Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 11

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 11

Thank u so much Arafisabu for making Harshad Mansi edits.

After some hours…

Prem, Simar and Sanjana were worried that Roshni has not reached home yet.

The doctor informed that Roshni is fine for the time being.Aman was relieved.

He went near Roshni.

Aman:I am so happy that you are conscious now.I got scared when you became unconscious.

Roshni:I don’t remember how I fainted.But don’t worry.I don’t leave a good friend like you and go to heaven so early.

He smiled emotionally cupping her face in his hands.

They looked at each others eyes emotionally.

Aman informed everything to Prem and the whole Bharadwaj family landed up in the hospital.They hugged Roshni and cried.

Roshni:Papa,Maa..Sanjana..I am alright.

Prem and Simar went inside to meet the doctor.

Sanjana to Roshni:Now you are so optimistic.Even after happening this much you are saying that you are fine.

Roshni:I learnt to be happy with what I have from Aman.

Sanjana:Do you love Aman?

Roshni:I love to be with Aman.If it is love then…I love Aman.

Sanjana smiled.

Roshni:You tell me.Do you love Sameer?

Sanjana remembered seeing Sameer and Meera together.

Sanjana:No,I don’t love Sameer.

Roshni:But I felt that you both love each other.

Sanjana became upset.



The doctor:Roshni is safe as of now.But she needs better treatmemt.For that it is better to go abroad.I know a very good doctor there.

Prem and Simar became upset.

Prem:Our Bharadwaj family is not prosperous like before.I don’t have the money to send her abroad.I feel so helpless and useless?How will I cure my daughter?

Prem and Simar were in tears.

Suddenly they heard a voice from behind.

“I will spend money for Roshni’s treatment”.

They were stunned to see Aman.

Prem:What are you saying Aman?

Aman:My mom had been pressurizing me to go abroad for treatment.But I did’nt feel like going abroad.But now I feel that I will also take treatment there along with Roshni.

Simar:Can I ask you something?You both have been spending time with each other.Do you both love each other?

Aman:I am always thinking of Roshni.I feel happy to be with Roshni.I want to see her happy and healthy.If it’s love then I love Roshni.

Prem-Simar were stunned.

Prem:But how can I take your money for roshni’s treatment?I have no right to take favours from you.

Simar:Premji,keep your self respect aside as our daughter’s life is more important.

Aman:There is no need to sacrifice your self respect Prem uncle.What if I marry Roshni?Then I can spend money for my wife’s treatment.Right?

Prem-Simar were stunned.

Prem:What do you mean?

Aman:I want to marry Roshni if you both agree.

Prem-Simar became emotional.

Simar:We have no objection.You both match each other in every way.

Prem:But Roshni…

Aman:I will tell her about it.When Roshni was unconscious I realized how much I value her.I can’t live without her.I also started fearing whether we both have enough time.So I even got worried whether I became late in realizing my feelings and confessing my love to her.Now I can’t wait anymore.I want to propose her from the bottom of my heart.

Prem-Simar smiled emotionally.

After a day Roshni got discharged.Even Sameer joined them to bring back Roshni.

Sameer and Sanjana looked at each other emotionally.


Sanjana:I am busy now.I have to take care of Roshni.I have no time to talk to you.

Sameer became upset as Sanjana went away.

Aman sat near Roshni caressing her until she fell asleep.He caressed her lovingly

and left.

Omkara and Gauri met each other.

Gauri:Tell me Omkara.What happened afterwards?

Flash back…

Anurag told everything to Prerna.Prerna was shocked.

Prerna:I can’t believe it Anurag.I was going to lose you and I did’nt know about it.

Anurag:No Prerna.You were never going to lose me because I was always yours and never got engaged to Komolika.

Prerna smiled emotionally.

Prerna:I am happy that Komolika understood our situation.

Anurag:Yes.It’s our luck.

“Hey guys”.

Suddenly they saw Komolika there.


