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Ok now let’s start the story.
Waittttttttt I want to tell you that hey guys today is my Birthday. So let see who will wish excited
Ok now let’s start.
Saanchi talks with isha and Pragya that tomorrow we will go to Savitri Devi collage and hospital to take revenge of my parent’s death.
Pragya: Yes Saanchi off-course tumare parents ko insaaf mil kar hoi rahega and we are with you.
Isha: Yes Saanchi be ready.
Saanchi: ok guys we will meet tomorrow at SDCH isha and Pragya Ok tack care goodnight love you.
Saanchi: Love you too guys good night
Next morning @ SDCH:
Saanchi: Guys you go I talk with my Papa he is calling me.
Isha: Ok Saanchi Come fast we will wait for you.

Saanchi: Hmm.
Saanchi: (On the Hospital’s main gate) Hello papa.
Papa: Beta ponch gaye?
Saanchi: Yes papa, we reach at the hospital you don’t worry.
Saanchi is talking with her papa on the phone comes towards Hospital then Kabir going out from hospital both talking on the phone don’t notices each other both passing through each other’s side then their arms are touches then suddenly they both feels current. Both are in big shock but enable to see each other because of big banner that comes between them.
Kabir: (in mind) what is this??
Saanchi: (murmuring) why I feel current? What is this??

Pragya: Saanchi bat karli uncle se? Now let’s go this is our first day I don’t want late.
Saanchi: ok let’s go.
Kabir: Any ways, Hello Dr. Malhotra.
Saanchi isha and Pragya enters in the hospitals and meets with veer.
Veer: Hey Saanchi Come here.
Saanchi: Hey veer where were you yaar?
Veer: I’m waiting for you.
Saanchi: Thank you so much veer you did a lot for me.

Veer: Ohh Miss Golgappa doesn’t be senti yaar.
Isha: Really veer so sweet of you.
Veer: Oh my love I also did for you.
Pragya: Abe o tota maina Tum Dono phir shuru hogye?
Veer: Tum Kiun chir rahi ho? Tumare Satish ko bulaaun kia? (He Laughs)
Pragya: Tumme tohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Veer: Hahahaha just kidding.
Pragya: Yes, Yes I know.
Isha: Wow veer you are too good yar.
Veer: Thanku Baby.
Pragya: look at them they start again.
Saanchi: (smiles) leave it Pragya.

At the auditorium:
Aadarsh: Now everyone I’m going to introduce your faculty staff.
All interns Looking to him.
Aadarsh: (Introduced to all then takes the name of Kabir).
Saanchi was shocked and looking behind herself. He enters in the auditorium all interns starring to him. He is looking so handsome in blazer on white shirt all girls who stands here can’t believe on their eyes because he is so so so handsome doctor in the entire hospital.
Aadarsh: So everyone meet with Dr.Kabir He is the most prominent doctor of this hospital He will teach you. He is your senior doctor I feel glad to introduce him to all of you. So everyone I’ hope you understand.
All interns: (in one voice) yes sir.

Aadarsh: Kabir I want to introduce some interns to you. They are Dr. Veer Malhotra and Dr. Riya Malhotra as you know very well and she is Dr. Isha Negi and Dr. Pragya Yadav and she is her friend Dr. Saanchi Agarwal etc etc. when Kabir heard Saanchi’s name then he starring to her and start find something.
Kabir in his cabin:
Kabir: (In mind) no Kabir she is not that she is Agarwal not Mishra.
Saanchi knocks the door
Kabir: Come in.
Saanchi: sir I want your help.
Kabir what are you doing here Dr. Agarwal go from my cabin.
Saanchi: sir why are you telling that? Aadarsh sir told me to get help from you that’s why I came here why are angry with me sir?
Kabir: No I’m not angry on you say what’s problem Dr. Agarwal.
Saanchi: Ahh no sir I’ll manage (she leaves)

Kabir: Ok go… That’s better for you Dr. Agarwal.
In the cafeteria:
Saanchi: What he understand to himself? Sadu, khadus Akdu.

