Laado 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Malhari gifts ghungroo to Anu for Muh Dikhayi

Laado 29th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu getting ready and thinks about Yuvraj’s words. Yuvraj comes and asks her not to forget about their customs. He looks at her beauty. Meera asks Komal why did she betray Anu and supported Yuvraj. Komal says she helped Yuvraj to take revenge on Anu and now she feels relieved. Rajjo comes there and asks Meera why she is teaching her daughter wrong things. Meera goes. Rajjo says today it is auspicious day and says Malhari and Balwant must be happy. Komal says whatever I have done is for Yuvraj’s happiness.

Anu tries to wear necklace. Yuvraj comes to her and take lace in his hand and tightens it hard. Anu feels suffocated. He recalls his parents’ death. Anu feels suffocated. She asks him to kill her if he feels happiness and if his pain lessens. She says I couldn’t understand how to pay for Dadi’s doings. He leaves the lace and says these wounds are scratching me since 20 years. Anu asks him to do whatever he wants and says she will not complain. Malhari comes and says she came to called for many rasams behind muh dikhayi. Once Anu goes for muh dikhayi, she sees milk and flower petal utensils. She asks Anu to search ring finger. Komal says bhabhi will put her hand first. Anu gets scared. Malhari asks her to put her hand inside and forces her.

Yuvraj puts his hand and asks her to put her hand. Malhari asks what did you think that we will put your hand in hot milk. Yuvraj smirks and finds the ring. Komal says bhaiyya have won. He finds her ring also. He says he will make her wear ring in style. He takes her hand in his hand and forces ring in her finger. Anu says it is of small size. Yuvraj says I know. Anu feels pain as he forces ring on her finger. He says whenever you see this ring, you will feel my pain. Malhari says rasam is done. She says we shall do the sweets rasam. She force feeds chilli sweets in her mouth and laughs. She is about to make her have chilli sweets again, but Yuvraj says they shall go for muh dikhayi.

The villagers gather for muh dikhayi ceremony. Rajjo tells Meera that Yuvraj is controlling his wife better. Malhari lifts the veil. The villager recognizes as Anushka, Amma ji’s grand daughter. Malhari says everyone will be shocked seeing my gift.

Villegers are shocked as well and says what is this gift? Anu looks at Meera and Yuvraj. Bakwant signs Malhari. Malhari asks if she liked the muh dikhayi gift and says saas and bahu gift like of naachnewali and gungroo. She says you have to dance on my tune.

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  1. Santana Russo

    U love him, I get but girl how can u take all that torture. For reals though, if I were u I would leave right after his motive I would leave right away and send the divorce papers. Well, I cannot wait wen u find out that his nefarious cousins r responsible 4 ur older sister’s death. Anyways Yuv ur family r no less guilty than Ammaji. After all they r misogynist rapist n killers.

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