Kyy season 3 (1~Mystery Yet To Be Solved)

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[Hey guys, remember me? Couldn’t write other ffs here as they were being posted on other couple too so if u want to read them, follow me on wattpad… Salley145 is the username, happy reading]


She was running through the corridors of Space Academy, her hair from front were pulled up in a puff and rest of the hair were in front of her shoulders which were flying behind her as she ran. Her hands carried a pile of books as she ran and a bag hung on her shoulder. She wore blue knee length midi and wedges. She approached a man sitting on the stairs and hugged him. “Manik today I m so happy as now finally Aryaman knows that you are innocent about Soha’s death,” she said sat beside him. He smiled widely.

“One thing is still bothering me Nandini,” Manik said. “What is that?” she asked worriedly. “Was Soha really dead or was she just claimed as dead to trap me?” Manik said. Nandini got thinking. On the other side in some hospital, a girl was sketching Manik’s sketch, her eyes were wide as she sketched. Nandini finally spoke up after a long gap. “Manik, I hope there’s nothing like that, but for your sake, I will find out about her, for Aryaman, he has suffered a lot of pain,” Nandini said. “You are right, we should find out about her soon.”

The girl in hospital drew Manik’s jawline and on the other side Manik rested his head on Nandini’s shoulder. The girl drew his whole face and smiled and removed the paper from her lap. Her face was wrapped in a bandage. A man came in the ward. “Hey, I told you to rest, right? C’mon lay down, no arguments,” he said. “But bhaiya, I am tired of laying whole day, when will this bandage be removed from my face? Its irritating, since when m I here?” she asked keeping away the sketch. “One week, and after some time..,” he was cut off in between.

“One week?” she asked in a shock. “Yes now you lay down, just some time more and this bandage will no more be there on your face,” he said and made her lay. He went out of the ward and frowned. “Manik, you can’t be worried all the time, go have fun with your friends, if Soha is out there then she will definitely won’t come to you again as in her eyes, you tried to kill her,” Nandini said. On the other side, the girl with the bandaged face smirked. “He tried to bury me but he doesn’t knows that I am a seed.”

Manik stood up and leaned onto the railing, she looked up at him and she too stood up. “I don’t feel like going anywhere,” Manik said. Just then they heard an announcement. “Hey people, Manik is lost somewhere, oh sorry not somewhere, actually he’s lost in someone’s eyes, not someone’s eyes actually, but Nandini’s eyes, ha ha ha! Thanks for listening carefully,” said the voice on the microphone and they immediately recognized it to be Cabir and Manik got irritated while Nandini was smiling getting shy. They walked away from there.

Cabir was roaming here and there when he collided with Navya. “Hey, Madhubala, kahan chali sawari aapki?” he asked teasing her. “Where Nandini is, obviously,” she replied totally irritated. “Spit out the anger Madhubala, friends?” he asked forwarding his hand for a handshake. “Cabir, I will talk to you later,” she said. “Promise baby? You know very well that not even one of us takes a no,” he said teasingly. “OK fine,” she said and sighed and walked off from there. Mukti was coming up the stairs when someone surprised her from behind the wall in joker’s attire. She gasped.

She just kept on looking at the face of the person in shock. She started losing her balance and the person held her waist securely. A smile formed on her face and within seconds, she hugged the person. “Abhi.. Abhimanyu, you’re alive? I mean how is that possible? You died, you wrote that letter and left a toy joker for me,” she said in a go. “Relax relax. At least breathe in between dear Muku, I got saved, and do you know how I got saved? By your prayers of course, everything is fair in love and war, even if it is coming out of the dead.”

She chuckled.

Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Ab to mera dil, jaage na sota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai

Aliya was sitting in the cafeteria of the college and was continuously eating chocolates. Her face was full of chocolate around her lips. She got up from there and went to washroom and washed her face. Suddenly she puked all the chocolate and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Again this growing tummy, I will have to see a doctor for this,” she said and walked out of there. Later, she was talking to doctor on phone. “Actually doctor, my friend is having bulimia, her tummy is also growing,” she spoke over the phone and waited for response. “Doctor, is this procedure painful?” she asked. “No, it ain’t painful,” said the doctor. “OK, then I will see you tomorrow,” she said. “Oh I mean my friend will see you tomorrow,” she corrected and disconnected the call and touched her tummy. “Finally I will be rid of this.”

She looked up and saw Dhruv. “What you want to get rid of?” he asked and she sighed. “First of all I want to get rid of you Dhruv, you are the lowest low of my life,” she said and walked away. In the hospital, the man prayed in the small temple. “Today is the first day that she will come in our house, mom will also be fine seeing her, bless me oh God,” he said. He went to the ward she was in and looked at her through the glass. Her bandage was finally removed, she was given a small mirror in her hands.

[A/N: so who do you think is the girl in the hospital? And who is the man with her who she refers as Bhaiya?]

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  1. AyeshaMuniya

    I think the girl is soha & the boy aryaman?? Curious to know. Going to read the next chappy.

  2. Ardeep die hard fan

    So confusing wishing ArDeep to be there

    1. Salley145

      Read the further updates, although Ardeep aren’t there but DeepRa (Deep and Tara) are there.

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