Laal Ishq 30th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sheetal’s Heart Beats For Mayank Via Ashima

Laal Ishq 30th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A tantrik Mishra is seen doing tantrik pooja. Barber while shaving a man’s beard says a tenant girl died in Mishra’s house and don’t know what black magic he does, many goes come searching his house. A girl Ashima walks in asking Mishra’s address. He explains address. Ashima reaches house. A lady says she was searching her. Someone pull’s girl’s shirt. She corrects it afraid. Ashima then settles down and sees another girl’s photo in room. A ghost from behind says bodily beauty is nothing. Ashima turns and finds no one, then finds bag and finds out girl in photo is Sheetal. Neighbor Mayank enters and hugs her from behind thinking her as Sheetal and asks where had she gone for so many days. She turns and asks who is he. He says this is his friend Sheetal’s house. Girls says Sheetal vacated house and she stays here. Sandy enters and says Mishra got a new girl. Mishra shouts who is creating havoc. Sandy takes man out. Ashima speaks in Bhojpuri like Sheetal. Mayank stands shocked. Sandy drags him away. Girl then finds a cap and imagines Sheetal gifting it to her boyfriend. She feels it. Door bell rings. She opens and sees Mishra who tries to flirt with her and tries to enter house. She stops him. He invites her for pooja at 6 a.m. and leaves. She yells like Sheetal in Bhojpuri and thinks how can she use that language.

Mayank calls Sheetal and hears her weird ring tone. She does not pick. Sandy says don’t know where Sheetal went. Mayank says Ashima spoke like Sheetal. He disconnects call. Phone gets autodialed repeatedly. They get afraid. Next day, Sheetal opens gas to prepare tea and imagines Sheetal’s past. Sandy comes and switches off gas and scolds her. She like Sheetal asks if he wll have tea. He says yes. She gives him and says she does not know him, why she is giving him tea. She again speaks like Sheetal. He stands confused. On the others side, Sheetal’s ghost as Ashima goes to meet Mayank. Mayank chats with her and calls Sandy to ask about some papers. Sandy say Sheetal keeps those papers. Ashima gives papers. Sandy hears Ashima’s voice on phone and runs away from there panicked. Mayank turns and does not find Sheetal.

Ashima sits in garden thinking who Sheetal is. Sheetal gets into her body and she opens tap to water plants. Maynk walks in there and says Sheetal loved these plants. Sheetal’s ghost watches them from a distance. Days pass, Ashima reveals Mayank that she feels for him and hugs. Mayank reminisces Sheetal and says he misses her and loved her. Sheetal’s ghost sheds blood tears emotionally. Ashima reveals she got heart transplanted on a particular date. Mayank says that is when Sheetal left home.

Mishra peeps into Ashima’s room and eyes on her. Sheetal’s ghosts punishes him. She even punishes Sandy. Mishra then starts tantrik pooja to capture Sheetal’s ghost. Ashima reaches there and shouts in pain. Mayank rushes to her and saves. He breaks down reminiscing Sheetal. Sheetal’s ghost emerges. He confesses his love for her. Sheetal reveals her heart is in Ashima’s body, so she called Ashima here and says he should give her share of love to Ashima and disappears. Mayank breaks down. Ashima says she cannot take Sheetal’s place, but can take car of him like Sheetal.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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