Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi, Khushi, Shashuni, and Superstition

Laal Ishq 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya/Adi with his fiance Khushi travels in car to his village in West Bengal/WB. His uncle Majumdar asks how is he. He says god as city people like to change and not like villagers who don’t want to change. Uncle says his father Chaudhry saheb would be very happy seeing him. Adi says hope he could also tell same regarding his father. Uncle feels bad. Adi sees Khushi busy on mobile and asks what is she browsing. Khushi taunts that he is first Bengali who is vegeterian. She further says WB is unique, even its devils and chudail’s names are unique, Shashuni..Majumdar asks her not to take chudail’s name. Heavy air starts flowing and car stops. Majumdar afraid gets out of car with driver and tells they took chudail’s name and car stopped. Chudail is seen on tree. Majumdar tells Shashuni roams near lake and if someone goes in the evening there, she stays on tree and kills newly wed brides especially. Adi laughs. Khushi says she is eager to see his haveli. Adi says he hates his father as he rules on this village as Chaudhry misusing villager’s superstition, so he did not go to his house since long. Khushi asks Majumdar if car is repaired. Majumdar says yes. They all get into car and leave that place. Chudail’s hand is shown on tree.

At haveli, Chaudhry prepares veg paneer dish for Adi. His servant Ghosh praises that Adi will be very happy seeing veg dishes. Chaudhry hopes Adi likes it as he did not return home since years. Adi with Khushi reaches home. His mother with other ladies does their aarti. Ghosh greets him. Adi gets happy seeing him and asks if Chaudhry saheb is busy. Ghosh says he is, but not for Adi. Chaudhdry walks in greeting Adi. Khushi touches his feet. He touches her feet back and says they respect woman as mother and she is his Baumaa and deserves respect. He asks Ghosh to arrange Khushi’s bed in his father’s room next to Adi’s room and call Pandit for wedding muhurath. Adi says he returned here only on one condition that marriage will happen tomorrow and he will leave after marriage. Chaudhry tells Khushi that he will perform pooja whole night as tomorrow is amavasya and all evils will be in full powers tomorrow. Ghosh says evils can harm anyone, they are very powerful. Chaudhry asks Khushi to go and rest now. Khushi goes to Adi’s grandfather’s room and sees his big painting on wall. She then opens window and sees a tree there, remembers Majumdar’s words that Shashuni stays on tree and will harm newly wed brides. She then thinks it is all superstition. She then hears anklet sound and sees anklet shaking un trunk and trunk’s door also shaking. He afraidly walks to trunk and picks anklet and relaxes. She then sees Bengali bridal sari and make up item with bengali bridal crown. She then sees herself in bridal attire and women in living room shouting in bengali style. She sees groom sitting in front of havan for pooja. Groom turns and she is shocked to see Adi’s grandfather. Grandfather walks towards her and she panics. Adi touches her from behind. Khushi panics and says she saw his grandfather. Adi laughs and asks her to relax. They sit on sofa. He gets romantic. She reminds they promised not to get intimate till marriage. He panics that he is seeing his grandfather. Khushi afraidly hugs him. He says he was just joking to hug her. She scolds him. He asks her to sleep and not bother about other’s loose talks. Shashuni is seen roaming in home.

Next morning, an old woman peeps towards home standing near tree. Khushi goes out of house. Woman catches her and says she knows she has come her for marriage, she should go back and save her life. She says Adi’s grandfather loved a woman and wanted to marry her, but woman was sacrified before wedding as per superstitious ritual, that woman has come Shashuni and roams in haveli. Khushi panics. Chaudhry comes there. She says that old woman, sees woman missing. She tells what happened. He asks her not to pay attention to anyone and asks to get ready for tonight’s pooja. He gives her holy pooja thread and asks to keep it with her as protection. Adi passes by and hears Chaudhry ordering Ghosh to make arrangements for sacrifice. Adi warns no innocent animal will be harmed for wrong superstitions, he will not let that happen.

Khushi goes back to her room and at night wears bridal dress and crown. She sees old woman dead in front of tree. She then sees Shasuni in mirror signalling at her cut throat. Khushi panics and holds holy thread, Shasuni disappears, Khushi drops thread in fear, Shashun appears again. Khushi panics. Adi’s mother comes and takes her with her shouting in Bengali style. Chaudhry asks Ghosh if he made sacrifice arrangements, he has sent Adi to temple and he will not come till rituals are complete. He then walks to Khushi’s room and acting as schizophrenic says they have to follow generation old rituals for family’s goodness, that old woman tried to explain that bahu is sacrificed before wedding and becomes shashuni, now he has to sacrifice her to protect his family’s lineage and rule on this village. She tries to run. He pushes her. Adi returns home. Ghosh gets afraid seeing him and asks why did he come so early. Adi asks whose sacrifice they are giving, where is animal, gets suspicious, points sword on Ghosh’s neck and orders to speak. Ghosh tells Baumaa’s/Khushi’s. Adi runs searching Khushi.. Chaudhry slits Khushi’s neck and falls dead. Adi reaches and stands shocked seeing that. He tries to revive Khushi, but sees her dead. He says he will end this superstition once for all and slits his throat and dies. Chaudhry stands crying.

Precap: Tomorrow’s new story’s promo is shown.

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  1. Mona146

    ghost did not do anything. stupid episode.

  2. Agree with u Mona 146…ghost or chudail is just scaring her that’s it

  3. I think the ghost was trying to warn her …..not scare her

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