Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Brij marries Radha

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 28th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vashma coming to Amrit and saving her. She says I have given these bracelets to my four friends, you got the diary, thank God, Halima, forgive me for the mistake. She hugs Amrit and asks her to go. Bua ji thinks how isn’t Vashma caught. Uday runs to home. Vashma thanks Randhir. Lala says I called out your friend, she didn’t tell her name, why. Vashma says she is very shy, not everyone can talk in front of you. Vashma asks Randhir to drop her friend home. Randhir apologizes and goes. Vashma gets relieved.

Amrit thanks Randhir and asks did you read this diary. Randhir says no, its not good to read someone’s diary. He jokes. She pays the fare. He asks her to just bless that Randhir gets to know Ranjhan and she gets Randhir. Amrit goes. He smiles. Amrit goes home with the diary. She cries and goes to burn the diary. Vashma stops her and saves the diary. She asks her to show courage like she writes her stories. She asks her not to kill her dreams. Amrit says I m just scared of Bau ji’s love, I can’t hurt him. Vashma asks her about the cart driver. Amrit says yes, he is strange. Lala asks Rajrani why is she doing the work. Rajrani says its your special cupboard. He says I got a letter from Rai Sahab.

Amrit tells Vashma about the cart driver. She says I felt like I m listening to radio. Vashma says I think you are going to write a new story. Lala says the guy is decent, Randhir Raizada runs a newspaper, Karma is thinking to make our relations better, do you agree for Randhir and our daughter’s alliance. Rajrani says yes, why not. Uday hears this and gets glad. He goes to Amrit and says I have got a good news. Vashma says we are talking about Randhir. Uday says Randhir’s dad has sent his proposal for Amrit. Amrit and Vashma get shocked and happy. Kiran hears them. Vashma hugs Amrit. Uday says Taya ji has agreed, Randhir will come with baraat then Amrit can meet him. He asks Amrit not to ask Lala. Vashma says girls don’t talk to parents about the guy.

Bua asks did he say about Randhir, he is very rich, I heard he is handsome. Kiran gets angry. Bua ji says Lala got to think about Amrit when he got a good proposal. She hugs Kiran. Amrit and Vashma sing and dance. Khush rahe….plays…. amrit says I want to meet Randhir once. Lala says I have agreed to keep Randhir home for some days, Randhir can see our daughter’s qualities, our girls know their limits, you make sure that no one knows about this alliance, if the boy refuses for some reason then we will lose our name. Rajrani nods. He asks about Brij. Brij recalls the insult. He says this time, I won’t go home. He sees a road show. He sees a young girl Radha jumping through the fire ring and walking on the high rope. Someone comes to trouble Radha. She hides and takes Brij’s help. Brij says they have left.

Its morning, Bua asks Rajrani is any guy coming, why is she cleaning the house. Rajrani asks why, can’t we clean the house without a reason. Bua says I m worried for Kiran’s marriage. Lala asks her not to worry. Munshi comes. He asks Lala to come with him. Lala asks is your daughter fine. Munshi says its about Brij. Lala asks what happened to Brij. Munshi tells something. Lala sits in shock. Rajrani says Amrit has gone to pray at the temple. Amrit is at the temple. Randhir also comes there.

Uday and Vashma are in the library. She teaches him to talk to girls and please them. Amrit talks about Randhir. She says I want to see Randhir and meet him once before marriage, its my right, you help me. Randhir hears her and smiles. Vashma says coach’s daughter has come. The girl comes. Uday smiles. Vashma says Noora, he is Uday, my neighbor, sit. She goes to get the book. Noora smiles seeing Uday. Vashma signs him to talk. Uday talks to Noora. Noora holds his hand. Uday laughs and talks to her. Vashma gets jealous.

Randhir and Amrit help a lady and pick the flowers. He goes. The lady blesses Amrit. The pandit says Randhir was just here, didn’t you see him, he came to meet the orphan kids, maybe he went to the library. Amrit smiles and runs to see him. Randhir goes to the library.

Amrit comes there to look for her. Vashma asks what happened. Amrit says Randhir is here, he is wearing a white shirt and a purple muffler, I couldn’t see his face. Randhir removes the muffler. They all look for Randhir. Someone else wears the muffler. Amrit turns to see. She sees the other man. She gets shocked. Vashma says he can’t be Randhir. The man says a call will come for Randhir. Uday says his age is more than double of Amrit’s age. Vashma asks will dad get you married to an elderly man.

