KYY season 3 and Ishq Mein Marjawan (2~The New Comer)

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The girl in the hospital was given a mirror and she looked at her face and smiled. The man came inside. “Beautiful,” she praised herself. “Yeah, you look beautiful, after all you are my sister so you have to be beautiful,” he too praised her smilingly. “Bhaiya, now we will go home finally, right?” she asked. “Of course Tara, don’t worry, and remember everything I told you, okay? No one should doubt you,” he said. “No one will doubt me, you will also be there, so I don’t need to worry, thank you so much Virat bhaiya,” she said smilingly.

“Welcome, doctor can you make her discharge papers ready?” he told the doctor. “Yes, you will need to come and do the formalities,” the doctor said and Virat went with him. “Manik, here I come,” she said and smiled looking down. Aryaman was passing by the corridor when he met Nyonika. “So, revenge is going in flow?” she asked. “Shut up, just shut up, I did so much bad with him, that death was just an accident you blo*dy fool, neither I need your company and nor Harshad’s company, fab5 and Nandini are the best friends one can luckily get.”

Aryaman went from there. Nyonika smiled. “Aryaman doesn’t knows that his sister is not yet dead,” she said and called a person, he was Avinash Khurana, Soha’s father. “Hey, so did Soha come in her senses?” she asked. “I don’t know where is she, I don’t know who took her,” he replied worriedly. “What? You lost her? She was the only pawn against Manik, and you’re saying you lost her? Find her, if she comes here, it will be a problem,” Nyonika said angrily and disconnected the call and went from there but was unknown of the fact that Nandini had overheard her conversation.

“Soha is alive? So my doubt was right, I wonder how will I find her,” she said and went to Manik who was sitting with fab5. She signed him to come and talk as it was important. He came excusing himself. “What happen?” he asked. “I heard Nyonika talk to someone, she was saying did Soha come in senses, and then she said that with whoever she was talking with, has lost Soha, and she said if she comes here it will be a problem,” she told him. “Oh, so that’s what’s bothering you? Come on.”

He took her by hand. “Manik where are we going?” she asked. “To Aryaman,” he told her. “No Manik, if we tell him now, he will take action and Nyonika will know that we know the secret, we should go to the hospital where she was, City Hospital, I remember because even I was admitted there, so let’s go there,” she suggested. “Hmm, smart ha, come,” he said and they walked out of the college. Mukti and Abhimanyu made each other drink wine in the pub. “Will you dance?” he asked. “Sure, anytime with my lover boy,” she agreed smilingly.

Tumse Hain Din Mere Tumse Hain Raatein.. Tumse Hai Raahat Meri..

Tumse Hain Pal Mere, Tumse Hain Kal.. Tumse Hai Chahat Meri..

Ab Rahna Hai Sang Tere Hi Mujhe Ab Jeena Hai Sang Tere Hi Mujhe.. Ab Rahna Hai Sang Tere Hi Mujhe Ab Jeena Hai Sang Tere Hi Mujhe..

Teri Saanson Mein Aise Bas Jaaon.. Juda Koi Na Kar Paaye.. Teri Baahon Mein Yoon Simat Jaaoon.. Juda Koi Na Kar Paaye.. Ho Koi Bhi Safar, Sath Chalna Mujhe.. Bepanah Meri Jaan, Main Chahunga Tujhe.. Chahe Le Le Mera Imtahaan..

Teri Saanson Mein Aise Bas Jaaon.. Juda Koi Na Kar Paaye.. Teri Baahon Mein Yoon Simat Jaaoon.. Juda Koi Na Kar Paaye..

Virat and Tara entered their house. “Home sweet home,” he said and she smiled. Meanwhile Manik and Nandini went to City Hospital to ask about Soha. “She is dead,” the doctor told them. “But she was here only few days ago and she was alive, but someone took her,” Nandini said. “Tell else I will have to do it by hard way,” Manik threatened. “What hard way? Are you going to bribe me?” Doctor asked with disgust. Manik calmed his anger a little. “Yes, I will bribe you.”

On the other side, Virat brings Tara to a room and stopped outside the room because the door was closed. “Tara, remember whatever I told you to do, no one should doubt you,” he said and she blinked in assurance. “You be outside only,” he said and went inside. “Mom, look who came,” he said and his mom looked up who was sitting lost. He went and opened the door and Tara came inside smilingly and sat near Roma(their mother). “Mom, I missed you a lot,” she said and hugged her, she closed her eyes tightly, a lone tear fell from her eyes.

On the other side, Manik and Nandini continued asking about Soha and someone came to them from behind and tapped on Manik’s shoulder. They both turned to see Avinash. “Why are you finding Soha now? Even if she’s alive, you will go and kill her like before? I know you don’t care whether she lives or dies because since you would’ve got the news of her death, you both would’ve been jumping in joy from inside, it has been rightly said that one’s tragedy is other’s entertainment,” he taunted them. Manik rolled his eyes. Nandini frowned.

“Uncle please, just look at us, do you really think that other’s tragedy might be our entertainment? Like seriously? We were finding Soha to make Aryaman meet her, to bring the siblings together, if you try to blame Manik once again, then you will see my worst side,” she said and they went from there. On the other side, Tara broke the hug and saw Roma smiling. “Thank God mom you smiled, it was as if my world had darkened seeing your smile fade,” Virat said. “Mom sorry, I won’t go again, I love you,” she said and Roma pulled her ear.

“If you ran, I will make the dogs eat your ears,” Roma threatened in a funny way and Tara laughed. “OK mom, I won’t go,” she said. “Tara, come now let’s go meet Deep as well, he might be waiting for the surprise,” he said and took her from there to Deep’s room. “I hope you remember each and everything,” he said and she smiled. “I remember,” she said and he opened the door for her and Deep stood near Tara’s photographs. Tara went inside tiptoeing towards him and hugged him from behind. “Surprise!” she shouted enthusiastically. He touched her hands. He felt weird at first but then smiled.

He kissed both her hands and she smiled. “I missed you Deep,” she said and he turned to her and kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes. “I missed you too,” he said and there was a knock on the door, Virat came in. “Actually, Tara wanted to get admission in the best music college and that’s Space Academy, and I m taking her now, sorry to disturb, but can I take her?” he asked. “Of course,” Deep replied and smiled. Virat left with Tara. They entered Space Academy.

They were walking to the principal’s office when they collided with fab4 (Manik is not there). “New admission, behen ji?” Alia asked. “Who did you call behen ji? Just because I don’t wear shirt dresses like you, doesn’t makes me behen ji, our body is our own property so we shouldn’t show it and be sl*tty my dear, covering your body isn’t a bad thing, right bro?” she told Alia and then Virat. “Of course little sister, I don’t think they know us, we are Raichands, I m the only heir of Raichand empire named as Virat, and this is my sister Tara, don’t mess with us,” Virat warned. “Sure, if you say so,” Cabir said.

A/N: Do you think Cabir will seriously stop? Who do u think took Soha? What do u think Virat told Tara? Where was Tara since a long time? Will MaNan be able to find the truth? Will Aryaman ever know the truth? Don’t worry I won’t include whole IMMJ cast.

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