Prerna smiled:So this is Komolika.

Komolika:I wanted to meet your Prerna in person.That’s why I followed you and reached here.

Komolika looked at Prerna:Hi Prerna..I am Komolika.

Prerna:Hi Komolika…I am really thankful to you for understanding our love and supporting us.If you had created problems at the engagement functions everything would have gone wrong.

Komolika:No problem Prerna.You both love each other.So you both should unite.

Anurag-Prerna smiled.

Komolika bribed the maid in the Bharadwaj house to add a medicine in Prerna’s food.

After a while ,Anurag-Prerna got engaged.

Jism Ja Luta Kar Bhi Jo Ek Haasi Mile
Dil Agar Jala Kar Bhi Jo Roshni Mile
Wo Maang Lu Tere Liye, Tere Liye , Tere Liye
Tere Liye,
Janmo Ka Peyaas Tere Liye
Khushia Hajaar Tere Liye
Jannat Dua Tere Liye
Ye Jaan Nisar Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye(SP Show Tere Liye).

During the engagement function Prerna fainted shocking everyone.


Gauri:Komolika is so cunning.

Omkara:Yes.None of us understood that.The doctor checked Prerna and said that she cannot conceive.

Gauri was shocked:Oh no….

Flash back….

Komolika smirked.

She said in her mind:The medicine which your maid fed you daily made you infertile Prerna.Now Ganguly family will not accept you as their daughter in law.Anurag’s love for you will disappear in the air.He will not marry you.Then I will become Anurag’s wife.

Prerna cried:Anurag,I am so unlucky that I can’t give a baby to you.Leave me and marry someone who can give your family a heir.

Komolika smirked.

Prem-Simar were very upset about Prerna’s future.

But to her shock Anurag said:How can you even ask me to marry someone else for a heir Prerna?Is our love that weak?

Prerna wept:I am sorry Anurag for hurting you.

Anurag:Never ever talk such nonsense.I love only you and I will marry only you.

Komolika was shocked.

Nilanjana:Yes Prerna.Our daughter in law will be only you.


Prerna smiled tearfully.Anurag caressed her.

Komolika was shattered and frustrated.

She thought:Even Anurag’s family too accepted Prerna.What kind of family is this?

Anurag-Prerna got married.

The doctor gave them a happy news that through surrogacy they can have a baby.They searched for a surrogate mother.Komolika appeared surprising them.

Komolika:I can be the surrogate mother.

All were surprised.

Anurag:Komolika…are you serious?It’s not a silly thing.

Komolika:Yes.I thought a lot about it and took this decision.You both are my close friends.A good friend is the one who helps friends when they are in need.Right?

They smiled.

Prerna became emotional:We are really grateful to you.You are really a woman with a golden heart Komolika.

Komolika smiled.

She went out of the room.

Komolika thought:I will give birth to Anurag’s baby.A man will always have a soft corner for the woman who delivers his baby.So after I deliver his baby,Anurag will definitely chose me over his loser wife Prerna.Then Prerna out and I will be in.

Komolika smirked.

She twirled around happily imagining Anurag leaving Prerna and coming to her.

Komolika gave birth to a baby.


Gauri:How can a woman be so wicked?She even took advantage of pregnancy and motherhood.So cheap.What happened after Komolika’s delivery?

Omkara:I will say.

Suddenly they saw a young unmarried couple.

The girl:Tell me how I look.

The boy:Looking awesome.

The girl:Really?

Omkara and Gauri remembered their past after listening to their conversation.

Flash back…

Omkara and Gauri got ready to go for their friend’s birthday party.

Gauri was dressed in a beautiful gown.

Gauri:How do I look in this dress?

Om:You look…you look…

Gauri smiled:Tell fast Omkara.Why are you stammering like a sick person?

Om:Ok.You look like a monkey in gown.

Gauri was stunned:What?You were struggling hard to say this Omkara?