Lala asks Brij what’s this joke. Brij says no, I got married to this girl, she is my wife. Everyone is shocked. Rajrani stops Lala and asks him to talk inside the house. Bhanu asks the neighbors to go. Amrit, Vashma and Uday come. They ask Bhanu about the crowd. Bhanu says your dad got married. Uday gets shocked seeing Brij and his wife. Brij says I also have a life and some wishes. He says I don’t have anyone of my own, so I got her. Lala asks who is this girl, from which family is she. Brij says she was a banjaran doing road shows, now she is my wife, now our family is hers. Lala gets angry.

Rajrani asks Radha is everything fine, did Brij force her for marriage. Radha says no, he saved me. FB shows Radha telling Brij about the problem. She says I don’t want to go to other city with them. He asks do you like me. She says yes, you are good, you have let me hide. He asks will you marry me. Radha marries him. FB ends. Radha says my uncle used to say that no one will marry me, since my parents aren’t known, but Brij got me as a queen in this big haveli. Bua says Radha will entertain Brij now, she has trapped Brij. She says the people will taunt you now, what will they say now, that girl is younger than you. Uday gets angry. Radha likes the house.

Rajrani asks what will we do now. Lala asks what do we have to do. Rajrani says we will get insulted, we have to see about our daughters’ marriage. Amrit says that girl is young, look at Brij’s age. Vashma says your dad is doing the same with you. Amrit says I will talk to dad, I will tell him that age difference will bring distance in the relation. Lala says Brij’s deed is wrong, I didn’t like it. Rajrani says forget it now, we will do the rasams. Amrit comes. She says I think that girl and uncle’s age…. Lala says there is a big difference, men’s age isn’t seen, their status is seen, Brij is my brother, now that girl is our family. She says but that poor girl… He says she will rule in this haveli, we will keep a celebrations, we will be with Brij’s happiness. Rajrani agrees. Rajrani welcomes Brij and Radha home. She does their grahpravesh. Everyone looks on. Radha happily smiles. Rajrani asks Radha to make sweets and win everyone’s heart. Amrit recalls that man seen in the library. Bua and Kiran go to Brij’s room. Bua changes the dress. She keeps another dress and other accessories for Radha. She leaves. Rajrani asks Radha to get ready and come, serve halwa to everyone. Bua and Kiran hide. Rajrani asks Radha to come fast and get ready, clothes are kept for her. Radha goes. Bua smiles. Radha says this is my room, wow. She likes the jewellery and dress. She tries the dress. Bua says now it will be a scene, I will make her life hell. Kiran asks why. Bua says I have become a widow at a young age, I m living on their pity, when I m not happy, then no one can stay happy. Lala asks Brij to come and sit, the new bahu is making sweets. He asks Amrit to call Uday.

Bhanu says invites have gone for the celebrations. Bua asks Vashma to go out and play. Vashma says I will go if anyone calls me an outside. Lala asks Vashma to sit. Amrit brings Uday. Rajrani asks the maid to go and see Radha. Maid says new bahurani has come. Radha comes dressed like Brij’s first wife. They all get shocked seeing her. Radha takes the halwa to serve. Rajrani asks why did you wear these clothes. Radha says it was there. Bua says you have reminded Uday his mum by wearing these clothes. Rajrani says its some mistake, I will give her other clothes. Uday says no, she has worn these clothes intentionally to take my mum’s place. Brij says she is your mum, apologize to her. Uday says she isn’t equal to my mum’s feet dirt, I can’t apologize. Brij gets angry and takes his stick. He beats Uday and asks him to call her mum. Uday refuses. Radha gets scared and drops the halwa. She cries. Lala stops Brij and throws the stick. He calls it enough. He signs Uday. Uday says you have fed good sweets on your arrival, thanks. He steps over the sweets and goes. Lala and everyone leave. Amrit and Vashma hold Radha.

Randhir looks for the bracelet girl. Vashma asks Uday is he drunk. Radha holds Brij. He hears taunts from the people.

Update Credit to: Amena

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