Laal Ishq 21st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kesar’s Love For Prabhu Forces Her To Return In Manjiri’s Body

Laal Ishq 21st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A woman does lavani dance on Apsara Aali….song…. and she suicides. In a marriage house, groom Prabhu is busy chatting with his friends when he senses someone around. His friends taunt that his newly wed bride Manjiri is waiting for him. He nervously says he will go later. His mother says his son will not forget friends for his wife. Praveen gets tensed sees ghungroom shaking and decorations on stairs breaking. He afraidly walks to his room and sees Manjiri waiting for him on bed. he then hears gunghroo sound again and someone running. His mother comes and touches his shoulder. He gets afraid. She asks why did he come here leaving guests down. Prabhu says he heard ghungroo sound like she used to dance. She takes him out and says nobody heard any sound, she will not accept dancers in her house and he is married a girl from respected family, so he should forget dancer now. HE says where did dancer go. She warns dare not to think about her and go up. Manjiri hears ghungroo sound and gets down from bed. Ghungroos fall on floor. She slips on ghungroos. Gungroo turn into necklace and strangulate her. She fals on bed and bedsheets drapes over her. Praveen walks in and says he wanted to talk a lot with her, but she may be tired and asleep, he will talk some other day. He drapes her bed sheet properly and says aayi/mother gave her something. He brings god’s idol and keeps it on a table next to her. Somewhere around, tantrik does black magic. Havan fire explodes and ghungroos fall in front of him. He pleads this cannot happen, his 50-year-old knowledge cannot go wrong, he will fix everything. Ghost laughs.

Manjiri wakes up in the morning hurriedly. Prabhu brings tea for her. She says she felt someone strangulating her, asks why did he bring tea, aayi told husband is god and she is his servant, she will serve him. He says they both are equal and nobody is superior. She says she will wake up early in the morning and serve him. He says she speaks so much and puts ring in her finger. Ghungroo falls on floor. Manjiri hears it. Prabhu serves her tea and says she will not get it from tomorrow, he prepared it as parents have gone to temple. She walks into bathroom. Prabhu hears ghungroo sound next and senses dancer dancing.

Manjiri cleans cycle and tries to ride it. Naveen comes out and asks what is she doing. She nervously says she was cleaning it. He asks if she knows to ride cycle. She says she has not till now as aayi says women cannot ride cycle. He says he will teach her cycle riding and lifting her makes her sit on cycle and rides it. Cycle stops and they both fall on ground. Ghungroo is seen entangled in cycle wheels. Prabhu gets romantic with Manjiri. Manjiri feels shy and asks him to go and take bath. He walks in. Water in bucket boils. Majiri brooms floor when tantrik enters and asks if she is Prabhu’s wife. She says yes. He says Jamuna tai’s house is prosperous because of his blessings and his life runs on Jamuna tai’s charity. Manjiri gives him charity. He shouts if her parents did not teach her to touch brahmin’s feet. Manjiri touches his feet. He pulls her hair. She shouts for help. Prabhu hears her plead and runs out to her, finds her unconscious on floor. He gets her in and sprinkles water on her. She says that beggar and tells him whole story.

Prabhu angrily walks to tantrik and trashes him shouting how dare he is to harm his Manjiri, he had warned him before to never come near his house. Tantrik says he just married yesterday and loves his wife, but what about the one who loves him purely. Prabhu says Kesar was his friend and dead now, revealing dancer’s name as Kesar. Tantrik says Kesar’s love is pure for him and she has returned for him forever. At home, Manjiri wears ghungoo and behaves like dancer Kesar. Neighbors praise her beauty. Jamuna returns home and gets tensed thinking if Kesar has returned. Manjiri turns. Jamuna’s neighbors yell her bahu just got married yesterday and today showing her true colors. Jamuna scolds Manjiri what has happened to her and drags. Manjiri pulls her back and takes her in and says her and Prabhu’s love story did not complete because of her, she will take revenge from her now. She punishes Jamuna and her husband. A boy informs Prabhu to rush home, bhabhi…Prabhu rushes home and sees Manjiri try to kill his mother. He stops her. Kesasr in Manjiri emotionally says she was waiting for him, she is Kesar and returned for him, Jamna tried to separate them and should die. She attacks Jamuna again. Prabhu calls Kesar. She stops. Prabhu pleads to leave Manjiri. Kesar says he can love her via Manjiri’s body. They go into flashback where Prabhu tells Kesar that he loves her as a friend. Kesar says she loves him and wants to marry him. Prabhu says it is not possible and leaves. Kesar says she will not leave him forever. Out of flashback, Prabhu keeps knife on his throat and warns Kesar to spare Manjiri, else he will kill himself, he loves her as a friend and wants to keep her in his heart as angel, now decision is up to her. Kesaar says he took decision and she accepts and leaves Manjiri’s body. Manjiri wakes up and asks what had happened to her. He says nothing, an angel had come.

After sometime, Manjiri asks Jamuna if angel will return. Jamuna says Kesar promised Prabhu she will not return, so she will not, and ties holy thread on Manjiri for her safety. They hear ghungroo sound and walk into Prabhu’s room and are shocked to see Prabhu disguised as Kesar and tells Aayi that she is Kesar and has returned. Manjiri asks she promised not to return. Kesar says she promised not to enter in Manjiri’s body, Prabhu is her life and will not leave him forever.

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  1. So… I was literally dying to watch Sana again on TV & finally here she was. 🙂

    The other actress who played Kesar was an awesome dancer (y) & did really good in the episode.

    I felt kind of sad for her but as usual the last scene was shocking. Good effort from each of the actors. 🙂

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