Kyy season 3 and Ishq Mein Marjawan (3~Encounter With Fab5)

“I don’t think they know us, we are Raichands, I m the only heir of Raichand empire named as Virat, and this is my sister Tara, don’t mess with us,” Virat warned. “Sure, if you say so,” Cabir said.

“Good for you,” Tara said and started walking away with Virat. “Oye Tara ka sahara,” Cabir called and they turned creasing their eyebrows. “You idiot, what you called him? Can you please repeat?” Tara asked with full attitude. “Tara ka Sahara,” Cabir simply repeated, Dhruv giggled turning his face as he found it funny. “Yeah right, Tara ka sahara, he’s my biggest support, any problem? Cabir the fakeer,” Tara taunted and Virat laughed. “Don’t waste your time and let’s go,” Virat said taking her.

“Hey, who the hell are you? You will talk like that with my friends in front of me?” Mukti said and they again stopped rolling their eyes. “Yes I will, I will pray that God gives you mukti (peace)” Tara said. “Enough, it’s the limit,” Manik said and Tara looked at him, she immediately recognized him. “Oh so sorry,” Tara said and left with Virat rolling her eyes. (Imagine Tara’s whistle in the background). She stopped all of a sudden along with Virat.

They turned to them. “Sorry my foot, Manik the tantric, I just collided with you all, next time you people come in front of me, I will smash your ugly faces, the stupid five,” she said and finally walked away with Virat. “Tara, how come you became so sassy?” He asked. “When someone will irritate me, I also won’t leave them, you know very well that why I came here, you know the real reason, no one else does, I am sassy only when I m with you,” she told him. He side hugged her for sometime while walking.

“They don’t look good to me,” Virat said. “But I will take my revenge by becoming good,” she told him. “That’s the spirit,” he said as they reached the principal’s office. “Good afternoon ma’am, good afternoon sir ,” Tara greeted Nyonika and the principal cheerfully and shook hands with both of them. “Good afternoon miss?” Nyonika asked her name. “Tara.. Tara Raichand,” she said confidently. Manik entered inside. “Nyonika, don’t give her admission over here, she’s messing with the fab5, with us,” he said smirking at her. “Oh, so now you will tell me? Get out!”

“I will, I will, but you know that I am Nyonika, I mean this woman’s son,” Manik was cut in between. “Hello mister, please don’t interfere, you’re no one to say all this, I think some people don’t know how to respect their mother,” Virat said. “Giving admission to people is my job and it’s my responsibility to decide whether the new comer is eligible for it or not, you’re just the trustee’s son and that’s me, I don’t see them wrong in any way, you may go now,” Nyonika told Manik.

“I am going but by taking admission over here, you’ve invited trouble for yourself, goodbye people,” Manik said and went. He saw Nandini waiting for him. “Manik, who were they? And why were you telling Nyonika not to give them admission?” Nandini asked. “Not them but only her,” he told her. “Only her? I don’t think so,” Nandini said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Uh oh, why you’re always into becoming a detective? Enjoy your life my dear, not everyone like you can have such a peaceful life,” Manik said and they went from there to fab5 who were sitting on stairs. “Guys, there’s a news for you all, both types,” Manik said.

“And what’s that?” Mukti asked. “That Raichand girl is taking admission in here, and I think Nyonika will definitely give her an entry over here, so it’s a good news, we will be able to get our tiny revenge, bad news is that Soha is alive, and I fear that once again I will have to go to jail,” he said and sighed. Cabir stood up from the stairs. “Chill yar, why are you tensed? Did you try to kill her?” Cabir asked and Manik nodded in negative. “I am not that bad.”

“So why are you fearful?” he asked. “Yes Manik, even if the case reopens, we will be in favor of you,” Nandini assured. “Yes buddy, we all know you can never do such a thing,” Dhruv said. “I hope she stays away from us, blo*dy psycho,” Alia said. “Guys just leave all that, I have a brilliant good news, Abhimanyu is back, he’s alive, party to banti hai, right?” Mukti asked trying to cheer their mood. “What? Abhimanyu? Congrats Muku, it was a brilliant news,” Nandini said cheerfully and hugged her. “Happy for you, not everyone has such good luck,” Alia said looking at Dhruv.

He felt guilty of what he did. “Yes Alia is right, not everyone has such luck, just like me, I was giving my parents a son in law instead of a daughter in law,” Cabir said and laughed. “Bad one Cabir,” Manik said as no one laughed. “Sorry about that,” Cabir said. “No sorry and no thank you in friendship,” Manik said. “Guys I know this Soha’s news is troubling you but think from Aryaman’s point of view, it would be the biggest happiness for him, after all he loves her so much,” Nandini said.

Navya came there. “Who loves who?” she asked totally confused. Nandini told her everything. “Oh but what if..” Navya was cut in between. “Relax, Aryaman will make her understand if he’s our friend for real,” Nandini said. “Guys let’s just go and party, jo hoga dekha jayega,” Mukti said and they all walked away together. Virat and Tara looked at them from behind a pillar. “Let them party for now Tara, but later we will also see them,” Virat said and Tara smiled. They walked away from there. (Imagine Tara’s whistle from IMMJ in the background) while going, Tara stopped hearing something.

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