Laal Ishq 29th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindiya Possesses Jhilmil’s Body To Take Revenge From Shilpa

Laal Ishq 29th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandan gets out of car with his newly wed wife Shilpa. Street artist seeing house says this house has evil soul. Chandan scolds him and sends away. He then does his wife’s graha pravesh himself. Someone is seen walking outside house. Chandan takes Shilpa into room and gets romantic. Shilpa sees someone near door and signals him. He opens door and sees a small girl and asks who is she. His maid Sulekha says she is her daughter who came on school vacation. Shilpa asks where is Bindiya. He says she left job. Shilpa says girl is very pretty, what is her name. Sulekha says Jhilmil. Jhilmil looks at blood foot steps on floor. Chandan asks if her feet is injured. She says no. He sees roof is leaking and goes to fix tap. He finds Bindiya’s anklet and reminisces gifting it to her, throws it away.. Jhilmil sees home lamp blowing off. Chandan then helps Shilpa unpack her bag and says he is her friend. She says she is lucky to marry him. He hugs her and reminisces incident where Bindiya falls into his love and hugs him. Bindiya’s ghost is seen in mirror. Shilpa then goes to kitchen and with Sulekha’s help prepares fish curry for Chandan. She then serves fish to Chandan and surprises him, says she learnt it from Bindiya. Jhilmil walks in holding Bindiya’s anklet. Chandan gets tensed. Shilpa ties anklet around Jhilmil’s neck and and asks if she wants to have fish. Sulekha says Jhilmil does not eat nonveg. Jhilmil eats fish. Sulekha stands surprised.

Next morning, Shilpa does pooja. Chandan says he is returning to work as he got boss’s call. He tells her that she does not have to prepare nonveg and he is happy with her litti chokha dish. She asks him to return home soon. He leaves in car. She then sees Jhilmil hiding under table and Sulekha asking her to come out. Shilpa says she will play hide and seek. Jhilmil runs wiht lightning speed. Shilpa sees her hiding behind curtain and walks to her, gets afraid seeing Jhilmil standing in front. A photo then falls down. She sees her, Chandan, and Bindiya’s photo and keeps it in cupboard. Bindiya’s ghost emerges on cupboard. At night Shilpa wakes up hearing Jhilmil crying and walks to her. Jhilmil attacks her. She wakes up from sleep really and relizes it was her dream. She then walks out of room and hears sound from cupboard, opens it and finds Jhilmil inside. Chandan also comes out. Shilpa sees photo falling again and then Bindiya’s bag, asks Chandan what is it doing here. Chandan nervously says he does not know and asks to give it to someone.

Next morning, Shilpa gets fish tank and tells Jhilmil \\\that she is Jhilmil and fishes are Miljhil. A gardener comes and asks Shilpa if she called her. She givs her Bindiya’s bag and says she gave clohtes to Sulekha. Jhilmil looks at herself into mirror, and Bindiya’s ghost emerges on her face. She then walks t mirror and mimics Bindiya, brooms floor. Shilpa says it is not her duty and calls Sulekha. Jhilmil pushes her. Sulekha scolds her and asks to apologize. Jhilmil angrily leaves. Sulekha apologizes and walks behind Jhilmil. Jhilmil locks door and sits like Bindiya. Shilpa sends Sulekha to bring grocery from market and searches Jhilmil, gets milk for her, is shocked to see her eating live fishes and drops milk glass in fear. Chandan also wlaks in and notices it. Sulekha enters and scolds her. Shilpa says weird things are happening since a few days and she is worried. Jhilmil consoles her and taes her in to rest.

Next day, Jhilmil plays with rope. Shilpa and Chandan join her. She then sits down. Chandan asks what hapened to her. She talks in a ghost voice in Tamil. They all get tensed. Doc comes and gives her injection and says let her sleep, once she wakes up and he speaks to her, he can analyze her condition properly. Sulekha gos to temple to pray for Jhilmil and asks Shilpa to take care of her. Shilpa falls asleep, then wakes up and does not find Jhilmil. She then finds her and walks to her. Jhilmil strangulates her and speaks in tamil. Gardener enters and speaks to her in Tamil, then informs that she is Bindiya and will kill her. Sulekha brings holy ash from temple and blows it on her. Jhilmil collapses. After sometime, Sulekha leaves with Jhilmil. Farmer returns and says Bindiya did not return to village and someone must have killed her, so she entered Jhilmil’s body to take revenge. Shilpa asks to bring tantrik then. He asks them not to get out ouf hosue and leaves.

Chandan informs Shilpa that Bindiya joined as maid and took care of house well, then he got suspicoius seeing her behavior, she hugged him and revealed she loves him. He fired her from job and sent her away. Shilpa says it is not his mistake. Jhilmil returns and attacks Shilpa and reveals that Shilpa killed her. Shilpa says she did not want to lose Chandan, so she killed Bindiya and reminsces pushing her from terrace. She then blows holy ash on Jhilmil. Jhilmil collapses. Bindiya enters Shilpa’s body and tortures her. She then walks to terrace. Chandan pleads to spare Shilpa, he will give whatever she wants. She points at him. He apologizes Shilpa, falls down from terrace and dies. Shilpa cries in front of his dead body. Bindiya and Chandan’s ghosts are then seen sitting on terrace.

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