Veer: whom?
Saanchi: Are you guys don’t know? I cannot take his name.
Pragya: Kabiiiir sir?
Saanchi: Yes wahi Akdu.
Veer: So what happen Saanchi just leave it.
Isha: Yaar Saanchi we know as very well that why you cannot takes his name but you don’t be upset just focus on your mission.
Saanchi: (nodded) hmm.

Saanchi was remembered something and tries to going from there.
Saanchi: Ok guys I have to go immediately preeti will wait for me.
Veer: ok Saanchi go but first take coffee then go.
Saanchi: No veer I was promise her that I will come soon otherwise she will not takes her medicines.
Pragya: Abe o sammj sewa ki Devi take it. it is coffee aram se peeti peeti jao.
Saanchi takes coffee and start walking then suddenly her foot jumped in to carpet she loose her balance the coffee falls on Kabir‘s shirt.

Kabir glares in anger to her and says what the hell this is? Dr. Agarwal, are you blind? Have you no sense that how to walk? How disgusting.
Saanchi: Sir I’m sorry it was mistake.
Kabir: Sorry my foot dr. Agarwal. What I do with your sorry?
Saanchi: Sirr…..
Kabir leaves from there. Isha came there.

Isha: Don’t worry Saanchi go preeti will waiting for you.
Saanchi: (was in thought then replied to isha) yaa (smiles).
Next Day at Operation theatre:
All doctors are going to ready for surgery they all wears their OT uniform and mask.
Kabir and Saanchi put hand on the same mask and feels current then suddenly gets back their hands but unfortunately they couldn’t see each other because nurses and doctors comes between them.
Kabir: (in shock) I feel current what is this?
Saanchi: (also in shock) what’s happening with me?

They both were looking their hands in shock.
Surgery is accomplished successfully. Both Kabir and Saanchi came out from OT.

At Kabir’s home:
Kabir opens locked room and enters in the room where he saw on wall there were lots of pictures of young girl to see the first Kabir smiles then gets upsets. Kabir opens drawer and takes one photo frame of the girl.

Kabir: I know tum jahan bhi ho mujhe dehk rahi ho but why you go to leave me alone?U know na I don’t leave without you I still live with this hope that one day you will comes in my life. And I’m still waiting of that day please come back in my life. I know you are alive. Because I can feel you. You are my life. (Tears rolling from his eyes) For God sake come back. I know what happened 10 years ago but I still can’t believe on that you are no more. I believe you are alive.
Flash back Starts:

It was very bad day for us when we opened news channel and saw someone jumped from the terrace of Savitri Devi collage and hospital. We ran to mishra house where jaya anti with my Mishri sits on the floor and were crying badly. I was went there and tried to handle the mishri my maa also tried to handle jaya anti. Then they got ready to go for hospital. I was said to them that I’m going to with them. But they refused it and said you have to wait for us and stay home we will come soon.
I was starring to my mishri and I said to her come back soon I’m waiting for you then we were hugs each other. She was crying I cannot bear tears in her eyes I said to her don’t cry please everything will be fine uncle will be fine soon. She was crying badly I was trying to stop her but she was crying and crying.

Then jaya anti said let’s go my baccha your father is waiting for you. On that time I felt something fear. She held her hand and start going mishri’s hand was slowly slept with my hand. I just starring her but couldn’t do anything to stop her. She was gone I’m just to looking her.
After few hour’s we were heard news that her car met with an accident. Their car fell in ghehri khai. No chance to live anybody. I wasn’t believed. How is this possible? No that’s not true. She can’t go anywhere to leave me. I ran to accident place I saw there police was investigated and searched for them. I was tried to go down but police and people were stopped me to go down. I was shouted Mishriiiiiiiiiiiii.

