Laado 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Malhari asks Meera to woo Rantej

Laado 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malhari gifting many sarees to Meera from everyone’s behalf. Yuvraj comes there and asks her to make Rantej understand how to behave his wife. Malhari asks Meera to go and check if Vet is treating Lakshmi well. Yuvraj asks her to make him understand. Rajjo says here in village, husbands treat wife this way, this is their love. Anu claps and asks her to ask Komal to bear husband’s taunts.

Meera comes to lakshmi and says it seems you couldn’t become human’s doctor and became Vet. Vishal says you found out and asks her to apply ointment.

Anu says if there is nobody to raise finger on the wrong and stands with women. Malhari says she said right and tells Yuvraj that Anu is right, says Meera and Rantej shall have a baby. Anu smiles. Yuvraj asks her

not to make fun of her. Anu says I don’t need you gyan. Yuvraj is angry. Komal stops him and says Anu is right.

Meera applies ointment on her wound. Malhari comes there and asks her to think if there is nothing left in her life. Meera says she cares for him a lot. Malhari scolds her and asks her to go and get Rantej’s baby, and asks her to woo him. Meera says ok.

Anu comes to the cave and says sorry. Jhunki asks if everything is fine. Anu says yes. She asks where we have to go today. Woman tells Anu that there is a girl Santo in her neighborhood, and says Santo’s father keeps her locked in the room and don’t give him food also. Anu asks about her age and says we will unite her with her lover if her love is true. Laado plays…

Rantej does exercise. He hears people laughing on him, saying man without manhood. Anushka and her team come to Santo’s house and asks her father about her. Her father tells them that they can’t find her. Santo’s father tells her that she must be taking last breath. Anu asks them to pen almari. They rescue her. Anu asks if you are a father or butcher. He says I will kill her if she don’t forget her lover. Anu says you will be punished. Meera comes to Rantej ready in a beautiful saree. Rantej asks where are they? Meera says there is nobody here as I have closed the door. Rantej asks why? Meera says I love you so much, but couldn’t tell you. Rantej asks what nonsense. Meera hugs him and says I know you loves me and says today I want to get lost in you. She asks him to accept her. Rantej pushes her. Meera cries.

Malhari asks meera to die. Anu says we shall get Rantej remarry. Malhari asks Rajjo to get girls’ kundalis for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Santana Russo

    Meera meera meera ??????????????. For reals u don’t have a dignity. U lost the day u ? in this house. Gudluck getting it back. Keep up the ? good work Anu.

  2. Where is the 28th episode update?

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