Omkara smiled:Yes.

Gauri:You want to ridicule me all the time.



She started hitting him.

Omkara:Ok ok.I was joking Gauri.Now I am telling you seriously.You look very beautiful.

Gauri:Really?Now I have no confidence about my look.

Omkara:Oh Gauri…just because I made fun of you,you lost your confidence?These girls are impossible.

Omkara took her near the car and made her face the window mirror where she could see her on reflection.

Omkara:Now you say.Don’t you feel confident about your appearance?

Gauri smiled:Beautiful!

Omkara:Yes,you look beautiful.

Gauri:I was not saying that I looked beautiful.I was saying that we both look very beautiful together.Perfect Jodi.Right?

Omkara held her more closer and smiled:Yes,We both make a beautiful couple.

They smiled.


Gauri looked at Omkara emotionally and asked him in her mind:Why did a beautiful couple like us break apart Omkara?

Omkara said in his mind looking at Gauri:Destiny made me a fool and I pushed you out of my life.I wish I could tell you everything instead of leaving you.You would have understood everything.I left you thinking that you will have a better life.But now I realized that I made our life worse by leaving you.After hearing the past you take a decision Gauri.I hope it is for the best.

Omkara:Gauri,I need to leave now.We need to make arrangements for the Navratri function.You will come for the function.Right?

Gauri:Yes.Jugnu has already invited me.

Omkara smiled.

Omkara left.

Gauri thought:If we had not been separated I could have joined you to make Navratri party arrangements.

She became upset.

Vishaka was coming back home from the market.She was looking at the packets she was carrying and walking without seeing that a vehicle was coming on her way.

Suddenly Ajitabh pulled her to a corner.

Ajitabh:What the hell!If I had not come on time,you would have been hit by a vehicle.

Vishaka:But you saved me.That’s what matters.

Ajitabh looked at her emotionally.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ishq-ishq, ishq-ishq

He caressed her face softly.Slowly she closed her eyes.

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa

Ajitabh:You don’t know how important you have become for me.I myself did not realize how you became important for me.

Vishaka looked at him emotionally.

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq

Ajitabh:I really love you Vish.

Vishaka was stunned by his sudden confession.

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, tera naam
Mera naam ishq!

She thought:I tried many ways to bring him closer to me.But today I did not do anything.Still he confessed his love for me.

Ajitabh:If something had happened to you today..I can’t imagine that.

He cupped her face again emotionally.

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq

Ishq-ishq, ishq-ishq

Vishaka:Like you,when you took care of me when I fainted,when I fell in the pool I also started adoring you.I love you too Sir.

He smiled in surprise.

Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq

They both embraced each other.They both were lost in each other.

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, tera naam
Mera naam ishq!

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq(Ram Leela).

Suddenly Vishaka came back to senses.

Vishaka thought:I did not plan to confess my love to him like this.Then automatically with my own knowledge how did I tell him that I love him?How did I forget myself when I was in his arms?Did I really fall in love with her?No no…it should not happen.Then life will be more difficult for me.

Sumitra was doing shopping in a shop.She was shocked to see Daksh near her.

She was reminded of Pragati’s lifeless body and lost her control.


Daksh smiled:Hello aunty!

Sumitra:How dare you?

Daksh was still smiling:Control yourself aunty.This is a public place.

Sumitra:Stop it.You killed our Pra…

Suddenly Sumitra remembered that Daksh does’nt know that Pragati died instead of Bela.

Sumitra:I tried to kill Pragati and killed Bela.

Daksh:You are misunderstanding me aunty.I am innocent.

Sumitra:You are innocent?You were never innocent.You used to hit your wife Bela brutally.Don’t say that you never did it.

Daksh:I don’t deny it.But I lost my control when I saw my wife having affair.


Daksh:Yes.Bela was having affair with Raghbir.

Sumitra shouted at him:Shut up.

