Laal Ishq 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya, Veer, Raka and Evil Spirit

Laal Ishq 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In 2013, Maya sits on park chair and gets tempted seeing sandwich seller. She then sees someone throwing garbage outside and shouts if he cannot put garbage in dustbin. She picks pamphlet and reads if she wants whatever she needs she should below number 9999999999. Call comes from same number, and Raka asks if she wants whatever she wants, she should come to her. After 5 years, Maya runs into jungle shouting for help. A black evil spirit follows her. Veer while jogging hears her voice and rushes to her. She collapses. He calls ambulance. Next morning, Maya wakes up aand sees herself in someone’s house on bed. Veer walks in with breakfast. She asks who is he. He says he is Veer Mehta, he was jogging nearby when she was seeking help and running. She says she does not remember who she is and what happened last night. Evil spirit reaches there following Maya. Veer says he knows who she is and shows her news on newspaper that she is a big Bollywood film start Maya and says he can inform someone if she wants. She says let her get well first and then she will call someone. He gives her phone and says he has fed his number in it and she can call him if needed. He leaves house. Evil spirit enters house. Maya looks around house and sees Veer’s photo and guitar. Someone knocks door loudly. She opens door and does not find anyone, so she locks door back. She hears door knock again, asks who is it, and opens door worriedly. Servant walks in and says she is knocking door since long, asks if bhaiya is not at home, if she is bhaiya’s guest. Maay sits on sofa looking at magazine. Maid says she has seen her somewhere, she is Sheila and works from here since long. Maya switches on news and sees reporter saying Maya has gone hiding and he arrogant behavior is incurring a huge loss for producers. She sees maid saying it is time to meet her and already 5 years have passed. She gets shocked. Maid gets back to normal and says she looks like film actress Maya and leaves. Maya picks water and hears someone calling her name. She drops glass and picks glass strands injuring her finger. Blood falls on floor and she sees her name written in blood, panics in fear. She walks back in fear and gets more afraid seeing a man inside. she runs into room and locks herself in.

Veer returns after shopping clothes for her and asks if she is fine, she called him and told she saw something weird. She says she does not know what is happening, she is seeing weird things, maybe it is her imagination. He asks what she saw. She says she saw a man and she could see hate in his eyes for her. He says it must be her imagination for her, else who will hate her. He gives her new clothes and says he will prepare food for her. She thanks him and goes to change. He prepares pasta for her. She comes out wearing her gifted gown. Veer says nobody is complementing him, not a worry, he prepared such a lovely pasta. She switches on news and sees her missing new and reporter informs Maya came to Mumbai 6 years ago with a dream to become heroine and she is a top heroine now. She thinks what is happening with her, why can;t she remember anything. Veer serves her pasta and wine and smiles at her. He asks to stop her tension mood. She smiles. He says he is not a businessman but a musician. She laughs and asks to show his talent. He signs Tu Nazm Nazm sa…playing guitar. Evil spirit enters there. Maya gets afraid seeing a man there. Veer asks her to and relax, he will sing for her tomorrow. She goes and sleep and dream of Raka warning to return to her, else she will kill her ruthlessly. She runs to Veer panicking and says she saw someone in home again. Veer says nobody is there except them and makes her sleep on his bed. He thinks he has to find out what is happening with Maya.

Next morning, Veer says he has to find out who she sees and if she can describe him. She says she can draw his sketch and draws it. Veer takes sketch to Maya’s friend who says he is Rohit, Maya’s ex-boyfriend who suicide 5 years ago and only his mother can tell in detail. Veer with Maya reaches Rohit’s house. Mother opens door and asks why did she come back after killing her son, her son suicide because of her and wrote her name in blood on a wall. She curses that Maya’s career should end and she should suffer. Back home, Maya informs Veer that she remembers everything now, she and Rohit were college friends and he became her boyfriend later. She goes for auditions and gets rejected. She then gets pamphlet and goes to meet Raka who asks if she wants love or wealth or fame. Maya says she wants to become successful heroine. Raka says she asked everything once, she will become top heroine and nobody can touch her success for 5 years and shows her future on globe. She says she has to choose either love or success. Maya says success. Raka asks what she will get in return. Maya says she has some money. Raka says she does not need money, but her soul after 5 years, she will submit Maya’s soul to evil. Maya contineus that she chose success, and Rohit suicide and killed himself. Veer asks not to blame herself, Raka killed Rohit. Maaya says after Rohit’s death, she stopped going for auditions, but she got a phone call which changed her life and describes how she became heroine. She then gets best actress award and insults it. Her friend scolds not to ignore her hard work. Maya says she just needs peace of mind. Raka returns after 5 years and says it is 5 years and she has to go to evil, if she does not, she will die. Maya runs no road seeking help, Veer rescues her. Out of flashback, Maya says Raka is waiting for her till now and has to return. Veer says he will protect her as he loves her. Maya emotionally hugs him.

Veer meets professor who informs Raka is evil spirit and hands over good souls to evil. Veer says there must be a way out. Professor says he has to do one thing risking his life. Veer meets Raka who asks if he wants love or success or fame, she came make him anything he wants and can make him a successful singer, but he has to choose between love and success. Veer returns to Raka’s cave with professor and Maya. They invite Rohit via prayers. Rohit enters. Maya says she did not know Raka would take his life. He says he suffered, but would forgive her. His soul leaves earth. Professor then calls Raka who comes and tells Mayha that she did good by returning to hr, now she has to go to evil. She throws black magical power, but Veer comes in front and bears it, then hugs Maya and tells Raka that he chose love and his love is Maya. Maya disappears. Professor says Raka is getting weak, he should try again. Raka returns and drags Maya. Veer throws holy dagger on Maya’s head. Rakia gets destroyed. Maya runs and hugs Veer and says she loves him. They both smile.

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