Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer falls prey

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit playing a song and dancing. Veer hurts her. Nalini comes. She says listen to me carefully, Shrigadh’s throne is yours, you have a right on it, your uncle tried to take an advantage when you were young to handle the throne, but I have claimed it as the King’s widow, I didn’t lose it, if you don’t handle it even now, then Mohan will snatch it. Veer goes. Amrit says you sit, I will call him. Nalini says wait, he won’t understand, but you listen to me, what I m going to tell you, I didn’t tell anyone, when my first husband gave my hand to Vijender, before his death, then I accepted Vijender, but I decided not to have any child with him, I want Veer to sit on the throne, I had promised this to the king and also myself. Nalini asks him to convince Veer to not make any mistake. She says I couldn’t become a good mum, but I will become a good wife. Amrit says you are a very good mum, Veer is lucky to get you.

Randhir gets some letters. He says only this girl is educated, she has a passion to become something, send her inside. He checks the letter. Vashma comes. Randhir says you here. Vashma says I knew it, you will give a chance to a girl. He says it means its your request. She says yes. He says you could have told me. She says you can take my interview well, I need this job. He says you are much educated, tell me, what’s more imp than education. She says sincerity and hardwork. He says sorry, you didn’t give the right answer. She says I think its right answer. He says you think so, this job is yours, I also think its the right answer. He asks Vashma to work for Nalini. Amrit sees her and smiles. Vashma gets upset. She doesn’t talk and goes. Someone goes to spike Veer’s drink. Amrit comes to the room and thinks I felt someone present here. Veer comes. Amrit asks him to behave well in front of panchayat. He asks where did you go yesterday. He angrily breaks the vase. She says I won’t tell you. He hugs her and asks her to say. She says I won’t, you can try. The door gets locked. Nalini asks Randhir to go and see Veer. Randhir goes. Sarpanch says we are happy that Veer will sit on his dad’s throne. Mohan interrupts.

He says I m worried for the reputation, don’t know how is Veer’s mood today, if he will accept the proposal or not, if anything happens with you. Someone spikes the wine. Veer and Amrit knock the door. Nalini says Veer would be coming. Randhir comes and says Nalini called you both outside. He sees Amrit’s lipstick mark on Veer’s shirt. She says I can’t tell you what’s the truth. Veer says we are newly married, you come in anytime, Amrit is feeling shy. Randhir says I have come to fulfill Nalini’s order. Amrit says you go, Veer will come. Randhir goes. Amrit says you won’t drink today if you care for Nalini’s respect. She goes. Randhir stops her and says I hate you a lot. She says I wish you get someone’s love, come, Nalini is waiting. Veer gets ready. He recalls Amrit’s words. He doesn’t control and drinks.

A man sees Vashma and calls her Noor mahal. She worries. Uday beats the man and scolds him. He threatens the man. The man goes. Saroj hears them. Uday says not everyone gets a job in Rajmahal. Vashma smiles. Mohan says Veer doesn’t care for anyone, he will become a big problem himself. Amrit goes to see. Veer recalls the past. He sees some men playing the dhol toy. He shouts stop it. Nalini says Veer would be coming. She asks Mohan to sit, Amrit has gone to see Veer. Amrit and Randhir come to Veer. Veer says those men will make me mad. She says there is no one. She hears someone talking. She sees someone paying the men. She goes to see. Randhir lifts Veer and takes him to his room. Amrit sees a shadow. She goes to see. She sees Mohan.

Randhir says Veer doesn’t deserve to sit on the throne. Nalini asks Amrit to get Veer on the path. Someone shoots Veer. Amrit gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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