Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit and Randhir make a plan against Kaveri

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaveri saying Nalini is resting, she doesn’t want to talk to you both. Randhir and Amrit worry. Kaveri shuts the door. Nalini asks who was it. Kaveri says I had sent the servant to call Randhir, but he would be with his wife. She gives medicines to Nalini. Amrit says we have to find a way to tell Nalini that Kaveri changed the medicines. They hear Bindu screaming. Randhir asks Manak not to scare his mum. Manak asks whom shall I scare then, I want to throw his cockroach on someone. Randhir gets an idea. Manak asks Kaveri to open the door, he has to kiss Nalini.

He enters the house. Kaveri says Nalini is sleeping. Manak says fine, I will give you a kiss. She asks what, fine, do it and go fast. He drops the cockroach on her. She screams and asks servant to come fast. He laughs. She goes. He asks Randhir to come. He says I made Kaveri run away, it was fun. Amrit thanks him. Randhir cries seeing Nalini. Amrit asks Bindu to let Manak be with her. She tells him a story. Bindu says your children will be happy hearing the stories. Manak sleeps. Bindu says maybe the London doctor does a miracle, keep hopes. Kaveri comes back and gets angry. Amrit collides with Naman. Kaveri takes the food for Nalini. She makes Nalini against Amrit.

Randhir comes from a bath. Amrit sees him and recalls their moments. They have a moment. He asks her to burn all his shirts. She asks him to change his shirt. He hugs her. He says Amrit, you always keep smiling, you are my Ranjhan, you will try to awaken everyone by your stories. Its morning, Kaveri says Amrit writes stories and raises voice in favor of women rights, we have to stop her, else she will get us defamed. Amrit comes there. She asks how are you now. Nalini says I don’t need to talk, go from here. Amrit says you take rest, but don’t stop talking to me. Kaveri ousts her. She goes to her room and keeps the paper in the cupboard. She says I have to keep this carefully. Amrit looks on and thinks what is it. She goes to Randhir. She says Kaveri is hiding something from us, we have to find out what is it, but how. He says I have an idea.

Uday teaches hockey to Manak. He gives him tips. He recalls Vashma and hugs Manak. A neighbor comes to ask for help. Uday says Manak, I will just come. He goes. Mohan comes to Uday’s house. He thinks Vashma, I have to make sure that you stay quiet about Manak’s truth. Randhir plays a song and makes everyone dance. Nalini smiles. Randhir asks Kaveri to dance. Amrit gets the keys from Kaveri. She goes to Kaveri’s room. She checks the locker. She gets a paper and checks it. She thinks is this the truth. She worries. Kaveri comes to her room. Amrit turns to see.

Mohan says you thought you will tell everyone about your son. Amrit asks why did Kaveri hide Veer’s autopsy report. Randhir says someone was giving drugs to Veer. Doctor says Randhir, your wife is already pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ranima is pathetic, she’s supposed to rule and be a politician?
    She cannot seem to think for herself 😡

    1. Kally, you are so right.

    2. Shriharshita Rayapureddy

      This show is also spoiled Kally ! This used to be my favourite one before, Kally !
      Now the only show I think is best is Kaatelal and Sons ! There is so much to explore in it !!
      In KUDCA, now I only read written updates ! And that too often I skip updates too !

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