Daksh:That’s the truth aunty.I know that you won’t believe me.But I have proof.

He showed Raghbir and Bela’s morphed pictures to her.

Sumitra was shocked.

Daksh:Like you think I did not cause accident to Pragati and Bela. Raghbir and Bela wanted to get rid of Pragati to unite.So they planned Pragati’s accident.But unaware of Raghbir’s plan,Bela got inside the car with Pragati and instead of Pragati,Bela got killed.

Sumitra was shattered:Noo…

Sumitra slapped Daksh.Daksh controlled his anger.

Sumitra walked off.

Daksh:I can forget this slap as I can imagine the consequences of my words to Sumitra aunty.

Sumitra shouted:Bela…Raghbir…

Andy also came:Why are you shouting Sumitra?

Sumitra:I saw Daksh and he showed me some photographs.

Bela to Raghbir:Oh Raghbir…I think Sumitra aunty saw those photographs.

Raghbir:What the hell!

Andy:What photographs?

Sumitra did not answer him.She looked at Raghbir and Bela and asked:Say…were you both cheating Pragati?

Raghbir and Bela were shocked.

Andy:What are you asking them Sumi?Can anyone tell me what’s happening?

Sumitra:Did you both try to kill Pragati?

Raghbir and Bela were shattered.

Raghbir:Maa,how could you think that your son can stoop to this level?Did you really feel that I cheated Pragati and killed her?Can I ever think of killing my Pragati?

Sumitra caressed him tearfully.
Sumi:No,I trust you.But this is what Daksh expected.Daksh wants me to believe that you and Bela tried to kill Pragati and Bela ended up getting killed by mistake.

Raghbir and Bela were relieved that Sumitra had not suspected them.

Andy:What ?

Sumi:Yes Andy.Daksh showed some fake photographs of Raghbir and Bela to make me believe that they were cheating Pragati.It means that he can misuse those photographs.He can use those photographs to mislead anyone.He may even make the public and the court believe that Raghbir and Bela tried to kill Pragati.

All were stunned.

Raghbir:You are right Maa.He will do so.That’s why he is carrying those photographs always.But he will not try to trap us in any case now if we won’t file a case against him.But before that we will trap him.

Sumitra:Be careful beta.Daksh is dangerous.

Raghbir:Yes Maa.

Sumitra:But don’t leave him.He killed our Pragati.He deserves the worst punishment.

Raghbir:Yes Maa.

All of them went away.Sumitra went near Bela.

Sumitra:I trust Raghbir.So I know that he did not have any affair with you.But I don’t trust you.I had always felt that you were coming between Pragati and Raghbir because of her unhappy married life with Daksh.Don’t try to use your face to get place in Raghbir’s heart.He loved Pragati’s face and so he may fall for your face also.But you are not Pragati.Raghbir is only for Pragati.Don’t forget that.

Bela was shattered:Aunty!I never tried to come between Raghbir and Pragati.I spent time with them as they were the only people who loved me and made me happy.Now I also I have no such bad intention.I just want to punish that Daksh.

Sumi:You want to punish Daksh because he tried to kill you and not because he killed Pragati.

Bela became upset as Sumitra misunderstood again.

Sumitra:But whatever our common enemy is Daksh.So I will support you.But once Daksh gets punished you will be out of this house.Pragati’s wish was to protect you from Daksh.If Daksh goes to jail we don’t have to protect you anymore.

Sumitra walked away.Bela burst into tears.

Raghbir saw the show piece of a boat.

He was reminded of the past.

Flash back…

Raghbir and Pragati went for a picnic.

Raghbir:I will make Pragati jealous.

Raghbir looked at a girl and said:She looks so hot.

Pragati got irritated.Raghbir enjoyed her facial expression.

She looked at a boy and winked at him.

Raghbir was stunned.

Raghbir:Why did you wink at him?

Pragati:Because he looks hot.

Raghbir became jealous.

