KYY Season 3 : The Hidden Love (Episode 11)

Nandini takes him to SPACE. Manik asks “Which monument is this now?”

Nandini bursts into laughter. “Monument? Like seriously.. You blurt out any silly thing..”

Manik : Then tell me. Why are here?

Nandini : Love.

Manik : Love?

Nandini : Let me complete. Love and friendship. This is where Fab five studied. Now that we are friends I think you should be familiar with our hangouts and hotspots.

Manik : Yep! Great idea. But how will we get in? Its closed right?

Nandini : The fence. We will climb up those wall and reach the other end.

Manik : Are you out of your mind? We cant do that.

Nandini : Okay fine then. You ask the watchman to let you in at this hour of day and then he might take you to the cops at worst scenario and then have fun behind the bars.

Manik : Fine lets climb the wall.!

Nandini asks Manik to help her in climbing. He gives her his hand and Nandini gets on the top of the wall. She gives back her hand to Manik and he also gets there and jumps the other side.
Nandini gets scared as it was at a height. “No Manik. I cant do it.” she shrieks in fear.

Manik : Oh common. Don’t waste time. Don’t worry I ll catch you. Trust me.

Nandini jumps and falls on top of Manik. He holds her weight. They share an eyelock an intense one… And are lost in each others arms. They realise their state of position and straighten themselves.

Manik thinks “I don’t know what happens to me whenever i m around her. Its something different. A weird feeling.”

Nandini : Ok Manik first we will go to the Jam room. Where you all will practice.
She takes him there. Manik sees the room and says “Wow great place.”

Nandini : Really . Anything else? You want to say.

Manik : Nothing really.

Nandini : Okay. Now the Cafeteria.

They go there “How about this place?”
Manik : Splendid!

Nandini : Huh?

Manik : What should I say. I mean why are you asking me. How is this how is that. Its really irritating.

Nandini : Duh huh. Sorry for being so formal.

Manik : Nope its okay.

Nandini tells him “I m hungry. I ll make a sandwich.” First of all she keeps money and a sorry note.

Manik : Why is that important?

Nandini : I don’t want us to steal.

Manik : Fine just get the sandwich prepared. Till then I will wander around and check out the place.

Nandini : Fine..

Manik goes to the corridor and moves to the store room. Now its the same room where Manik and Nandini were locked up once(Hope you remember.)

Manik gets the glimpses of a girl falling. She cried out. Manik starts feeling heavy and soon falls down unconscious.

Nandini waits for Manik all over but he has not returned yet. She starts worrying for him and looks around him. Alas! she finds him unconscious and gets scared

Nandini : Manik! Are you okay.?

She tries to make him conscious but all in vain. She tries to call Fab five.
Cabir picks up the call.
Nandini : Hello Cabir. Come to SPACE ASAP. Manik has fainted I don’t know what to do…

Cabir : Nandu you stay there. We will pick you guys.
Fab five get in their jeep and drive to SPACE. There they encounter the watchman.

Mukti : Our friends are inside. One of them has fainted.

Watchman : What? Lets go quickly.

They rush inside and see Manik knocked unconscious and Nandini continuously crying.

Mukti : Calm down Nandini. Cabir and Dhruv you guys pick him up and take him to the hospital.

Manik is taken in the emergency ward. Meanwhile everybody is tensed about Manik’s deteriorating condition.

Aliya : I hope he gets alright soon. I cant see him like this.

Mukti : He will be okay. Don’t worry. He is our fighter Manik.

Nandini couldn’t utter a word. She was really scared of the thought of losing Manik. “It’s all because of me. How could I be so selfish. I love you Manik.”she thinks

She sees through the door and sees Manik’s face his eyes still closed and his eyebrows crossed.

Dhruv : Nandini and everyone ! I think we should not push him hard. I have already talked to the doctor earlier. He said it would not be advisable to just go and show him everything right away. We have to take care of him like an infant. Otherwise we might…

Mukti : We might????

Dhruv : We might lose him..

Aliya : Oh shut up Dhruv! Say something good. I m dead sure he will be fine.

