Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit unites Randhir and his dad

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 16th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit saying you have to quit drinking and also respect yourself, if you want to sit on the throne and gain people’s respect, you will fulfill Nalini’s dream and make her happy, if you win your mum’s love, then you can win the world. Bittu says uncle’s health isn’t well. Amrit asks what happened to him. She goes to see the patient. She says I m here, we won’t let anything happen to you, calm down, don’t lose courage. Her diary falls down. She picks it and says its Ranjhan’s diary. She gets shocked checking it. She asks who are you. She sees the patient’s face. She gets shocked seeing Randhir’s dad. She happily cries.

Vijender says you are my son, you will sit on this throne, its time for my dream to turn true, I did a lot of things till now to make Veer fall in Nalini’s eyes, I had been tolerating Nalini, Veer is so incapable, we don’t need to kill him, he can never sit on the throne. He smiles. Randhir asks did Vashma come. Servant says no. Amrit comes and says he is alive, come with me. Randhir asks who, go, I have much work. She says your dad is alive. He gets shocked. He recalls his dad Karam and mum Savita. Amrit says he is alive, I got this Ranjhan diary from him, come with me. Amrit shows the diary. Randhir recalls Amrit giving the story to his dad. He says I had looked for them everywhere and lost hope, I thought I lost them forever, did you really see my dad and meet him. She says yes, else how would I get this diary, keep patience when you meet him, doctor said he lost his voice. Randhir says my dad is alive. Veer takes Karam with him.

Vijender’s son says I want to stay here in this palace. Vijender says one who does the work at the right time wins, don’t dare to do anything without asking me, you can stay here, I have done the arrangements, you did foolishness to shoot Veer, I will use it, you control your anger, use your mind, Nalini is proud of her son, he will be proved incapable, and even her younger son is also gone. His son asks are you behind his death. Vijender says its good if some secrets are kept. Amrit and Randhir come to the hospital. He says stop playing with my emotions. She says he was here, Veer and I met him, did Veer do anything with him. They go out. Veer takes Karam to the terrace. Randhir says you know that Veer can go to any extent to hurt me, I will kill him if anything happens to my dad. Karam gets scared seeing the terrace edge. Amrit and Randhir see Karam on the terrace. They shout to Veer. Veer acts to drop Karam.

Karan shouts Randhir. Randhir runs to Karam. Veer smiles and pulls back the wheelchair. Amrit and Randhir come to Karam. Randhir catches Veer and says you fight me. Amrit stops him and says Veer didn’t wish to hurt your dad, I understood what he wanted to do, doctor said your dad lost his voice, Veer shocked him to get his voice back, right Veer. Veer says I m bad whatever I do. He apologizes to Karam. He says I read in a book that if a person loses voice due to fear, then same fear gets the voice back, sorry to dare scare him. Amrit asks why did you take a big risk. Veer says I have to take a risk to win someone’s heart. Randhir hugs Karam. He asks where is mum. Karam says I lost her in the riots, I reached Delhi after 4 years and met with an accident. Randhir hugs him and cries. Karam asks is this your friend. He blesses Veer and says thanks for getting my voice back. He says its an auspicious day, I got my son and bahu back. Randhir cries. Karam says I wish to get fine, to live, bless you both. Veer stops Karam and says the marriage happened after the partition, they both got your blessings today. Nalini asks servant for the family members. He says everyone went out. Vashma comes there to work. Nalini says be on time from now. Nalini stumbles. Vijender’s son comes and holds her to save her. He asks are you fine. Nalini says yes, who are you. Vijender says yes, he is your new bodyguard, Naman, I appointed him to protect you, he will take care of Veer also, we just have one son, you know how much I love Veer. She smiles.

Karam blesses Amrit. He asks will you come to meet me everyday. Amrit says yes, surely. Randhir says I know you are playing some game, I will tell the truth to dad. Amrit says no, I think he got this smile after a long time, don’t snatch his smile, his condition is weak, we should not hurt him. Randhir says you both are playing a new game with me. She says I m trying to give happiness to your dad for few days. Randhir asks really, what after that, when he knows that you are someone else’s wife, what will he go through, how will you tell him the truth then, I can’t believe that I had loved you.

Randhir says you know that I love you a lot even if I say I hate you. He cries. Vijender says Nalini’s younger son’s birthday is tomorrow, her lost son will come in front of her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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