Laal Ishq 22nd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shalini’s Belief Does Not Let Her Son Shubam Get Moksh

Laal Ishq 22nd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A thief hiding his face runs and tries to get into a house via window, but gets afraid seeing a hand on the other side of window and runs back. A boy tells his mother says he can see what others cannot see. Next morning, a woman named Shalini/Shalu walks fast towards her home and her husband Karan walks behind her and asks to slow down. They pass by a tea shop where tea vendor cuts news about a dead boy. Shalu and Karan reach home. Karan says he could save this house for her and even if he dies, he is not worried for her future. Shalu looks at name plate with Shalini, Karan, and Shubham written on it, picks keys and opens door. Karan says they should forget past and move on. Tea vendor reminisces entering house and keeping back keys on its place. Shalini sees no power and gets angry that Karan

did not pay attention. An invisible boy runs inside house and shoe prints get improtd on floor. Shalu calls Karan and shows footprints. Karan says it is Shubham’s. He dances with her. Shubham calls Karan from garden to come out and play cricket with him in rain. Shalu asks Karan to go and bring Shubu inside. Karan goes out and Shubham insists to play with him. Karan plays with him and walks in. Shalu shouts don’t enter with wet clothes. They both enter and go to change. Shalu hears a boy calling her mamma. She hears mamma again after sometime and gets afraid, slips down. Karan enters and asks how did she fall. She says she heard Shubam calling her. Karan says Shubham has gone to his parent’s house to watch TV and asks her to get habituated to stay without Shubham. Shalini gets tensed. He says he means Shubham will grow and go away for higher studies. He gets romantic, plays song, and dances with her.

After sometime, boy’s steps fall on floor again and Shalini’s room door opens. Shalini hers mummy and goes down. Footsteps disappear. Shalini calls Shubham and searches him. A boy’s eyes are seen. She then sees Shubham sitting in a corner and looking at her, lights candles and sees Shubham missing. She calls Karan. Karan comes down. She says she saw Shubham right now. Karan says Shubham is not here. She says she will show footsteps and takes him up. She says she saw Shubham here and he has returned, search him. Karan says Shubham is dead and dead people don’t return, reminds her what happened that day. Shalini goes into flashback where Shalni rides car with Karan and Shubam and car meets with an accident, Shubham dies. Out of flashback, Shalini insists that Karan is here and he himself told Shubham is at his grandparent’s house, she will call him. Karan pleads to open her eyes and realize their Shubham is dead.

Next morning, Karan enjoys tea standing near window. Shalini asks if he is busy. He says never for her. She asks to bring back Shubham. He asks what happened to her bandage. She says she is fine now and asks to repay electricity bill as Shubham cannot sleep without fan. Karan leaves. Shalini sees someone passing inside home, gets afraid and asks who is it. She sees someone passing again, picks landline, but it is dead. She then sees someone passing outside, looks out and sees Shubham. She calls tea vendor, but he does not hear her. She tries to open main door, but it is locked from outside. She walks into Shubham’s room and sees his clothes out, thinks who took them out. She then sees Shubham sitting near wall afraid, asks why is he sitting there, how did he get injured, calls Karan. Karan sees some other boy sitting afraid, but Shalini sees Karan in him and says Shubham is very afraid. Karan says he is not our Shubam and asks boy not to worry, they are his friends, asks what is his name. He says Shubham. Flashback of tea seller cutting out boy’s missing news paper ad. aran asks boy if someone kidnapped him. Boy pleads to save him. Shalini says this is our Shubham. She walks reminiscing car accident incident and Shubham’s words and cries holding Shubham’s shoes.

After sometimes, Karan takes Shalini to balcony and says Shubhu shares everything to his mother and never hid anything. Shalini says it is all her mistake, she should not have rode car that day and not let Shubham open window, Karan is paying for her mistake. Karan says nothing works in front of fate, Shalini should let him go and get him mukti from this world. Shalini and Karan then console boy and say they will take him to his parents. They then see a man entering house and hide with boy. Karan sends Shalini and boy in. Shubham’s ash pot falls down. Man throws his shawl and pulls out gun, looks at ash on floor and walks towards Shalini and Karan, but then returns and shoots. Shalni and boy rush towards Karan fearing his life and see Karan alive and man pointing gun on boy to shoot him. Shalini pushes man. Man gets up and shoots Karan, but Shalini bears it on her. Man tries to shoot boy, but Shalini hits him from iron rod and he collapses. Tea vendor walks in and asks boy who killed this man. Boy says aunty. He takes boy away. Shalini asks why did not uncle see us and why she is not bleeding even after bullet hit her. Karan says nobody can see dead people. Shalni then reminisces whole car crashing in accident and 3 dead. She further reminisces tea seller not seeing her. She cries that she could not accept that her Shubham is dead and not get him mukti, and Karan… Karan says he never left her alone. She says because of that boy, their Shubhu got mukti. He says if h e had left her, for whom she would have kept karavaachauth. They both walk holding each other’s hand and Shubham joins them.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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  1. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Amazing Episode! Really heart-touching Episode! Undoubtedly best episode till date. Well-done makers!

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