After one week later I was packed my all luggage I was ready to leave this country going to US. My maa and I were completely shattered after their death we were cannot leave there for more time. We were reached Airport our flight ready to takeoff. Then suddenly I felt something and returned home along with my mom. I promised my to my mom and himself I will not leave Dr.Anand Malhotra because he is responsible for her and her family deaths I was promise to her that I will give punishments to dr. Malhotra for his every bad deeds.
Flashbacks end.

Tears falls from his eyes He is looking to her photo frame.
Kabir: My Mishri I know you are always with me and now a days I feel that tum mere boht qareeb ho Saanchi I can feel you but why I can’t see you. My eyes are always finding you. Please come in front of me. I missing you a lot please come back.

At Hostel room:

Saanchi is stands near Window and looking to her locket its heart shape locket. This is very Near to her heart coz this locket is given by him to her.
She remembers what happened after accident.
Flashback start: When we met with an accident before that our car collided with another car our car lots balance. Our car was out of control. We were Couldn’t understand what happened with us. Driver tried to control the car due to car’s break fails he unable to handle it. I shouted maaa what happened with us.
Jaya: Saanchi you should have jumped out from the car.
I said: No Maa how I can do that?
Maa: Saanchi no we have other option.

Me: No maa I’m not leaving you alone.
Maa: Saanchi Zid mat karo.
Me: but maa.. AP bhi chalo mere saath.
Maa: There is only one chance to go out from car. So I want to save you bata Go.
Me: No maa I go with you.
Maa: Saanchi dekh muhjy tere papa ke pas jaana parehga but beta mujh se promise kar ke tu apne papa ka maan, smaan, Gaurav unehen lotaayegi. Badi hoke ek boht achi doctor banegi. Aur apne papa ka sapna poora kargi. Humari maut ka badla legi. Uss Malhotra ko us ke kiye ki sazaa dil waayegi. Yeh sab karne ke liye tujhy Zinda rehna hoga .
Me (with teary eyes) Maa why are talking like this. Maa kuch nhi hog aap ko.
Maa: Go Saanchi jump.

I jumped from car.
Then car fell down.
When I jumped from car I got so many injuries then I was fainted. When I was opened my eyes I was in hospital. I didn’t understand anything then one uncle came towards me who was told me. How are you?

Me: I’m fine but who are and how I here.
Uncle: Beta I’m Mr. Agarwal I found you in a faint condition. I admitted you in the hospital now how are you feeling?
I suddenly remembered my mom then I said.Mujhy maa ke paas jana hai I have to go I have save her. (Tried to Stands)

Mr. Agarwal: beta calm down. Tell me what happen with you shhuuu aram se aram se.
I narrated whole story to him he told me ok beta I give to you support in completing to your mission. This Dr. Malhotra he really bad man and you are Sunil Mishra’s Daughter he was my childhood friend. So sad he is no more. Ok beta takes me as your father ok.
Beta you are Saanchi Mishra I was met with you when you are little girl. U know to hear your name I also keep my daughter same name. Saanchi, Saanchi Agarwal. Now beta take rest then we will go at home your new home.
Me: Uncle but…

Mr. Agarwal: No need of but
After one week when I was discharge from the hospital then I reached Golu’s home for met with him but I saw lock on his gate I asked from pados wali anty.who told me that Golu and his family Leaves from their home and gone to US. I was Completely Shattered I couldn’t understand why he gone US. He doesn’t wait for me. Why???
Flashback ends.
Saanchi close her open locket and wears it in her neck but she hides her locket from every one.
Saanchi: Kabir who din kab aayega jab tum mujhey miloge?
After few Days:
In the hospital Kabir saying to Saanchi this patient needs some healthy food and gives files to her and says in which files the proper schedule mention.

