Laado 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Dhoomal and Balwant get against each other

Laado 24th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej’s brothers Ranveer and Jaydev asking Champa to dance and wear ghungroo. Champa throws the ghungroo and cries. Ranveer gets angry. They hear the noise and come out. Ranveer find fire in the house and tries to set it off, and sees dung in that. Champa smiles. Ranveer calls her mistress and says he will break her teeth. Meera stops him. Security sees Amma ji. Anushka is on road thinking she again came back to place from where she started. Amma ji is about to see her, just then Yuvraj comes infront of Anu, Amma ji couldn’t see her. Anu asks him why he came. He says he came to save her. Anu says you are like other guys also. Yuvraj says you will not believe until anything happens to you. She says she will get him arrested for following her. Yuvraj says he was not following

her and was going to market to get something. Anu looks on. Dushyant slaps Security and says why Rantej and Balwant came till now. Rajjo and Rantej’s wife ask him who dared to do this.

Security guy shows the letter. Ranveer and Jaydev says they shall go and catch that woman. Amma ji feels pain in her leg and hides. She covers herself with shawl. Yuvraj says I was not following you and asks why did she risk her life and respect. She says she came to make urgent call to someone and asks who is he to ask her. Yuvraj sees Ranveer and Jaydev running from there and hides with Anu. He tells him that his cousins are going from there and if they see her then there will be issue. Anu says Veerpur people are double standard.

Amma ji comes to a shop and asks when will Garibpur bus come. He says it will come in the morning. She says ok, and thinks she has to go far. Anu comes to the shop to recharge her number. Shop keeper asks how you are walking in the night alone. Anu asks shall I call Yuvraj Chaudhary. Shop keeper says ok and recharges her mobile. Amma ji is also there, but they don’t see each other. Anu calls her and asks how is she? Amma ji says she is fine. Anu says she came to recharge her phone. Amma ji asks her to reach back hostel and ends the call. She thinks my pain is gone talking to you, and thinks what will happen to Balwant and Dhoomal now.

Dhoomal asks his man to read the letter. Rantej also asks Dushyant to read the letter. Balwant says Yuvraj will read the letter. Yuvraj reads the letter which is written by Amma ji on Dhoomal’s name. In that letter, Dhoomal refuses to handover Amma ji to him. Dhoomal’s man reads the letter in which Balwant chaudhary warns him to give Amma ji to him else his goons will play with his village girls’ respect. Yuvraj reads that Dhoomal is sad as Amma ji just twisted Rantej’s neck and would have distributed sweets in Garibpur if she had broken it. Yuvraj laughs reading it. Rantej gets angry on Yuvraj and holds his neck. Balwant asks him to take out his anger on Dhoomal.

Balwant asks Yuvraj to continue reading. Yuvraj says I can’t read it further and says sorry. Dushyant takes the letter and reads it seems your wife Malhari Devi is unhappy after spending night with you and says bhabhi will be happy when your ego breaks. Balwant slaps Dushyant and says crushes the letter with his hand. He says Dhoomal…you have dig your grave with your hands. He says now see my manly power. Amma ji is walking to go back to Veerpur. Dhoomal spits on Balwant Chaudhary’s manhood and says your time ends, and my time starts. Amma ji plays..

Rantej’s men try to rape Garibpur girl. She shouts for help. Amma ji looks on. Yuvraj warns Rantej not to harm any girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Santana Russo

    Poor Yuvraj, he is related 2 nefarious n disgusting family. Well Ammaji as always rox n is very clever. I just luv her she is the best n the star of the show.

    1. So true. Powerful performances and great story. Love watching this show just for ammaji.

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