Dhruv : Aliya I was just..

Aliya : You were just.. You were just trying to get rid of us..

Cabir : You guys stop fighting! Now we have to think about Manik. We have to slow down

Dhruv : No we can’t !.

Mukti : Why?

Dhruv : Nyonika and Soha. I m sure they will get to know about Manik’s arrival to India soon. So we cant slow down .

Aliya : I think first of all we should make him get into our band with all his blood and flesh. Once he is into fab five it wont be a problem because you know hoe Manik is when it comes to Music and Fab five !

Cabir : Yes you are right.

Nandini was still in trauma. She wanted to rush inside and give Manik a never ending hug and lots and lots of kisses. She starts reminiscing all her moments with him “You don’t remember anything Manik?”

Precap : Doctors say Manik might slip into coma due to such attacks. You all have to be careful.

Painful dreadful worst update ever right guys ?? I know you all cant see Manik and anyone in pain! Don’t worry he will be alright soon
Drop your feedback down there and please do tell me how you found this season so far… Is it good enough to be continued ?? Waiting for your response like a maniac…….?

@All my readers.. Love you and a tons of hugs ? ..

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  1. Superb… Waiting to see them happy..
    Plz continue ur ff

    1. Tysm DEA..

  2. Wowww…. ANU u r doing a fab job…. i am literally enjoying these episodes…. well done!!!!!!??

    1. I m glad that you are liking it sm Navneet. Ty fr reading !!!

      1. Hey ANU u haven’t posted the next episode waiting for it eagerly..

    1. Ty keep reading.

  3. Nice one

  4. Ofcourse anu!! This is an amazing work!!! I love it crazily!! Do well in ur boards too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Loved d epiii!!! Manik’s such a cutiepie!!! Fab 5 and MaNan = Life!!
    P.S- I hope even my prelims go well ๐Ÿ˜›
    you’re freakin’ awesome anu!! Keep writing dear ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Plumpyyu!! My dearie or shud I call Manik lover ? ATB for your exams… I also have mine from 16… Physics first !! Ty for reading and commenting . Your words always bring smilez on my silly face…

  5. Amazing

    1. Ty dea…?

  6. Epi is nice love u

    1. Aww love u too babe. Ty for reading..

  7. Ohhh so sad yaar

    1. Sadness is part of life too… Ty for reading

  8. doing grtt job dear…continue…can bring twists by bringing soha and nyonika to india…just to make it more funnn….

    1. already thought abt that… thank you so much lovely !!! you are rlly lovely !!!!!

  9. Wow that was one emotional episode, OMG i hope manik is fine, I cant see him in pain, aww Nandini is so cute I hope Manikr remembers soon so they can be together again and Nandini can smile too.thank you for putting A little Dhruv and Alya fight meant a lot, your doing a great job.

    1. yes he will be !!! dont worry at all… and next episode would focus on the other lovy duvy too.. i mean mukbhi cavya and dhrulya…. most manan !!!!

  10. i hope some miracle happen and manik regain his memory and consiousness…………….anu good going………..all the best for ur xams

    1. aww… i know thats what everyone wish. but sorry babe wish not granted… manik will regain his memory only after a lots of drama and confrontations. till then u gotta wait Priya.. i too hav a friend name priya… ty sm for going on reading and commenting, it means a lot to me,…

  11. When is manik gonna get his memory back…?

  12. Yep I m luving kyy s3..ur updates are great dear??good job.keep continuing

  13. Ahhhhhh, very emotional and heart melting episode…plzz manik wake up…I wanted you to fall in love again with nandini…but u fainted…no honeyyy don’t do this anu my dearyyyy…precap very scaryyyy manik can be in coma…nooooo…not at allll…nandini so much in pain so do all of us…plzzzz manik come back…eagerly waiting for the next episode, anu my sweeeeeet friend, all the best for your exams and get very good grades in every subject…love you loads…

  14. Where hell is next update???????? I really want was happening????????
    Plzzz update!!!!

  15. love u
    am a big fan of manan
    thanks for delighting me by writing this update

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