Raghbir:How can you call him hot when I am with you?

Pragati:If you can call any random girl hot why I can’t a call a random boy hot?

Raghbir:I was just joking.

Pragati smiled:I knew it Raghbir.But I wanted you to feel what I felt when you cracked that stupid joke.That’s why I also did what you did.

Raghbir gave an embarrassing smile.

They giggled.

Suddenly they saw a beautiful river.

Pragati:It looks so beautiful Raghbir.The whole place is beautiful.

Raghbir:Yes.We will take a photograph here.

They took a photograph there.

Pragati:Raghbir,shall we go for boating?

Raghbir:Of course.How can we leave this place without boating?

She smiled.

They got inside the boat.

They had romantic moments in the boat.


Ragbhir’s eyes became wet.

Bela saw Raghbir looking at the show piece tearfully.

Bela:What happened Raghbir?

Raghbir:Nothing.I remembered how Pragati and I enjoyed boating.Those were the best days of life.

Bela became upset.

Bela thought:I don’t know how to console Raghbir as Pragati can never come back or can bring those days back in his life.

Sameer went after Sanjana.


Sanjana did not even look at him.

Sameer:Tell me Sanjana why are you suddenly like this to me?What went wrong between us?For God’s sake tell me Sanjana.

Sanjana:Sameer,first of all I am worried about Roshni’s health and now you are irritating me.

Sameer:Because all of a sudden you started ignoring me.I need an answer for that.

Sanjana:Then listen.You consider me as your friend.Then why did you hide that the flowers which were given to Pihu were for her sister Meera?Why did you hide that you love Meera?

Sameer was shocked.

Sameer:What nonsense are you saying?Who told you that the flowers were for Meera?Just because I attended her birthday party you misunderstood me?Sanjana..Meera is my colleague.She is just my friend.That’s why I attended her birthday party.I met Pihu while jogging.Gradually I got closer to Pihu and started giving her flowers.But that time I did’nt even know that she was Meera’s sister.Later I came to know that she is Meera’s sister and our bonding got stronger.That’s it.

Sanjana:You are lying.

Sameer:Why should I lie?What will I gain by lying?

Sanjana got confused.

She thought:I should believe Sameer or Meera?Was Meera misunderstanding that Sameer loves her?

Sameer:Why do you feel that I love Meera?

Sanjana:Meera told me that you both love each other.She will not lie to me.

Sameer was shocked:What?She said like that to you?

Sanjana:Yes.She thinks that the flowers which you gave Pihu were sent for her.

Sameer was shocked.

Sameer:If that’s what she thinks..I will clear her misunderstandings soon.I hope that atleast after that you will believe me.I cannot bear you misunderstanding me Sanjana.

Sameer and Sanjana looked at each other emotionally.

Aman took Roshni out.

Roshni:Why did you bring me here Aman?

Aman:I want to tell you something.

Roshni said sarcastically:Are you going to say that I am not well,I should take care of myself,I should have medicines on time…

Suddenly Aman closed her mouth with his palm.

Aman:How much are you talking non stop?How will I talk if you talk without any break?

He removed his palm off her lips.

Roshni smiled:I guess you want to say something important to me.What is that?

Aman smiled.He said in his mind:You cannot even imagine what I am going to tell you now.

After the office hour got over…

Sameer went near Meera.

Sameer:Meera,can you spare some time for me?I want to talk to you.

Meera got got excited.

Meera:Sure Sameer.I can spare my whole life time for you.

Sameer became dull.

They went out.

Meera blushed thinking:Is Sameer going to confess his love to me?

Meera:Tell me Sameer.What do you want to tell me?

Sameer:Do you know that I give flowers to Pihu almost every morning?

Meera smiled:Yes.

Sameer:Was Pihu giving those flowers to you?

Meera blushed:Yes.

Sameer thought:Oh no.That’s why Meera misunderstood that I gave flowers to Pihu to be handed over over to her.

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