Saanchi: Ok sir.
Kabir: that’s better.
Saanchi reads the schedule and says to nurse bring some light food for her. Nurse go then Saanchi gets a call from his dad she leaves from there nurse comes with many other plats gets confusion she gives wrong food to Saanchi’s patient. Saanchi is busy talk with her dad unable to see all of this. Patient eats food then do vomiting her condition was going down.
Saanchi notices and tries to handle her then Kabir come to see all of this and gets furious over saanchi. But first he handles the patient then he badly scold saanchi .

Kabir: How Irresponsible are you Dr. Agarwal? One patient couldn’t handle by you.
Saanchi: crying Sir Woh..
Kabir: just shut up when you don’t know which food is good for patients health then why you want to become a doctor? Even I gave you schedule you not read it properly. How disgusting?
Saanchi tries to say something before that Kabir leaves from there.

At hostel Room:

Saanchi talking with his dad (papa) on phone.
Saanchi: Papa, How are you? How is our Saanchi?
Papa: We are fine beta. How are you? How is going your studies?
Saanchi: Very well papa. Ok GN tc Gives lots of love to Saanchi from my side.
Papa: Ok beta she is missing you and send lots of love from London to you GN Tack care of yourself luv you beta. Call cut

Isha: Saanchi your sister name is also Saanchi how is this possible two Saanchi in one home.
Saanchi: Yes she is my sister but Actual Saanchi Agarwal she also wants to become a doctor we clarified entrance test in the same college but she got scholarship from the medical university I also got but I refused to go London coz I want to come here London was not my aim. I want to accomplish my mom’s last wish. That’s why I decided to come here. But when I reached at the hospital I couldn’t found my name in the list then I decided to come here with her name.
Isha: you did absolutely right.
Saanchi: thank isha.

Pragya: Abe o Saanchi bhul gayi friendship main no sorry no thankuu.
Saanchi: (laughs) ok
Next morning in the hospital:
Kabir saying to Saanchi prepare the patents for surgery quickly.

Saanchi tells to Riya coz Riya assists Saanchi .
Saanchi: these are two patients but we are doing these patients surgery so be prepare ok.
Riya on her phone couldn’t understand properly then gets wrong patient for surgery in OT.
Kabir noticed that wrong patient and again furious over Saanchi. Saanchi don’t understand anything she crying and leaved from there. Riya reached there and said to about her mistake. Kabir felt guilty for he scolded to Saanchi.
Time Skipped:
At Kabir’s cabin:
Saanchi knocks the door

Kabir: Come in Dr. Agarwal.
Saanchi: sir Are you called me?
Kabir: yes Dr. Agarwal why you don’t tell me truth before?
Saanchi: When you listen anybody’s arguments.

Kabir: What do you mean Dr. Agarwal?
Saanchi: Leave it sir and by the way I have a name Saanchi so why you called me Dr. Agarwal I noticed you take everybody’ name except me I don’t understand why?
Kabir: (starring to her) because your name is remembered me someone. But wait a minute, I also noticed you also not take my name can I ask you why?
Saanchi: Sir my answer is same as yours. I don’t take your name coz I believed that this only suits on him sorry to say it is my thought.
Kabir: Ohh it means we both are suffering from same situation?
Saanchi: Yaa may be.

Kabir: ok Dr. Agarwal by the Sorry for morning.
Saanchi: (shocked) What You says Sorry? Strange!!
Kabir: What strange in it? I’m also a human being If I did mistake then I can say sorry for it that’s all.
Saanchi: (smiled) ok sir.
Time Skipped:
Its late night 10 pm Saanchi and Kabir comes out from OT.

Kabir: Ok Dr. Agarwal it’s too late I’ll drop you hostel be ready.
Saanchi: thankuu sir I’ll manage.
Kabir: No argues Dr. Agarwal go and get change I’ll drop you.
Saanchi: ok sir.
Kabir and Saanchi both were ready for go they reached near to car both sits in the car.
Suddenly car was stopped.
Saanchi: sir what happens why you stops car.
Kabir: I don’t know what problem has let me check.

