Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir gets framed

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit coming to Nalini and saying I have made sweets for the first time as this house’s bahu, have some as shagun. Nalini tastes it. Amrit says I have come to do two rasams, you bless your daughter and bahu for this rasam and pagphere. Nalini blesses her. Randhir comes. He says I spoke to a doctor in London, he is coming to India to have a camp for treating women infertility, Amrit will conceive surely, she will be fine. Kaveri thinks you won’t be able to save yourself from my plans. Bindu brings Manak to Uday.

Manak says dad scolded you and you didn’t come again, you are a coward, you didn’t come for me. Bindu asks how is Vashma. Uday says she has a big sorrow, don’t know how will she stay without Kabir. She says I can’t imagine staying without Manak. He asks how are Randhir and Amrit. She says they are fine. She says I want Manak’s coaching to start here. Uday agrees.

Naman sends someone to Nalini’s room. Randhir hears a sound. He sees a thief. Randhir asks who is there. Kaveri smiles. Randhir catches the thief. Vijender says he is a wanted criminal. The thief lies about Randhir. He says you bought this locket from me. Kaveri says you mean he bought this locket from you. The man says I had got this from a little baby, I sold it to Randhir. Randhir slaps him. Nalini gets thinking. Vijender takes the thief with him. Kaveri thinks this man has filled poison and doubt in Nalini’s mind. Naman says he isn’t saying a lie. Kaveri asks him to leave. She asks Randhir why did that man say like that. Randhir says I don’t know. Nalini says he is saying some fake story to save himself. She gets dizzy. Amrit says I will get medicines. Kaveri says make tea for her, Randhir will give her medicines. Amrit asks Randhir to get medicines. Kaveri makes a betel. Naman comes and argues with her.

She says I m trying to make you win. Naman says you bribed the doctor, but if Randhir and Amrit plan their child, then Amrit will get pregnant. Kaveri says I won’t let this happen, I will prove to Nalini that Randhir is an imposter, not her son. Randhir gives medicines to Nalini and makes her sleep. Randhir and Amrit think if there is any conspiracy behind it, how can a thief come in Nalini’s room when Naman is there to guard her. She gets Vashma’s note. She reads our Kabir is here. They get shocked. He asks who can write this, did Vashma write it. Uday teaches hockey to Manak. Randhir and Amrit come there. Uday asks Manak to come out.

Amrit asks Uday to write the letter. Uday gets shocked. He says just Vashma can write this, it means she got to know about Kabir. Randhir says yes, but what. Amrit says we will find out, we have a hope to meet Kabir. Manak asks will you guys just talk or train me. Randhir says we will do something to solve this secret. Doctor checks Nalini and says someone gave her wrong medicines. Amrit checks. She says its not Nalini’s medicines. Randhir says I did as you said. Doctor asks them to be careful. Kaveri asks how can you be careless and give wrong medicines to Nalini. She scolds Randhir. She says if that thief is saying the truth, if you took that locket from him, I m worried, no one will give medicines to Nalini now. Vijender acts. Kaveri says I will take care of her. She thinks this is the right medicine bottle which I can’t. Randhir and Amrit leave.

Amrit thinks I gave this medicine bottle to Randhir, but I saw this with Kaveri, how did she get this, it means Kaveri changed it and gave wrong medicines to Nalini. She goes. Randhir asks how can I get so careless. Amrit says its a result of someone’s conspiracy. He asks what do you mean. She says the medicine bottle was changed, Kaveri got this, I wrote on this chit for Nalini, how did Kaveri get this bottle, what does she want to do, she called the thief home, she has hurt Nalini this time, we have to find out her motive.

Amrit sees Kaveri keeping something in the cupboard. She says we have to find it out. Randhir says I have an idea. He dances with Kaveri. Amrit takes the keys from Kaveri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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