Laal Ishq 19th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aryan, Shika, Her Betrayal

Laal Ishq 19th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shikha with her school going niece walks into her house speaking over phone and stands shocked when her husband Aryan falls from terrace and dies in front of her eyes. Police gets Aryan’s body into ambulance after post mortem and informs family it is a suicide case and Aryan left a suicide note not to blame anyone for his suicide. Shikha years Aryan calling her jaan and is shocked when Aryan’s ghost wakes up and holds her hand. She panics and bangs door for help. Her friend opens door. She runs out and says sh saw Aryan. Friend says Aryan left us. Aryan is taken for cremation. Shikha hears jaan again. She sees finger prints on her hand and realizes Aryan really held her hand and it is not her imagination. Her MIL holds shoulder from behind. She gets afraid. MIL consoles that Aryan left us. Aryan’s body is burn. Shikha hears Jaan again and turns, but MIL takes her away. Aryan’s ghost comes out and walks behind Shikha calling her Jaan.

Back home, Shikha wakes up from sleep and hears her mother yelling at her in-laws that Aryan was a coward and left Shikha alone only 3 months after marriage. MIL says she lost her elder son and bahu few months ago and now Aryan is also gone and left them alone, Aryan used to love Shikha a lot and considered his niece as his own daughter. Aryan posses Shikha’s body. Shikha walks down and slaps her mother. MIL apologizes mother and says Shikha never misbehaves, this shows how much Shikha loves Aryan, they will consider Shikha as daughter now. Mother says keep Shikha themselves and walks away. Shikha’s friend shakes her and asks what happened. She gets into her senses and collapses.

Next morning, Shikha lights lamp in front of Aryan’s photo and hears Aryan calling her Jaan again. She gets afraid. Aryan is seen walking around house. Shikha then hears niece Gudiya laughing and walks to her room. Gudiya laughs seeing Aryan entertaining her sitting on rocking chair. Shikha does not see anyone and walks back. She then walks out and then again hearing Gudiya laughing returns. She sees Gudiya flying in air in garden and shouts. Her in-laws walk in. She asks to save Gudiya. They see Gudiya playing peacefully. Shikha relaxes and goes to sleep. Aryan pulls her blanket and then kisses her forehead. She wakes up and shouts seeing Aryan. In-laws rush in and ask what happened. She says she is seeing Aryan. Aryan comes in front of her. She panics that Aryan has returned and is troubling her. She collapses. Shikha is chained in mental assylum. Doctor says Shikha is suffering from psychiatric illness and should be kept under observation tied in chains on bed. Aryan returns calling her jaan and says he had never gone and love did not let him go. Shikha panics as usual.

After 1 year, Shikha is back home combing her hair in front of mirror. MIL informs mother that they have decided to get Shikha married to her and Aryan’s childhood friend Nikhil as Nikhil’s wife also died in car accident. Shikha goes down. MIL informs she should move on with Nikhil as they both can share their sorrows and happiness togeher now. Shikha meets Aryan. Aryan says he is happy she is normal now. Shikha slaps Nikhil and breaks vase on him and walks away. Back home, her MIL asks why did she hit Nikhil when she herself went to meet him.

At night, Aryan returns to Shikha. Shikha panics that she thought he is gone as he did not return for 1 year. He says he had never gone and was watching her every second. He revealed that she killed him and reminisces Shikha speaking to him over phone and forcing him to jump from terrace and suicide as she loves Nikhil and not him. She warns him if he does not, she will kill Gudiya holding knife behind her. Aryan helplessly jumps from terrace and suicides. He then sees Nikhil consoles her and asking not to act much and did not she really is crying. He reveals he even forced her to slap his mother and break vase on Nikhil. He says she is trying to save Nikhil, but he would have died by now. She tries to run out, but he holds her and says he may not save her if she goes out. She runs out and leaves in her car. Aryan stands sadly. Shikha reaches Nikhil’s house and sees him hanging on a tree. She runs to him shouting and cries loudly seeing him dead. She then sees Nikhil’s wife as ghost who says Nikhil killed for Shikha and Shikha killed Aryan for Nikhil, strangulates Shikha and says when all are dead, she should also die and join their club. Aryan comes there and seeing Shikha hanging on noose says he told even he cannot save her if she goes out.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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