Saanchi: hmm
Kabir checked the car and said to Saanchi.
Kabir: Dr. Agarwal I think car not run more because petrol is finished
and I couldn’t see petrol pump anywhere.
Saanchi: oh no sir now what we do?
Kabir: now I’m calling someone for help. Oh no my phone battery is dead Dr. Agarwal give me your cellphone.
Saanchi: sir I forget my cell phone in the hospital
Kabir: what????
Saanchi: yes sir that is true.
Kabir: oh no what a good thing happening with us.
Both are alone walking on the road. Suddenly Saanchi felt some drops on her face she saw to sky. Then rain comes Saanchi flies her both hands enjoyed rains while Kabir said to Saanchi go in to car otherwise you will be sick.
Saanchi: sir let’s enjoy the rain .I love rain so much (she shouts happily)
Kabir: heard her words and goes into flash back where his Mishri also enjoyed rain in the same way. He was just starring her Kabir comes out from flashback
Saanchi said sir I want kulfi (ice-cream) .let eat.
Kabir: kulfi in the barish (rain).
Saanchi: yes sir barish main toh kulfi khane ka maza aata hai.
Kabir: ok let’s go.
They reached ice cream store.
Both Kabir and Saanchi ordered same ice cream at the same time one strawberry flavors please.
Both looking to each other in shock then laughs.
Saanchi: oh my god sir, are you laughing.
Kabir: I told. You Dr. Agarwal that I’m human being
I also have emotions and I feel them.
Saanchi (laughs) so sorry sir.
Kabir: ok now let’s go.
Saanchi yes sir but first I finish my kulfi so yummy mummy so yummy
Kabir: starring to her and again goes into flash back. Where they both Kabir and her Saanchi eating kulfi and gives same expression that Dr.Agarwal giving at the same time .
Saanchi: sir where are you lost?
Kabir: no anywhere.
Saanchi: oh sir your kulfi its melt down.
Kabir: my heart is also melt down

Saanchi: what sir?
Kabir: nothing let‘s go.
Then they got help from someone and reached hostel .Kabir also reached his home safely.
At Kabir home:
Kabir is ready for sleep but Saanchi’s face appeared in his eyes.
Kabir: (nodded) no ways. What happen with me?
Why I ’am so thinking about her she is not my Saanchi only her name match with her. On the other side Saanchi is also suffering for same situation she is also thinking about Kabir but trying to convinced herself that she is over thinking about him .he is not her bachpan wala golu who is very different from him who was not khadus Hitler like him but she remembered when he laughs in front of her when Kabir said sorry to her .she comes near window looking to moon she looked in moon Kabir smiled face .Kabir also looking to moon he saw Saanchi’s face in moon. Both got restless thinking about each other.

Next Morning in the Hospital:

Kabir Sits at his cabin He saw some records in the Laptop Suddenly he got shocked to see something. He stands and went to Dr. Malhotra’s Cabin. Where Dr. Malhotra isn’t there then he thinks its good time to find truth. He sees everywhere but no any clue comes in his hand then suddenly he sees some files undertake in drawer. He takes that files Start searching about Saanchi Mishra. He found two names of Saanchi One are Saanchi Mishra and another is Saanchi Agarwal. He couldn’t believe that Saanchi Mishra is alive. He went to find some more clues about her He opened Dr. Malhotra’s Laptop and find Saanchi Agarwal identification but there was not any Saanchi Mishra. He got big shock when he saw the photo of Saanchi Agarwal. She is not that. He seeing actual Saanchi Agarwal’s photo. He couldn’t understands anything that what’s all that’s But that He thought he had to delete photo from his laptop if Dr. Malhotra Seeing that’s really trouble for Saanchi.

