Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit’s new start as Ranjhan

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit saying we expect the royal family to understand this fight and support the truth. Kaveri says you did magic on Randhir, that he got helpless to print such dirty stories in our newspaper. She scolds Amrit. She says Amrit will ruin our Raj mahal. She asks Nalini what is she thinking, just throw out Amrit. Randhir says you are punishing Amrit, she didn’t do anything wrong, come out with me. They all go out and see the people wearing red clothes. Uday and Vashma come. Amrit smiles. Randhir says if Amrit didn’t say the truth, then these people would have not come here, this is called the power of pen.

The people praise Nalini for always understanding women. They request Nalini to give a chance to Vashma to stay happy. They all support Vashma. They ask Nalini to support the truth. The lady says our society needs people like Ranjhan. Randhir asks Nalini to sign Uday’s papers, he will get selected in our country’s hockey team and make us proud. Nalini nods. They smile. Nalini signs the papers. Everyone leaves. Uday says you are that Ranjhan, I didn’t know it, Vashma knew it, what else did you hide from me, I m proud of me, Lala ji would be feeling proud. Randhir says Amrit, I want a new story from you every day. Kaveri comes to Nalini.

She says Amrit is playing a big game, she was showing that she is making your place in their hearts, she is actually provoking others against you, she is showing that she can get many people on her voice, I m worried for Randhir, he was favoring her, you lost your one son, Amrit is trapped Randhir to make him against you. Nalini worries. Amrit asks Uday to go for his match, win and come, don’t worry for Vashma. Vashma asks Uday not to worry for her, Amrit and Randhir are here. Uday says I feel courage because of them. Vashma says I will come to office after sending Uday. Randhir says take your time. He asks Uday to win the match and come. Uday thanks him. Uday and Vashma leave. Randhir asks Amrit are you fine. Amrit says its a big joy to make someone smile, I wish we can make Nalini smile. Servant comes and tells something to him. Randhir goes.

Vijender says you here… Amrit says I have to meet Nalini. He says she is worried, she is upset, give her some time, meet later. He goes. Bindu comes. She says you write good stories, do you have more such love stories. Amrit smiles. Bindu says I got inspiration from your stories. Amrit says I don’t have courage, I can’t upset Nalini and write stories. Bindu says explain her that you aren’t doing wrong, many women live a suffocated life, your stories will bring light and air for them. Amrit says I came to convince Nalini, but she doesn’t want to meet anyone. Bindu says come with me. She knocks the door. Kaveri says come later, Nalini is resting. Bindu says I want to talk to her about Manav. Nalini asks Bindu to come. Bindu asks Amrit to come.

Bindu says Manav is coming back from his Nani’s house. Nalini says its good. Kaveri scolds Bindu. She asks her to leave. Amrit defends Bindu’s decision. She says you should praise her for doing a mum and daughter’s duty well. Kaveri asks will you explain me now. Amrit says no, I m telling you which you have forgotten. Nalini says stop it, why did you come here. Amrit says I came to apologize, I had no intention to hurt you, forgive me. Nalini scolds her. She says I had to keep Vashma back on the job, you think you won. Randhir comes and says you have won, I got a call from the governor, he said he is very happy the way you kept Vashma back on job, he praised you, he is going to sent a letter of appreciation also. Bindu says congrats, Amrit’s try has filled happiness in Vashma and your life also. Kaveri coughs. Amrit says my step wasn’t against you, but against the old customs. Nalini asks them to leave. Kaveri thinks Nalini didn’t forgive them, I have to fuel the fire. Amrit asks Randhir to get happy, Manav is coming back. Randhir smiles.

Amrit makes a doll for Manav. Bindu thanks her. Amrit says food is ready. Bindu goes. Randhir recalls Kabir and cries. Randhir comes. He says I found a way to convince mum. Amrit asks what will happen when she knows about us, what will she think, I m just Veer’s widow for him, how can I marry my Devar after Veer’s death, how will we explain Nalini, Kaveri will call it our plan and provoke Nalini, it will be tough to convince her, Randhir, time is testing us, why, I didn’t love Veer, I became his wife and widow also. She cries and says I couldn’t marry the one whom I loved, till when will this happen with me. He gets sad.

Randhir says Amrit and I have a relation, I love her, we had got engaged. Amrit says yes, we were going to get married. Nalini gets shocked.

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  1. I would like to see Nalini’s reaction. She herself was a widow then remarried, Kaveri got her remarried whatever the reason

  2. She should understand it as a lady herself

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