KZK: The charm of red dupatta (Episode 1)

The charm of red dupatta is the narration of the lives of the characters of Kasauti Zindagi Kay. It is a weird creation by me to explore what happen if negative character become positive and positive becomes negative.

The show starts with introduction of Prerna and her younger sister Komolika. Prerna is responsible, witty and selfless but Komolika is intelligent, clever and overprotective of her sister Prerna. They are to complete their final year of their college. The sisters are sharing a special bond of friendship.

Bajaj Mansion is shown. Rishabh Bajaj is introduced as the most successful businessman and the owner of Bajaj Enterprises. Rishabh is a young, responsible and a selfless boy and moreover he is called the desirable man. Though he is successful in his bussiness, his quest for knowledge is not reduced. He joined college to study Hotel Management. His family consists of Maya Bajaj (Rishabh’s mom) and Soniya (Rishabh’s grandma) and Kuki ( Rishabh’s sister)

[Unlike the original version, Rishabh is a dynamic youngster. Maya and Siniya are the imaginary characters. The relationship between Kuki and Rishabh is modified here.]

At the evening time, Prerna and Komolika is about to leave the college. The college students are gathered to the football ground and encouraging a guy. Prerna and Komo go to the ground. They are encouraging Rishabh who is playing football and they even know Rishabh is good in football. Prerna asks Komolika whether he is the successful businessman. Komo nods. Prerna asks why is he spending time in those things. Komolika says, “It is his simplicity. Maybe He wants to run behind his passion rather than money.” Prerna asks her to be quite. Komolika kids Prerna and says, “You’re getting angry when I speak about Mr.Rishab and
you have some feelings for him “. Prerna is about to take Komolika from there. Wind blows. Prerna’s red dupatta falls on Rishabh and he hits a goal. Audience got excited and carry him on their hands. Rishabh leaves them and give the dupatta to Prerna as he saw Pre is searching her dupatta. Prerna and Rishabh share a eyelock. Tum hi ho song plays.

Rishabh leaves from there and he thinks about Prerna. He is confused about his feelings for Prerna. He thought that he never fall in love. He says his problem to Kuki. Kuki kids him. She says, “I will meet my bhabhi soon it seems. I am happy that you get your soulmate.” Prerna and Rishabh reminsces the red dupatta. Kasauti song plays. Rishabh resolves to befriend Prerna.

Basu’s mansion is shown. Anurag is introduced as a drunkard as he is in despair over his breakup. Mohini tries her best to cure Anurag. But in vain. Anurag is a handsome, attractive and carefree young lad but actually a psychopath who wants everything to be done in his wish. Nivedita, Tapur and Rakhi are Anurag’s sister and they are doctors. Nivedita could not bear to see her brother’s condition. Many of the girls rejected Anurag because of his aggressive behaviour. Nivedita resolves to find a bride for Anurag within 15 days.

Precap: Prerna and Rishabh start their friendship. Komolika saves Anurag from an accident. Kuki and Prerna bonds eachother without knowing their identities.

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      Thanks Sarah for your support. Keep reading my fanfiction.

  1. Tooooo good???????

    1. Shesha485

      Feeling happy for your comment. Keep supporting friend

  2. Frankly speaking I never watch this show,but I like your ff. In your ff you mention that you made positive character as negative and negative as positive. Sounds interesting. Keep going?? and stay safe.

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks friend. Keep supporting. Even I didn’t watch this. But I love the cast for their previous shows. Stay tuned for the second episode.

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      Your welcome????.

  3. Can you please make. Fanfriction of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi please.

    1. Shesha485

      Yeah, soon you’ll get the fan-fiction of KRPKAB. Stay tuned for the second episode.

  4. Can you please make fanfriction of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi please.

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      A fan-fiction of Kuch Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is made now. Kindly check it in Sambandh-Kismat Ka Khel

  5. Jasminerahul

    nice showed prerna kamolika as lovely sisters which I loved the prerna said does kamo like rishab?rishab playing football was surprising.prerna’s red duppatta falling on rishab. …eye lock with tum hi bgm was romantic.liked kuki bajaj bonding.what is kuki’s age is in this ff? shocking that anurag is drunkard as he had love failure.but who was his ex girl friend?who is kamolika here? hina or aamna? lovely banner.lovely title

  6. Shesha485

    Thanks for your valuable comment, jasminerahul. Your answers are , Here Komolika is Aamna as you witness Hina in other role. The story won’t focus at Anurag’s gf. Kuki’s age is probably 20. Keep supporting, friend.

  7. Aadat

    OMG!! This is so freaking weird ? ? ?

    Komolika is Prerna’s younger sister and Kuki is Rishabh’s sister?? ? ?

    Mr. Bajaj is young here and his mother’s name is Maya??

    are you sure this is not MAYA from Beyhadh aka Jennifer Winget KSG’s ex????

    This FF should be called SILSILA Badalte Rishton Ka??

    Anurag is pretty much the same. The same PYSCHOPATH who killed Prerna by pushing her off the cliff.
    Not at all surprised by his character here ? ? ?

    Anurag never mattered to me. I only watch KZK for Karan as Mr. Bajaj. Parth and Erica can’t even act properly.
    But later I gradually started accepting Karan and Erica as an couple, and eventually became a fan of PreRish.
    It wasn’t easy after still being a die-hard fan of Karan and Surbhi, but it wasn’t impossible. I wish Karan is the lead of the show and PreRish wins over anupre. But it doesn’t look like my wish will ever get fullfilled. I hope at least this ff has PreRish as an couple.You seem like an crazy writer by the way.
    GOOD LUCK for running this ff till ending ??


    ? ? ?

    1. Shesha485

      I actually forgot Maya factor here. Anurag wise, he have some guts unlike original version. Your wish RishPre may become possible.

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