Laado 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Juhi is introduced, Anu decides to search her

Laado 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo asking Pandit to have food after performing Malhari and Inder’s marriage. Pandit says he is getting late. Inder asks Sevak to bring water for Pandit ji. Malhari tells Inder that you did right to send Rantej to jail. Inder says it is his responsibility to think about her happiness. Sevak gives him water. Pandit ji drinks it and assures Malhari that he will not tell anyone. He turns to leave, and falls down and dies. Rajjo, Dushyant and Tej are shocked. Malhari asks Inder why did he kill him? Inder says it was needed and promises to Malhari that he will make her win in elections. Anushka comes to Shaurya’s house and knocks on his door. She says I need your help, only you can answer me. She gets inside and calls his name. She sees him sleeping and asks him to wake up. Shaurya pulls her closer and asks why she wants to come closer to him now, when he was coming closer. He asks why she comes near him when she thinks he is not suitable for her. Rabba Mere Rabba Plays….Anu thinks how to ask him about Juhi.

She asks him to tell him about everything. Shaurya asks her to tell about Janu first and says you are suffocating from within and asks who was that Janu? Anu says you came to your reality? Juhi wanted your help, but you kept a condition. She says it is not love which you talks about. Shaurya asks her not to doubt on his love and asks her to leave. Anu leaves.

Amrish tells Shagun that kajal has kept soapy water in his wine bottles. Shagun asks him not to say anything to Kajal else her parents will scold him. Dharam comes there and says your problems will end now, once you take Juhi’s signature on the papers, you will get all property. Shagun and Amrish rejoices.

Malhari asks Inder about his daughter Juhi. He says she is a princess, but have no attitude. Malhari says she will spoil her. Dushyant says I will go and check if the room is ready. Inder asks where she will stay? Malhari says I got Anushka’s room ready. Inder asks Servant to keep his stuff in her room and says he will stay in her room as she gets bad dreams in night. Rajjo tells Malhari that he is much worried about her. Malhari is doubtful.

Amrish tells Shagun that they are one signature away from becoming crorepati. Anu comes there and says sorry for not calling them back. Amrish asks where were you? Anu recalls going to Shaurya’s house. Shagun says it is ok, if you don’t want to say and tells that Kuldeep went to bank and manager asked him to get Juhi’s signs. Kuldeep brings papers and gives to Anu asking her to sign. Anu recalls Dadi’s words that Shagun is her step mom. She thinks until I am staying here as Juhi, it is my responsibility to take care of her property. She asks can I drink water and tells that it was very hot outside. Amrish gives her water and says if you don’t drink water then you will get dehydrated. Anu takes the glass and breaks it injuring her hands. Shaurya’s hand also get injured with knife. Shagun sees blood and asks Amrish to bring first aid box. Anu thinks she has to search Juhi. Kajal come and gets scared seeing blood coming out from her hand. Dadi comes and asks Anu to come with her. amrish takes papers. Juhi comes in her car with Dasis and looks scared. Malhari, Rajjo and Dushyant looks at her. She looks at Inder.

Anu thinks where is Juhi? Malhari asks Juhi to tell her name. Inder holds Juhi’s shoulder and asks her to tell her name. Juhi hesitantly tells that she is Juhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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