Laal Ishq 23rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganjeshji Saves Atul From Evil Tantrik Adarsh

Laal Ishq 23rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A toy seller Adarsh passes by holding toys and playing toy drum. Two kids, Atul/Atulya and his friend, walk behind him dancing on drum. Friend’s eyes turn red like evil and he throws his football high in sky, calls Atul and collapses. Atul afraidly runs away from there. Atul’s mom Dhristi prepares Ganeshji’s idol. A man walks in and praises her idol making skills and requests to prepare Ganeshji idol for him. She agrees. Atul comes afraid and hugs her. She asks what happened to him. Toy seller enters and orders idol. She asks him to select one. She slips. Atul holds him. He touches Atul and asks what is his name. Dhristi says Atul cannot speak. Toy seller says god took away one vital organ and made them special. Shristi asks him to sit while she selects idol for him. Atul makes him sit. He gifts drum to Atuulya. His glasses fall down. His eyes are black ghost like. Dhristi walks towards him. He hurriedly searches his glasses and wears them. Dhristi shows him idol. Once he leaves, Atul sees a ghost boy and gets afraid. Dhristi says there is no one here.

Next day, Dhristi goes to deliver finished idols to customers and returns Atul sees ghost boy and panics. He crawls back towards main road when Atul enters and lifts him. He murmurs something in his ears, and Atul laughs. During Atul’s birthday, Atul cuts cake and his friends sing happy birthday for him. Dhristi asks them to have missal pav. Kids see rotten missal pav. Shristi is shocked. Lights flicker. Atul sees ghost boy again and panics. Boys return to their house. Dhristi consoles Atul and calls Adharsh. Adarsh enters and asks Dhristi why she called him. She says Atul was afraid and told he saw some ghost boy. Adarsh pampers Atul and makes him laugh. Atul signals Dhristi that he needs to sleep. Adarsh makes him sleep. Neighbor comes to meet Dhristi and seeing Atul with Adharsh tells Dhristi that Atul needs a father and says since Dhristi’s husband left her, he never returned, so she should remarry for Atul’s sake. Dhristi reminisces Adharsh showering fatherly love to Atul and Atul liking Adarsh. Adarsh says Atul is asleep and he will go now. She asks his Ganesh idol is ready. He says he cannot see, but can just feel. She hold his hand and makes him feel idol and touches him. He touches her face romantically and is about to get intimate when his mother enters and scold him what is he doing, if this woman called him. Adarsh says he came to take idol. Mother scolds him not to get out of house without her permission and drags him away.

Next day, Dhristi sees Adharsh near Atul’s school and speaks to him. He says he is going somewhere. She asks where. He says it is secret. She asks why don’t he get his eyes tested. He says his step mother does not want his vision to return and she married his father for money and even took his eyes for money. Dhristi says she will get his eyes repaired. He asks why she wants to help blind man. She says she wants to marry him and take him to her ophthalmologist friend Ajinkya tonight. He hugs her. She sees ghost boy and gets afraid. In the evening, Atul sees ghost boy again. Dhristi asks him to ask boy what he wants. Boy signals that Adharsh will kill him. Adarsh enters. Boy disappears. Dhristi takes Adharsh to ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologist checks Adharsh and says he needs minor operation. Lights flicker. Ghost boy enters there. Dhristi asks doc to perform surgery today itself. Doctor orders nurse to book another doctor’s operatiion theater. Ghost boy looks nursing going. Adarsh is taken to OT. Nurse informs him his opration will start in 5 min. Adarsh thinks once his eyes are back, he will sacrifice dumb boy Atul and become most powerful tantrik. He reminisces capturing 11 dumb boys and performing kaali pooja for power when 1 boy Raghav dies, thinks that boy spoilt his pooja and is trying to stop him, but he will not stop. At home, Adharsh’s mother reaches and asks Atul where is Adarsh. Atul signals his mother took Adharsh for his eye operation. Mother says Adarsh is a bad man and asks him where is doc’s clinic. Atul takes him along.

Adarsh’s operation completes. He looks at Dhristi and smiles. Dhristi hugs him. Mother with Atul enters and scolds Dhristi that she did wrong by getting back Adarsh’s eyes, he does black magic and used 11 dumb boys for his tantrik pooja, but 1 boy died and he is trying to warn Atul. Dhristi does not believe her. Atul asks not to believe his mother and looking into Dhristi’s eyes hypnotizes her and asks to send her son with him. He hypnotizes even his mother and takes away Atul. Raghav enters and breaks their hypnotism and reveals Adarsh is using 1t boys for his pooja and he died, so Atul is his replacement. Dhristi picks Ganeshji’s idol and walks towards Adarsh’s place saying she will save 11 boys. Adarsh starts his pooja and playing drums hypnotizes 11 boys, orders them to fall in burning fire. Atul walks towards fire and is about to fall in when Dhristi enters with Ganeshji’s idol saying bappa has come to save them. Raghav enters her body. She blows Adharsh who falls into burning fire pit and dies. Dhristi collapses. When she wakes up, she sees 11 kids alive who hug and thank her..

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is seen.

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