhol baaje dhol baaje dhol
To dham dham baaje dhol
To dham dham dham baaje dhol

Rasiyo ye roop taro chhoo loon zara
Arre na arre haan
Arre haan haan haan haan
Raat ki rani jaise roop mera
Mehkasa mehkasa
Mehkasa mehkasa
Udegi mahak mujhe chhoo na tu kyon

Behkasa bahkasa
Behkasa sa sa sa sa
Paas aaja meri rani
Tu ne nahin meri maani
Karoonga main manmaani
Mat kar shaitani
Arre rererere..

Sarre rerere..
Pare rerere..
Ki dholi taro
Dhin dhinak dhin
Ki dholi taro
Dhin dhinak dhin
Ki dholi taro
Hey..dhol baaje dhol baaje
Dhol baaje dhol
Ki dham dham baaje dhol

Hey hey chhori badi anmol
Meethe meethe iske bol
Aankhein iski gol gol gol gol
To dham dham baaje dhol
Ho ho ho chhora hai natkhat
Bole hai patpat
Chhede mujhe bole aise bol
To dham dham baaje dhol

Dham dham dhol baaje
Dhol baaje dhol baaje dhol
Ki dham dham baaje dhol

Ki dham dham dham baaje dhol

Hey dham dham dham
Dhol baaje baaje re dhol baaje
Dham dham
Dham dham dham
Dhol baaje baaje re dhol baaje
Dham dham
Hungama hungama
Ho gaya hai hungama

Hungama hungama


Raghbir and Bela went for the Navratri event.

All were dancing.

Raghbir:Are you sure that Daksh will come here?

Bela:I am sure about that Raghbir.He always comes her to dance with girls.

Raghbir looked at Bela painfully.

Raghbir:That means he hurt you not only physically but also emotionally.He cheated you many times.

Bela became upset.

Bela:But I am fine now Raghbir.I don’t care about my past.Let him do anything.

Suddenly they saw Daksh dancing with a random girl.

Bela:See..there is Daksh.

Raghbir also saw him.


As you said he is enjoying with a girl there.

Bela:Yes.He will never change.I was a fool to think that he will change.

Raghbir:Let us also dance Bela.Let him watch us.


They both started dancing.

Ma ma ma ma re..
Hungama hungama
Ho gaya hai hungama
Hungama hungama
Ma ma ma ma re..
Dham dham dham dhol baaje
Hey baaje
Dham dham dham dhol baaje
Hey baaje re baaje

Suddenly Raghbir remembered dancing with Pragati

Dham dham dham dhol baaje
Baaje re dhol baaje
Dham dham
Dham dham
Dham dham
Hey dham dham

and unknowingly he caught Bela by her waist.

Bela was stunned.

Suddenly Raghbir realized that he was dancing with Bela and removed his hand off her.

Raghbir was feeling guilty:I am sorry Bela.

Bela cupped his face:It’s ok Raghbir.I know that you were imagining dancing with Pragati.I trust you.

Raghbir became emotional.

Bela:Let us continue dancing.

They continued dancing.

Hey dham dham dham dhol baaje
Baaje re dhol baaje
Dham dham
Dham dham dham dhol baaje
Baaje re dhol baaje
Dham dham.(HDDCS).

Daksh saw them.

He stared at them angrily.

Bela:I think Daksh is watching us.

Raghbir:Of course yes..he is watching us.

In between Raghbir went to the washroom and Daksh went near her.

Bela pretended as if she saw Daksh only now.

Daksh:I showed you the proof for Raghbir and Bela’s affair.Still you are so foolish to believe them and dance with Raghbir.

Bela:Who said I am foolish?I was a fool till recent times to believe Bela and Raghbir blindly.But not anymore.Thank you Daksh for opening my eyes.

Daksh became happy.

Daksh:Then why are you dancing and romancing with Raghbir?

Bela:I am playing the game he played with me.He fooled me with his fake love.Now I am fooling him with my fake love.Through fake love I will be trapping Raghbir.He will fall into a pit from where he cannot come up.

Daksh smirked.

Bela:Will you help me Daksh?

Daksh:Sure Pragati.

She smiled.

He thought:Now Pragati considers Raghbir as the biggest culprit.Now I don’t have to worry.Pragati won’t file any case against me.Even if Raghbir tries to do that Pragati will stop him from doing so.

Daksh:What can I do for you Pragati?

Pragati:Kill Raghbir.

Daksh was shocked:What?To kill Raghbir?

Pragati:Why are you shocked?You are used to killing people.Right?You had killed Bela’s dad.Right?

Daksh was shocked.

He thought:I guess before the accident Bela told that to Pragati.

Pragati:Then why can’t you kill Raghbir for me?

Daksh smiled:Ok,I will do that.Now do you want me to kill him?

Bela thought:How inhuman and heartless is Daksh to be ready to kill Raghbir now!

Bela:Not now.I will tell you when.I will inform you later.


Pragati:Now you go.Raghbir will come back now.If he sees us together he will doubt us.


Daksh walked away.

Raghbir came back.

Raghbir:Did Daksh come and speak to you?

Bela:Of course yes.How can he not do that?After all he was expecting me..oops…Pragati to throw you out,but here I was dancing with you.

Raghbir smiled:Then what did you tell him?

Bela said everything to him.

Raghbir:Good.Poor Daksh has fallen into the trap.He thought that he can trap us.But he himself got trapped.

Bela smiled:Yes.

Raghbir winked:Get trapped Daksh.

Aman’s mother Sunita came for the Navratri party.Bharadwaj family welcomed them.

Aman introduced Roshni to Sunita.

Roshni touched her feet for blessing.

Aman:Mom,did you like Roshni?

Roshni was tensed.

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  13. When will you upload next part please upload it soon

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