Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit unites Veer and Randhir

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nalini asking where is Veer. Amrit says I m also finding him. Nalini says its his brother’s birthday today, I wanted him to sit in the havan, but maybe I have no joy of children in my fate. Randhir comes. She asks for Veer. He says he is nowhere in the palace. She says find him and get him for the havan. She goes. Amrit thinks to tell the truth to Randhir. Se takes the pic. Randhir goes. Amrit prays. Veer makes a bat ready and talks to his brother, making a smiley on the wall. Randhir calls out Veer. Veer looks for the pic. He says you left me again, you don’t love me, where did you go, I miss you every day, you aren’t just my brother, you were my best friend, if you were here, then I would have told you that the world has troubled me a lot, no one believes me, no one loves me, you would have understood and loved me. He cries. He says I know I made many mistakes, I wish I could change the fate, I m bad, I have snatched someone’s love, I got Randhir accused for molesting Saroj by sending someone in Randhir’s disguise, I blackmailed Amrit for marriage, I told her that I will get Randhir freed if she marries me, I m not so bad, I wish you were here to understand me. Randhir hears this and gets shocked.

He recalls Amrit’s words. He gets angry and beats Veer. He says you tried to snatch Amrit from me, you scared and threatened her, I misunderstood her because of you, I tried to hate her because of me, I will not leave you. Veer fights him. He says Amrit can be just mine, I won’t be unhappy always, I will write my fate myself. Randhir says I will write your fate. Veer asks how dare you. Amrit prays to find a way. Servant takes the basket. The pic falls down. Veer and Randhir fight. Amrit gets the pic. She connects both the pics. She thinks Veer and Prem, Prem is Randhir. Veer hits on Randhir’s head with a stick. They fight. Amrit looks for Veer and Randhir. She shouts out. She comes there and asks Randhir to stop. Randhir says I got to know the entire truth. He catches Veer to punch him. She shouts the truth is Veer is your elder brother. Veer and Randhir get shocked.

Veer makes Randhir away. They both get up. Randhir asks what nonsense, this man did a lot to separate us, I will kill him. She says stop for my sake. She gives them the pics. She asks who is it, tell me. Randhir says I don’t know this guy, but pic is related to my childhood. Amrit asks Veer who is he. Veer says this pic is of my younger brother Prem. She changes the pics and asks them to say who is it. Randhir says this is my childhood pic. Veer says and this is me. She says you both had these pics, right. Veer says yes, since childhood. She connects the pics. She says you are own brothers. Pandit asks Nalini for Veer. Nalini asks him to start the havan. She says my one son left me and other one didn’t come, I will perform this havan alone.

Amrit says maybe Savita wanted to tell you that you aren’t her own son. Veer says Prem and I were fighting and got this pic torn. He checks Randhir’s foot for the birthmark. Vashma goes to get Nalini’s purse. She gets a toy there. Naman comes and teases her. She gets angry. He asks her to dance. She says I m not Noor, get away. He holds her hand. He says your past won’t change if you change your name and place. He stops her from going. He asks her to dance. She slaps him. She says you can’t scare me, I have fought with my life, I m not scared with anything. She scolds him. He says you don’t know me and my dad. Vijender comes and says Vashma, Nalini is calling you. She goes and thinks to give a solid answer to Naman. Veer says Prem was also hurt at this spot on his foot. Amrit asks is this Prem’s locket. Veer says yes, it was taken for both of us, Prem had this locket when he fell down. They see Randhir gone.

Vijender asks Naman to act in front of Nalini. Veer says we found Prem. He gets Randhir. Nalini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Eagerly waiting for next episode.. I hope veer will tell the truth to ranimaa and that naman do not interfere

    1. Get use to it.. There has to be a twist with a Villian pretending to be the too good hubby to ranima..

  2. Our vashma as grown up bondita in barrister babu??? Is this true?? What will happen to her character in kudca.. Vashmay story cant be stopped suddenly.. They have to find kabir.. Will they replace vashma😞

    1. Yes same doubt !!

  3. I am happy about the new development… Thank God the brother track they didn’t drag too much. Now the story is exciting..

    1. Amrit must marry Randir

  4. K S Gurumurthy

    Monday’s episode was bad and good. Bad from the Veer and Randhir fight view point. They are hurt do badly. They are profusely bleeding. It is so unnatural.
    Good, because of reunion of brothers. With this the serial is ready to quickly pack off.Kabir has to be traced.
    Don’t know where is Radha. What about Vashma’s family members,Randhir’s mother, Rabba,Rabba?
    Finally don’t how many characters would be missing from the group photo.
    Veer reveals everything making way for the reunion of Randhir with Amrith. He gets his old love and sits on the throne. Randhir gets a big government job. Amrith will continue to write and publish stories. They live happily with Randhir’s step parents. Uday will play hockey for India and shines. Kabir learns to play hockey.
    This is a fantastic story to portray the unity and harmony of Hindus and Muslims.But who will listen to the stories. Clashes will keep happening between these two religions as long as muslims remain uneducated,and fanatic. They should treat India as their mother land. They should start loving,and respecting their flag,anthem and the land. They should respect the law of the land.Then only people belonging to these 2 communities can live harmoniously.
    Jai hind!

    1. Well said, K S Gurumurthy, you are a true Indian!
      Jai Hind

    2. K S gurumurthy you will find the real problem in your answer only you say muslims and hindu should stay in unity but problem is with muslims only see your mentality grow up dude

  5. The track is moving well, I hope AmDheer can unite soon.

    SPOILER ALERT: But I’m gonna feel bad for Veer, as per spoilers he’s gonna die by saving Randheer…

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