On the other hand Saanchi came Dr. Kabir’s cabin she couldn’t found him anywhere. She decide to kept files on his table when she turned she saw her wallet on floor she takes the wallet she kept wallet on his table then her hand touched glass of water. Water fell on the table she tried to save files from water Wallet too. in between that she saw pic of her childhood she unable to understands anything she was in shock She tried to found more and more about him then she saw Kabir’s cellphone on the table cellphone was locked she tries many times to open the lock but every time she fails. She decide to put her name means Mishri When she put her name mishri She Shocked the cellphone was Opened. She opened phones gallery. She saw so many Pics of her childhood With her Golu Kabir. Tears Rolling from her eyes then Fell down. Now she Know that He is her Kabir her Golu her Friend Her love her life Her Everything. She was happy finally she found him. She wants to meet him talk with him and Want to ask from him why he left her and went US .On the same time she hesitated to confront him. coz After so many years she finally going to meet with his Golu. Wait is finally ends.

Time Skipped As Usual
In the Cafeteria: Veer: What Saanchi Dr. Kabbiirr is Actual Your Kabir.
Saanchi: Yes Guys I’m Serious Look at pics I found from his phone then I did Bluetooth in my phone.
Isha: So Saanchi finally you find him? Now ab Kiss ka intezar kar rahi ho go and tell him that you are her mishri her childhood love Saanchi.
Pragya: Abe o maharani abhi nhi bataogi toh kab bataogi.
Veer: Ab main alag se bolu kia? Go and tell him that you are his Saanchi.
Saanchi goes from there to confront Kabir. She came in his cabin he was not there.
Saanchi thought at this where he can be? Saanchi went that place. It was high hill peak where only one person sits on the bench she seems him and went near him. She put hand on his shoulder then they both felt Current. Kabir stands in shock and saw Saanchi was there. Kabir starring to her Saanchi was also starring to him. Means they share an eye lock from distance. Kabir raised his finger and annoyingly put on Saanchi’s nose and felt current.
They remembered where they felt current there they both were present there. Now they understand they fell current though each other’s touches. Kabir puts hands on her shoulder and said.
Kabir: That means YOuuuuu aaare mminnee Mishri? But where were you from 10 years I found you everywhere. Why you not come early in my life.

Tears also fell down from her eyes she consistently heard to him
Kabir: Say something Saanchi say something Saanchi says.
After so many years Saanchi heard first time her name from him she couldn’t controls herself and burst out.
Saanchi: yes Kabir I’m your Saanchi your mishri and you are mine Golu mine Kabir.
Kabir also heard first time his name from her after 10 years.
They both were happy with teary eyed they hugged each other tightly Saanchi shown him locket that given by him to her. Kabir happy to see locket
Kabir held Saanchi’s hand and knees down and asked?

Kabir: Mishri will you marry me? bcoz from now I can’t leave without you for a second.
Saanchi: (smiled and blushed too) yes Golu.
Kabir stands and smiled then hugged her.

So was beautiful love story of their.
When they unite they collected evidence against Dr. Malhotra then confronts him finally they got success to send him behind bars. So Saanchi take revenge her parents death she fulfill her mother’s last wish. She became a good doctor with help of Kabir. Kabir also complete his mission of life to take revenge from Malhotra. Now they are happy married couple.
Yehhhhhhhhhh Finally I did it in one shot. How was that? Guy please drops your comments.
Eagerly waiting for your comments.

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  21. wish you many more happy returns of a day….i wish that your every wishes and expectation may happens..and coming back to os it was best of best one of your anne…
    it was really nice and and awesome…and at the flash back and realize was so emotional and outstanding yaar…
    i literally feel that it was like ek hasina thi while reading reading half of the story but it was to good..and it has nice ending annie
    i love it and you rock it

    1. Anee

      Thankuuuuuuuuuuuu sundari glad that you liked it.Feeling happy to see ur comment dear.

  22. RuCh23

    Happy Birthday Anee!!! Sry 4 late wishes?? here’s a present 4 u ??? and a cake ???. Honestly u gave us a big present on ur b’day the story was soooo amazing loved it soo much ??

  23. Anee

    it’s okk RuCh23 and thanku so much glad that Like you such an amazing writer liked it.

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